3 Red Flags To Look For When It Comes To The Disclosure Scene

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It is about time that we pass around a list of red flags to watch for in the cosmic community. It’s getting weird out there and it is easy to fall into certain traps as the topic of star beings is still quite mysterious. Here are three things to watch as you navigate this new terrain. Please share your red flags in the comments below.

1) No one is an ambassador for an entire race of beings


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If someone is saying that they are an exclusive voice of a higher dimensional being, this is a red flag. As an individual we can speak about our relationships with certain beings, perhaps what we have learned or direct messages they have shared, but there is not one individual, or one group, that represents and entire race of beings. That type of narrative stems from ego, as the ego strives to create exclusivity and hierarchies. The negative ego, which roots in the lower astral, wants total control, it wants to feel special.

Higher dimensional beings, including awakened star people, angels, and many other beings are looking to help uplift humanity via speaking equally to anyone that can perceive their message. They do not choose one individual that can speak for them, as one individual would not have the actual capacity to share all of the nuances and intricacies of their message. This is why you see several people channeling Pleiadians, Andromedans, angels or fairies – one voice simply cannot represent the entire group.

Certain people will feel a powerful connection to specific beings but that is because they are acknowledging their souls connection to them, it is not because they are “chosen.” Every person reading this has the capacity to connect with whatever higher dimensional consciousness they would like. The only limitations we have are within our own belief systems. Whatever you would like to know is available to you, you just have to do the work.

If someone is speaking about cosmic beings in this limited, egoic manner it is likely that they are tapped into a lower spectrum of consciousness. They may have an agenda and be looking for power via their “specialness.” Individuals who do not feel as though they are worthy or capable of direct spiritual connection will be drawn to this dynamic.

2) There is not one race of beings that is primarily assisting earth at this time

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Just like there is not one individual who is representative of an entire group of beings, there is not one group, or race, of beings that is primarily assisting earth. This is another example of what happens when we make connections with lower beings via our negative ego, there is an obvious desire for exclusivity and hierarchies. We may be attracted to the simplicity of this narrative but what is going on is not so straight forward.

In reality there are countless races of ET beings assisting us at this time. This is because we humans are a very diverse and complicated bunch. Our soul and genetic histories are vast and we each have our own individual unfoldment process. Et’s are actually assisting on an individual level. It is happening via dreams and meditation. There is not a pecking order for Et’s to contact us on earth, at least not at the stage we are in now. If we are assuming that this is a linear process we are looking in the wrong direction.

Any assertion that there is one group of beings that are the chosen ones to assist earth at this time is an potential attempt to create a religion or cult. This religiosity towards one being has happened many times in our past on earth. This slight of hand focus’ us on the external and we become divorced for our own ability to make personal contact. Just to be clear, there is a difference between authentic contact and half baked dramas that will come forward to test our discernment.

Now that we know what contact is not, we should talk about what it is. Healthy, genuine contact begins telepathically, personally, and then begins to manifest externally. This is the natural process of manifestation: spiritual -> physical. Each individual that feels the call will begin making personal connections with their own cosmic family. This represents the union of human beings with their higher dimensional aspects and cosmic ancestral roots.

Higher dimensional beings will begin to connect with you as you open, contact will be made subtly and then become more obvious as you replace fear with wonder. It can evolve to the point where these beings phase in right in front of you. How quickly this happens for us depends on our belief systems which act as a natural threshold. This entire experience represents the awakening of your full potential and thus unlocking the new foundations of a more healthy, loving perceptive world.

In the future, once we reach a certain stage of development, star beings, that are very human by the way, will come forward. By this time we will have personal connections with many star beings that have diverse archetypal significance.

3) “New age” and “woo woo” is part of contact/ disclosure

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The new age is not “woo-woo.” The new age is about empowerment through individual spirituality. It exists, and is growing at an incredible rate, because empowerment is the emotional and spiritual position that we must be in if we wish to actually connect with the higher dimensions. If we are not in a space of empowerment we will have negative astral experiences until we get there.

