It is about time that we pass around a list of red flags to watch for in the cosmic community. It’s getting weird out there and it is easy to fall into certain traps as the topic of star beings is still quite mysterious. Here are three things to watch as you navigate this new terrain. Please share your red flags in the comments below.

1) No one is an ambassador for an entire race of beings




If someone is saying that they are an exclusive voice of a higher dimensional being, this is a red flag. As an individual we can speak about our relationships with certain beings, perhaps what we have learned or direct messages they have shared, but there is not one individual, or one group, that represents and entire race of beings. That type of narrative stems from ego, as the ego strives to create exclusivity and hierarchies. The negative ego, which roots in the lower astral, wants total control, it wants to feel special.

Higher dimensional beings, including awakened star people, angels, and many other beings are looking to help uplift humanity via speaking equally to anyone that can perceive their message. They do not choose one individual that can speak for them, as one individual would not have the actual capacity to share all of the nuances and intricacies of their message. This is why you see several people channeling Pleiadians, Andromedans, angels or fairies – one voice simply cannot represent the entire group.

Certain people will feel a powerful connection to specific beings but that is because they are acknowledging their souls connection to them, it is not because they are “chosen.” Every person reading this has the capacity to connect with whatever higher dimensional consciousness they would like. The only limitations we have are within our own belief systems. Whatever you would like to know is available to you, you just have to do the work.

If someone is speaking about cosmic beings in this limited, egoic manner it is likely that they are tapped into a lower spectrum of consciousness. They may have an agenda and be looking for power via their “specialness.” Individuals who do not feel as though they are worthy or capable of direct spiritual connection will be drawn to this dynamic.

2) There is not one race of beings that is primarily assisting earth at this time


Just like there is not one individual who is representative of an entire group of beings, there is not one group, or race, of beings that is primarily assisting earth. This is another example of what happens when we make connections with lower beings via our negative ego, there is an obvious desire for exclusivity and hierarchies. We may be attracted to the simplicity of this narrative but what is going on is not so straight forward.

In reality there are countless races of ET beings assisting us at this time. This is because we humans are a very diverse and complicated bunch. Our soul and genetic histories are vast and we each have our own individual unfoldment process. Et’s are actually assisting on an individual level. It is happening via dreams and meditation. There is not a pecking order for Et’s to contact us on earth, at least not at the stage we are in now. If we are assuming that this is a linear process we are looking in the wrong direction.

Any assertion that there is one group of beings that are the chosen ones to assist earth at this time is an potential attempt to create a religion or cult. This religiosity towards one being has happened many times in our past on earth. This slight of hand focus’ us on the external and we become divorced for our own ability to make personal contact. Just to be clear, there is a difference between authentic contact and half baked dramas that will come forward to test our discernment.

Now that we know what contact is not, we should talk about what it is. Healthy, genuine contact begins telepathically, personally, and then begins to manifest externally. This is the natural process of manifestation: spiritual -> physical. Each individual that feels the call will begin making personal connections with their own cosmic family. This represents the union of human beings with their higher dimensional aspects and cosmic ancestral roots.

Higher dimensional beings will begin to connect with you as you open, contact will be made subtly and then become more obvious as you replace fear with wonder. It can evolve to the point where these beings phase in right in front of you. How quickly this happens for us depends on our belief systems which act as a natural threshold. This entire experience represents the awakening of your full potential and thus unlocking the new foundations of a more healthy, loving perceptive world.

In the future, once we reach a certain stage of development, star beings, that are very human by the way, will come forward. By this time we will have personal connections with many star beings that have diverse archetypal significance.

3) “New age” and “woo woo” is part of contact/ disclosure

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The new age is not “woo-woo.” The new age is about empowerment through individual spirituality. It exists, and is growing at an incredible rate, because empowerment is the emotional and spiritual position that we must be in if we wish to actually connect with the higher dimensions. If we are not in a space of empowerment we will have negative astral experiences until we get there.

I have noticed some people who are interested in disclosure and Et’s have become so jaded and offended by the “new age” that they lock themselves into a very limited reality. They want only what is provable or what has reached some kind of low-risk consensus. They refuse to let themselves fall into the wild, cosmic rhythm of their emotions and spirit.

Things like channeling, deep meditation and other spiritual activities lead to the type of empowerment and evolved states of consciousness we need to actually understand higher beings. Without those faculties developed we will rely on second hand insights.

When we refuse to allow ourselves to fall into the “woo-woo,” or the weird, or the feminine, it indicates we are afraid of losing ourselves. It says that we are not sure of the world and have to stay close to a perceived consensus to feel secure. It is of high value to our evolution to lovingly explore what intimidates us. This is what gives of strength. If we do not do this we will be dragged into it by the sheer fact that we are running from it.

Why I am mentioning this is because the new age matters, it matters a lot. The “new age” is not the strange, disfigured sister of the contact/disclosure movement, it is the entire bones and heart beat of it. Extra terrestrial beings communicate with us via telepathy and channeling, they do this because the subtlety of this type of communication honours our free will making it the most clean way to connect. Not all channellers are good, we can agree on that. In fact, many are not grounded enough to bring through full-bodied usable information. Pure, sustained, deep merging with higher beings is an incredible talent and when you are around it, it is life changing. That is the core of the new age. It is the wild, creative storm of spirituality where all of the cutting edge information can be found. It is true that those of weak heart and mind will be forced to learn quickly in that environment. If you are looking for consensus you will not find it. You will be called to reference your own soul for stability and support again and again; the new age will train you to trust it. It is not the information that makes the new age important, it is the type of person it trains you to be — an independent person.

It is true that you may act like a complete weirdo as you go through the shedding of your identity and ego. That’s par for the course, and we ought to be more supportive of that process. Woo woo is awesome and make no mistake, what is woo-woo today will be truth tomorrow. You can discern it yourself and be on the cutting edge, or catch it once it’s reached consensus. The bottom line is that woo-woo wins, every time.

If you encounter any of these red flags in your journey, take a step back. Stop watching or reading that material if you feel confused or conflicted. This will allow you to be receptive to balanced intuitive insights about what you are watching or reading. It may be a fear within your own mind, or you could be picking up something about the material that does not resonate with you. You only way you will know is if you allow yourself to be neutral to it. Honour the vibes you pick up on! Ask your higher self to show you the information that you need and pay attention to where your heart suggests you focus. Feeling confused and questioning the material we come across is a healthy and necessary part of our growth! It brings us closer to the voice of our own soul.

Please share your red flags in the comments below!