Praise & Testimonials

Below is a brief list of unsolicited praises from just a few of my clients. Please note that I take my client’s privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Therefore, it is my policy to not disclose full names or any other personally identifiable information. If you would like to schedule a session, please click here to view my secure booking calendar.

“I wanted to thank you again for my reading. I feel so blessed and grateful that we have crossed paths. You have such a wonderful loving energy and you have given me much needed clarity and confirmation in many areas in my life. Your reading will help me immensely going forward…”

~ Dotti

“I just really want to thank you again for the reading. Your presence and energy made me feel safe and not judged.The information you gave me was soooo helpful and helped to put my puzzle pieces together. The way you helped was so gentle and unbiased, even with really personal embarrassing information. I definitely will make an appointment in the future and I recommend you highly to others!…”

~ Shawna

“Gigi is a tremendous coach and intuitive guide. She helped me cut through several obstacles and blocks that were holding me back from living my greatest Life. Thank You Gigi!…”

~ Ryan

“I had a session with Gigi, and it was phenomenal. She is caring, engaging, and clearly loves what she does. Her suggestions are practical, and at the same time, she is comfortable going as far “out there” as you want, and she does so from a grounded and knowledgeable place. Months after the session, I am still finding new ways the ideas we discussed apply to my life today…”

~ Elizabeth

“Dear Gigi – Thank you for helping me see my next steps and hear my guides. Anyone worth their salt will tell you to follow someone’s advice only if it rings true… You have helped me catch glimpses of futures I could only hope to imagine, but every thing you’ve told me has rang true with my higher self. I feel in my heart your advice is in my best interest. Thank you for being here to help me reach for the stars – I can’t wait to see what awaits! – Thanks so much…”

~ Olwin

“I had come to a point in my spiritual journey where I had hit a seemingly insurmountable wall. Unable to go forward, unwilling to go back I might have spent the remainder of this lifetime stuck in limbo. Fortunately, I found my “bridge” over by seeking help outside of conventional channels and I was incredibly blessed to find as talented and capable an intuitive as Gigi. With Gigi’s help I began putting the pieces of my puzzle together and I found the resolve to raise my vibration. I have found her patience and kindness and insight all very impressive – she is a world class wonder…”

~ Darryl

“I was lucky enough to have my first in-house reading with Gigi in the summer of 2013. Gigi’s extremely high vibrational energy creates such a positive force that your own energy is immediately raised tenfold. I walked out of my first session with such a loving, joyful, and self-assured feeling, and from that day forward everything has become incredibly clear for me.I have had a few readings with Gigi since and would recommend her services to anyone who is seeking life-coaching, guidance, or is interested in connecting with themselves on a deeper and compassionate level…”

~ Candice

“I highly recommend Gigi. The information that she gave me during our session was invaluable. I connected with her for validation and to deepen my acceptance of my own multi-dimensional experiences. During our session she provided a loving, open space where I felt I could speak freely. Afterward I felt great and like I had received what I had been seeking. If you feel drawn to connect with Gigi then I would follow that intuition!…”

~ Peter

“I accidentally stumbled across one of Gigi’s Youtube videos and felt like she was speaking my language. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to speak to her about, but I made an appointment anyway. Then I watched more of her videos and realised I was speaking with her to help me understand the process of manifestation. Since then (almost a year ago now) I’ve worked with Gigi (probably once a month or so) on pursuing my goals and making my dream reality as well as seeking spiritual advice. She’s helped me with my creative process tremendously. At the time when I first started speaking with her, I had low self worth and was in a toxic relationship, longing to meet my soul mate, or even just someone who understood me. Through working with Gigi, I was able to identify false beliefs that I held and were manifesting in my life in unwanted ways. Once identified (and with her help/support) I was able to change them. I worked on ‘being the person that my dream partner would want to be with’ until she entered my life. And she was everything I wanted – the exact girl of my dreams. Because of the time difference between Australia and Canada I sometimes find it easier to do an email reading instead of a Skype call with Gigi. Since getting together with my dream partner I have shown her some of the emails and the work I’ve done with Gigi and she was amazed at Gigi’s readings and how accurate she was. Don’t get me wrong, I did a lot of internal work myself, but without Gigi I wouldn’t have been able to cover so much ground so quickly. All this happened within 9 months of working with Gigi. On a career level, Gigi has helped me manifest a paid job in my creative industry (which was a massive thing for me) and identify possible avenues which I probably wouldn’t have seen if not for a conversation with her. Gigi is like my personal manifestation coach and a “session” with her has just become like catching up with an old friend who keeps you on the task of being the best version of you…”

~ Brendan

“Gigi helped me better comprehend the concept of the Higher Self being an extension of me. I have been able to tap into my Higher Self much more concretely ever since I began working with Gigi. She is so in tune and in touch with the multi-dimensional frequencies that I trust what she explains to me unconditionally. I highly recommend her to anyone searching to grow spiritually and to begin to tap into the higher realms that exist all around us. Gigi’s videos are unique and creative. I watch. Them regularly. Gigi inspires me on my spiritual path. Thank you Gigi!…”

~ Dwight

“I was reluctant to have a session with Gigi because I didn’t know what to expect. My husband convinced me to try it and to have an open mind. After about 2 minutes into the session I realized Gigi was special and it was going to be an enjoyable, helpful hour. She helped me look at the difficulties in my life from a different perspective. Through her advice I was able to let go of the negativity around me, which was affecting my own happiness.  I left the session feeling very happy and a sense of relief. I handle problems differently now, and don’t let others affect me like I had in the past.  Thank you Gigi, hope to have another session soon!…”

~ Bridget

“I had a consultation with Gigi a few months back and I found her to be genuine, warm, friendly and insightful. At the time I was in quite a rut…not much seemed to be happening in my life and I felt stuck. I was meditating but still not seeming to move. Gigi explained that this was a period that was necessary, and in time things would happen as they should, which was exactly how things played out. Just hold on was her advice, which of course I did and today I am in anything but that same rut. Gigi was very helpful and inspirational and helped me to realize that all was indeed well and going as planned. I am happy I reached out to her and I recommend her highly…”

~ Jack