I have noticed some people who are interested in disclosure and Et’s have become so jaded and offended by the “new age” that they lock themselves into a very limited reality. They want only what is provable or what has reached some kind of low-risk consensus. They refuse to let themselves fall into the wild, cosmic rhythm of their emotions and spirit.

Things like channeling, deep meditation and other spiritual activities lead to the type of empowerment and evolved states of consciousness we need to actually understand higher beings. Without those faculties developed we will rely on second hand insights.

When we refuse to allow ourselves to fall into the “woo-woo,” or the weird, or the feminine, it indicates we are afraid of losing ourselves. It says that we are not sure of the world and have to stay close to a perceived consensus to feel secure. It is of high value to our evolution to lovingly explore what intimidates us. This is what gives of strength. If we do not do this we will be dragged into it by the sheer fact that we are running from it.

Why I am mentioning this is because the new age matters, it matters a lot. The “new age” is not the strange, disfigured sister of the contact/disclosure movement, it is the entire bones and heart beat of it. Extra terrestrial beings communicate with us via telepathy and channeling, they do this because the subtlety of this type of communication honours our free will making it the most clean way to connect. Not all channellers are good, we can agree on that. In fact, many are not grounded enough to bring through full-bodied usable information. Pure, sustained, deep merging with higher beings is an incredible talent and when you are around it, it is life changing. That is the core of the new age. It is the wild, creative storm of spirituality where all of the cutting edge information can be found. It is true that those of weak heart and mind will be forced to learn quickly in that environment. If you are looking for consensus you will not find it. You will be called to reference your own soul for stability and support again and again; the new age will train you to trust it. It is not the information that makes the new age important, it is the type of person it trains you to be — an independent person.

It is true that you may act like a complete weirdo as you go through the shedding of your identity and ego. That’s par for the course, and we ought to be more supportive of that process. Woo woo is awesome and make no mistake, what is woo-woo today will be truth tomorrow. You can discern it yourself and be on the cutting edge, or catch it once it’s reached consensus. The bottom line is that woo-woo wins, every time.

If you encounter any of these red flags in your journey, take a step back. Stop watching or reading that material if you feel confused or conflicted. This will allow you to be receptive to balanced intuitive insights about what you are watching or reading. It may be a fear within your own mind, or you could be picking up something about the material that does not resonate with you. You only way you will know is if you allow yourself to be neutral to it. Honour the vibes you pick up on! Ask your higher self to show you the information that you need and pay attention to where your heart suggests you focus. Feeling confused and questioning the material we come across is a healthy and necessary part of our growth! It brings us closer to the voice of our own soul.

Please share your red flags in the comments below!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    My red flag? People with a big agenda to sell stuff. Simple as that.

    Just found you and really enjoy somebody who is spiritual, grounded, sensible, and speaks and says something. Sometimes spiritual people speak and I have no idea what they are saying…. that serves no one

  2. Phil says:

    Well put GiGi, I agree om most but again I am not 100% a fan of channeling any being.
    I am old and grand master Thoth as you read in the Emerald Tablets warns in that danger.
    And as it says in The Children of the Law of One we can go straight to source or Universal Consciousness ourselves if we develop our skills. It is all available to us in the Akasha.
    We do not need ET’s or anyone else. Just go into our inner being our inner-voice.
    Samadhi should be our human goal.

  3. Connie says:

    Gigi, I watched your video on YouTube about disclosure. You’ve made such a defining moment for me about this whole scenario occurring during this time. I am posting a quote from the Wingmakers.us site. This section spoke to me very clearly (as did the whole essay), but I wanted to draw it out and share it with you as it defines the grand process that appears to be happening to many of us.

    Please read the rest of the article if you’re so inclined. It’s under the section of philosophy on the website. Use the .us site vs. the .com site.

