We are coming into an era of cosmic consciousness where we begin to re-connect with our intuitive gifts and remember who we are (including our identity beyond Earth). Part of this inevitable process is interacting with other aspects of our soul in different times and in different types of incarnations. Many of these experiences will be with ET guides (which are really just inter-dimensional beings), as well as lost civilizations and other planets. Just like we move beyond our Ego we learn to move beyond Earth.

Our process of integrating this level of consciousness will encompass these steps:

1) Saviour / Threat Narratives

ET’s will be introduced as either a saviour or a threat in the media. This portrayal polarizes the topic and distracts us from personally resonating and working with these new archetypes. Connecting with different inter-dimensional beings is a significant step in personal and global consciousness.

2) Releasing Linear Time

Time becomes a variable in which we can *choose* to see our reality through. We begin to also perceive our experiences non-linearly which means resonance, archetypes and the mechanics of the subtle realms are observed. We choose whether to see things as specific, linear and material ,or, we can choose to see the larger patterns that feed into this 3d dimension. It is the collaboration of these two perspectives that allow human beings to have full sight.

3) Developing Intuition

We begin to connect with our intuition and personally healing ourselves.

We ask:

What are our gifts?
How do we become the right resonance to receive spirit?
What is my unique symbolic language through which I can communicate with spirit?
How can I hold more light?
What can I let go of?

4) Integrating our intuition

Once we have begun connecting with our intuition and learning the ropes we are called to live in harmony with our spirit. We are called to follow our intuition and bring our spirit as much into this 3d life as possible. This means walking the walk. No more treating spirituality as an intellectual pursuit or as comforting nebulous concepts.

We ask:

How can I feel inspired by my work?
How can I expand in my passions?
How can I bring more compassion to my relationships?
What am I missing in my life?
What am I avoiding?
What is my heart telling me to do?
How can I help? What is needed? What can I contribute?

5) New Collaborations

Through the journey of intuition development and integration we begin to become more of who we truly are. With this evolution we begin to form powerful collaborations with others creating strong community through sovereignty. This is different then creating spiritual communities through co-dependance or fear / dislike / rejection of society. Synchronicities begin happening at an accelerated rate as we begin to function with more ingenuity, creativity and compassion. It is this shift to personal sovereignty that can allow authentic collaboration and community to actually form thus shifting society and the planet into higher octaves.

Disclosure is the realization that we are cosmic, that we are eternal. It is our personal dance with this principle that shifts society.