    “The time has come to integrate the dominant model of the hierarchy (evolution/saviorship) with the dominant model of Source Intelligence (transformation/mastership). This integration can only be achieved at the level of the entity. It cannot occur within the context of a human instrument or an aspect of the hierarchy. Only the entity–the wholeness of inter-dimensional sovereignty imbued with Source Intelligence–can facilitate and fully experience the integration of these two models of existence.

    This form of integration occurs when the entity fully explores the two models and develops a synthesis model that positions saviorship as an internal role of the entity to “save” itself, and not rely upon externals to perform this liberating task. This act of self-sufficiency begins to integrate the saviorship idea with the mastership realization. The next step is to integrate the time-based incremental progress of the evolutionary model with the realization-based acceptance of the transformation model. This is done when the entity is thoroughly convinced that experience and utilization of its wholeness can only occur when it is completely detached from the various structures of the hierarchy.”

    The hierarchy, in my opinion, is any structure, organization, mode of thought, etc. that tells an individual to submit to the teachings, power of said structures. Your video is alerting people to this.

    Thank, you

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You for posting this, Connie! This is precisely the undercurrent that is happening now. This stage of evolution will not go away, it will keep knocking and knocking until we wake up. No matter how offended and scared we are by having to question our savior addicted beliefs,or how intimidated we are to go it “alone”, this is the stage we are on now. And thank goodness we are here!

      Thank You!

  4. Cliff Moser says:

    I’ve been reading books and watching shows about the UFO/Alien phenomenon since I was a kid watching Unsolved Mysteries in the late 1980’s early 1990’s. I’ve paid attention to the New Age aspect and conspiracy/secret societies angle that fits into all that since listening to Art Bell in the late 1990’s. The internet has brought the level of nuance and discrimination and exchange of information being presented up A LOT from the limited flow previous to that, but there is still a lot of “lost souls” out there so to speak that want to grasp onto anything messianic that’s going to save them from the outside, instead of thinking within. Without a certain amount of sophistication, knowledge, wisdom etc (really not trying to sound like snob about this) people can get pulled into these deals, then, when a Svengali character starts getting exposed they can either retreat into total defensive mode and try and make excuses for everything, or become totally jaded and cynical from the experience and become something of what your talking about with this…

    “I have noticed some people who are interested in disclosure and Et’s have become so jaded and offended by the “new age” that they lock themselves into a very limited reality. They want only what is provable or what has reached some kind of low-risk consensus. They refuse to let themselves fall into the wild, cosmic rhythm of their emotions and spirit.”

    There’s a lot of the conspiracy people that don’t even go into the alien stuff at all that have also, rather ironically, created a very limited reality by viewing everything through the prism that they are inescapably being controlled by some dark, all encompassing force no matter what they do. For someone who atleast seemingly wants to be free, they can be rather effective in personally putting the chains on themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are lot of bad things that have gone on in secret with the government and secret societies, but they aren’t all powerful if your really willing to be honest with yourself after taking in that information and “waking up”. People need to know about the corruption and the dark stuff that those groups have been up to but if they use it to retreat into an all encompassing victim mentality, or a “this one person has all the answers mentality” then its almost like they have devolved spiritually into another limiting belief system.

    In my opinion, one contactee that has a good, balanced blend of all that material and doesn’t try to set themselves as a guru of any sorts is Andromedan contactee Alex Collier that’s been around since the early 90’s. Are you familiar with him at all Gigi?

    1. gigi-young says:

      I agree. Balance is key, and there is a steep learning curve. One of the issues that I feel is at play is the fact that people will have awakening experiences, perhaps an encounter with a Star Person, a ghost, MIB, etc. and they no longer have the *luxury* of going back to their old life. Once we have an experience where we come face to face with the fact that higher dimensions exist and then that other types of beings exists, we go through a very difficult time psychologically. We begin to feel as though the world we live in is a lie, even a purposeful, sinister conspiracy lie. Our mind is open, the foundation we had is gone, and we become pretty impressionable. After all, if ghosts exist then why not ET’s, and if ET’s exist then why have they not been to earth? We go into a type of permeability where because the truth of the world is so different then the mainstream we think that anything is true, because that is how it feels to initially be ripped away from your idea of the world.

      It is that state of psychological/spiritual permeability where people fall into messiah narratives. Some people never leave this narrative and go from cult to cult, believing that they need to have someone/something outside of them to evolve. This is an odd state as there is deep denial around this and they can actually have a working knowledge of how damaging the saviour complex is- while still placing the power outside of themselves. Others, who perhaps have a “rebel gene” as some would say, push through this phase and begin to go into individual development. There are layers of development here and all we can try to do is leave breadcrumbs and bridges in case savior complex folk have a lucid moment.

      I am not all too familiar with Alex’s work, actually, but I have heard good things. I know that he stopped putting stuff out there a few years ago?

      1. Cliff Moser says:

        Thanks for the response Gigi, quite apropo at the moment as I have friend that doesn’t quite know what to make of someone (ahem, myself) “claiming” to have had several Out of Body Experiences. Your right, we just have to put out the breadcrumbs…but I guess sometimes my breadcrumbs get a little hamfisted I suppose lol.

        In regards to Alex Collier, yes he did drop off for a couple years save a handful of interviews. I think he has (understandably so) gotten to a point from time to time when he gets tired of the drama and infighting from the different Guru people and steps away from it. What he’s doing now is far more effective and he’s seems better able to convey his message unfettered, as opposed to doing them from the different expos and conventions he used to attend. He’s on Wolf Spirit Radio and does a bi-weekly vimeo broadcast. It’s alexcollier.com

        There is a lot of stuff on YouTube as well. He does get into the conspiracy stuff with the Reptilians, Greys, Gizeh Intelligence and the various other “pirates” out there, but he also makes it about working on yourself and not obsessing on the baddies. I just took some advice he was giving regarding having OBE’s and getting spiritual downloads and its really been amazing the progress I’ve made recently. Good stuff, you should check it out!

  5. Sam says:

    In regards to #1, some time ago I encountered a psychic who even though his information and insights were solid and that he was highly respectable/ed. I was somewhat suspicious when he said that with some of his teachings “only a handful of people in the world are aware of them” and saying stuff about “exclusive special training” he had from a young age etc. I don’t doubt the possibility that he did but still…

  6. Kent says:

    Gigi, I think you might be onto something. Last year while on a San Pedro journey I got a huge download that there is something fishy about the Corey Goode information without being given any specific details. I doubted that download for a long time not sure if it may have possibly been implanted there by “negative beings”. I just remembered that experience right now. I do intuitively feel that Corey himself is being honest and genuine, he may possibly be deceived by off world beings or partially being mind controlled as well for some agenda, we cannot count that off as a possibility. That all said, I don’t think the “New Age” is any better, it’s information passed to us from an eternal source. I do highly agree that it is best that we go within and develop our own spiritual growth through personal experience and practice.

  7. Maribel says:

    Am not sure if this is significant or not. I never really meditate and what happened really scared me at first but then filled me with wonder. I was in my home and decided all at once to meditate, even though i had never really done it. I close my eyes and picture myself in a white tepee with nothing but white around me. Things started changing and stretching. I felt like a rubberband being stretched up out of the tepee and above the clouds. Further up and up, higher and higher until i could see the whole earth in front of me. I remember i could still think for myself and thought, ok this can’t be real. I waited even if my heart was beating a mile a minute and on my left hand side of my vision i see a blue light. Just blue but it moved with me when i turned my head. It felt warm and curious about me as well. Then my brain took over and i said no this is not right i have to go back home. I looked down at my legs and all i saw was blue light from my lower body connected to earth infront of me. The blue light came closer and i felt it was concerned because i was getting afraid and wanted to go home. I close my eyes very tight and just kept saying plz i want to go home, my daughter is home alone in her room. Then i felt like i was thrown, literally pushed back, not with intent to harm but just pushed back home. I felt my but hit the chair i was in with a thud and the dog start barking. I opened my eyes and everything was spinning and i had to sit still in my chair to catch my breath and still my beating heart. Now i know a lot of people might be looking for this sort if thing to happen to them or curious and i don’t know if maybe deep down i too am curious. All i do know is that this has left me changed. I feel different know and i am not sure exactly what happened to me. It is curious to note that i went to bed that night and woke up with a really weird burn on the left side if my neck. It didn’t hurt it was just tender. On the same side the blue light was on. We can’t explain it at all. I didn’t burn myself with anything before going to bed. I should also say that i didn’t go into this looking for anything. I only wanted to relax and start meditation for some reason that day. I haven’t meditated since even though am trying to build up the courage to try again. I don’t know if this is normal stuff that happens but it was very intense to me. It felt almost like a hug from the blue light and that’s what burned my neck. I have always had vivid dreams as a child (9 to be precise) about guides and symbolic but never awake or to this extent or feeling. If anybody has any ideas what this could mean plz let me know as i am very new to all this. I Luv your videos and channel and feel a very deep sense of “yes” when i hear what you have to say.

    1. Penny (JC) says:

      Maribel, you are truly gifted and should continue to meditate. Make sure to raise your own frequency first. You have a natural gift to astral travel, you are awakening. All the light workers are waking up and this includes you. Embrace your gift and keep flying <3

  8. Kajsa Futrell says:

    Thank you Gigi, I have just ‘found’ you!
    I have spent the last many months listening to the youtube videos of Bashar, Adronis, Bridget Nielson, Rob Gauthier, and even Simon Parkes and Cory Goode etc etc!
    I have done a HUGE amount of my own trauma release work around the sexual abuse from my dad mixed in with my wierd ‘memory’ of something happening wherein I now have a hybrid child……anyway back to your article and a previous one about discernment:
    What helps me when I listen to someone is feeling how I feel/my body feels. As you say it’s not about the truth but about, ‘What serves me in this moment’? When I start to feel triggered, nauseous, overwhelmed then I stop listening. Sometimes I will go back when I am maybe more rested or fed etc. and then I may have an insight or …… sometimes not. I am learning to not judge but simply bring my body with me everywhere to guide me and above all to be GENTLE AND LOVING with myself!
    Obviously I felt safe listening to you as I’m posting here……thank you for your clear, direct and gentle way of being!

  9. Mandeep says:

    beautifully written article G, was listening to this song while reading it so probably felt more dramatic then it should have


  10. Amy says:

    Honestly, I didn’t even know what “new age” was until this past year. I had heard of it from others but it was that “woo woo” talk. Got to a point where I had really had reason look into it. When I allowed myself to learn with openness, it taught me a lot about myself and others that my previous spiritual experiences had not. So glad for the opportunity to learn through my own connection. I find that my previous spiritual identity was more service to others oriented. Which is good…unless you’re personally or spiritually depleted. Through new age I’ve realized that service to self, knowing yourself, and connecting with God (or whatever you choose to call it) leads to a stronger more meaningful service to others. Perhaps we can rejuvenate when through serving others with our strength, and we must remember our own ultimate journey is just as important. It does bother me now that there is so much negative about “new age” in other religious views. Especially because I identify with both very strongly on a spiritual level. It’s my hope and prayer that one day there will be a greater openness and acceptance minus the judgement (which I was previously guilty of).

    1. Very thoughtfully said. We are all connected, yet we are all pursuing our own paths. As I am learning, it is not what others do or say negatively to me or others, that I should focus my emotions on. Rather, my focus must be on how I choose to react, negatively or with positive, reactions. It is becoming clearer to me that how I choose to react to negative, frustrating situations, determines how much added emotional crap I will then carry on my shoulders, if I react with a negative angry emotion. The goal is to lighten the load we carry, not add more stress, anger and hatred. ET’s are guiding us to this option, but is our choice how we choose to view and react to negative stimuli. Turning the other cheek, emotionally takes a desire to heal the hurt within, so you can help by example, to then heal others.

  11. Deborah says:

    Any attempt to demonize or villify always raises a red flag. the need for belongingness can be great, as the desire to connect on a higher level is ever present. However, it can be a trap. That is how cults happen. Discerners also need to realize they be ahead of their time, hence the great line you posted: “Today’s woo-woo will be tomorrow’s truth.” Yes! It can be difficult though.

    Red flags I have encountered along the way: “If you book another session, I can give you more information.” Uh uh. I paid for the information. If some of it is held back (and I can FEEL that), then no thanks.
    “You are too complicated” or “You are in crisis, and I dont do crisis” or “You need a therapist, I dont do that.” No, no, nooooo. I came for guidance, not therapy. This simple means those practitioners are not who they say they are. I mean, a shaman practitioner is SUPPOSED to go deep, into the underworld, into the dark places. Someone experiencing darkness (which just means they need illumination), is coming for help. Being turned away in itself is a form of darkness. So, again, no thank you.
    Headaches, physical discomfort or pain…BIG red flag. I once experienced this as a woman, who had a gathering, started talking about her ET experience. I had so much pain in my body I had to leave the room. As soon as I did, it was gone. Hmmmm.
    Dodgy communication or behavior. I get it, being in the healing arts and operating from a “higher vibration” can make a person a BIT spacey. But I’ve had expriences where I had to repeatedly clarify until frustration happened. My onboard system was saying to back away fast. That isnt doubt, it is discernment. Trusting that feeling is key and besides, what is the problem with anwering simple questions like pay rate for sessions, what modalities a person uses, what results others have had, etc? That’s easy stuff.
    One other I encountered while attempting astrocartography was a man who said, “Well, it’s YOUR life, I just give the information.” Really? So you tell me I should travel 1,400 miles because my “sun line is in Idaho”, but then I find out there isnt much SUN there. When I tried to clarify, I got “Book another session and we’ll talk.” Nope. Not even if you have 500k followers, I feel this is something to be wary of.

    I love how you have re-framed some things Gigi! It helps us get off our own backs about this stuff. It is a calling out to be empowered and know that we have a connection that is always there, always evolving.

  12. Alicia Barron says:

    “New Age” is such an old concept that has been lost in time. We are now emerging out of a contraction/dark age and entering a golden phase and remembering so much that has been forgotten through the human species. I am grateful to see us become aware of all this beauty. Through the dark we will find our light. <3

  13. Martin Harvey says:

    Hi, Gigi, i have been reading up a lot on as many ETs i can find information on and i am interested in all life forms, anyway over time i found i liked a particular type then later would feel i like another and so on and wondered if i am connected to this type or that type of being based on information provided that helped me through tough questions i would think about , then recently it hit me like a freight train, We are connected to all ETs and no particular race is the be all for any individual as answers to questions can be provided by any ET race depending on which explanation connects with an individual for the questions that may trouble them.

    1. gigi-young says:

      Yes, absolutely.It is not healthy to single out one race as we would limit ourselves interacting, via our resonance, with others. We have a bit of a desire as humans to attach to certain ones, to refine and simplify, but it is best to allow the multi-dimensional self to bring to us what we need. You are on the right track Martin! Thank you for sharing this, I think others feel the same.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely LOVE what you did here:
    “It is true that you may act like a complete weirdo as you go through the shedding of your identity and ego. That’s par for the course, and we ought to be more supportive of that process. Woo woo is awesome and make no mistake, what is woo-woo today will be truth tomorrow. You can discern it yourself and be on the cutting edge, or catch it once it’s reached consensus. The bottom line is that woo-woo wins, every time.”
    THANK YOU! xoxo

    1. gigi-young says:

      😀 😀 . Thanks Jenn!

  15. Jordan says:

    While I have learned much from Corey Goode and find that his overall message of love and light is well intentioned I noticed a red flag a couple of weeks back. Corey, or whoever is running his Sphere Being Alliance twitter account posted an article that discussed an alliance between the Vatican and a Nordic race. In this post it was stated that a representative from the Nordic race would make a public appearance with the Pope. Together the Pope and the Nordics would create a world religion similar to the teachings contained in the Law of One. While I am currently reading the Law of One and I find some of its teachings to be useful this message of a world religion really caught me off guard. I do believe that the Awakening occurs internally and is a very personal process requiring deep introspection, and will not occur through the establishment of a world religion. Ultimately it all comes down to discernment. If something resonates with you then it is probably true for you or will have some role to play in your awakening. If something causes you to second guess or doubt the information then it is time to take a step back and evaluate. Again, nothing against Corey Goode or his overlying message but the post he made definitely didn’t sit well with me. Thanks Gigi, you’re awesome!

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thanks for sharing that. I have a lot of concerns about the “sphere being alliance” being a pre-curser to a cult/ufo religion, and you sharing that has only solidified those concerns. In my experience, it is exactly as you said. Our discernment will let us know what is of value to us.Disclosure for me has always been primarily an internal process so all of this talk about government and vatican and old world systems being attached to star people is not my path.

      1. Joe says:

        Gigi Id love to talk to you sometime about this stuff. You really aren’t bs’ing people. I say that from watching you and your movements and actions while speaking about Orion starseeds. I can only imagine how hard it was at the end of that video talking about that stuff. I have tried talking to family and friends about it only to lose them all. I just wish I could find more Orion starseeds but for some reason I can’t get past YouTube when it comes to it. I’ve had alot of experiences from dreams to telepathic to manifestation. I’ve had physical contact with a being and beings that to the naked eye were invisible but there was clearly two or more beings ( including myself ) engaged in different acts and “plays” I guess would be the easiest way to explain it. I’ve been taken 3 times or more and have had scars that I took pictures of unknowingly. I’ve noticed a direct corilation between beauty marks and contacts. So much stuff I’d love to just sit and talk sometime about, doesn’t have to be like a reading from your site because i don’t know what that would really do for me. I’ve gone through alot of what you talk about already and now im kinda at a “Well now what?” Stage. Rebounding from personal life that recently went very off path. Anyway I love reading your stuff and wanted to let you know the things you say about Orion are 100% accurate and have helped me even better understand it myself.

        1. gigi-young says:

          Thank You so much Joe! I really appreciate this feedback as we are very much in a time of remembrance and bringing these patterns back to the surface!

      2. Helena says:

        Hi Gigi,
        Thanks for another amazing article! I’ve been watching heaps of Corey goode on Gaia …. quietly shitting myself (to be honest) his words feel like truth to me. He also says over and over again that the sphere being alliance wants to stress that Corey and his followers shouldn’t turn into a cult or relgion. What are your concerns exactly? I’d love some more into thanks 🙂

    2. Andrew says:

      I am glad more people are discerning the ‘red flags’ with Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) and by extension at Gaia TV. I’ve had some conversations with people connected there and I am seeing/feeling a worrying trend that people with good intentions are being manipulated or at the very least a specific message is being spelled out and crafted for consumption. I’ve noted many red flags with David Wilcock and the over emphasis (lately) on validating concepts via JG/CG and SBA. It is a known fact that David Wilcock is a disciple of the Law of One (RA). Nothing wrong there per se and much of what I have read of the Law of One seems appropriate and I resonate with those parts that I have read. I really appreciate all that David has done over the years – specifically with his Wisdom Teachings show on Gaia – I just noted a striking change in tone once the whole Cosmic Disclosure show got going.

      Thank you Gigi for this article and the Youtube Disclosure Update video.

      We are all each free to choose which direction to follow on our journey. I would suggest Gigi’s guidance of going within and finding your own voice and establishing your own sovereignty is the first and most important step on that journey.

      Gigi – I apologize if my tone here is too blunt. I did my best to sanitize. : )


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