5 Facts About Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is not a monolithic ability

Clairvoyance is an overarching lens of higher perception, the areas one can perceive with their clairvoyance – how it is used – is another story. A story that we may not get into for years to come. The reality is that there are many ways to use one’s clairvoyance and the use of our clairvoyance will be unique to how we hold our unique energy. Some unique avenues of clairvoyance are: the elemental realm, cosmic vision, deceased people and personalities, pure lights and energy, symbols and even very precise responsive vision such as finding lost people or even medical x ray vision. We each have a our own unique mix of abilities that often refer to the dimensional planes we are naturally tuning in to. The idea that clairvoyant people see the same thing, or that the experience is the same is over simplified. As we re-gain these gifts we will see that there are abilities within abilities and that ones clairvoyance is unique.

Clairvoyance is not unusual or special

If we move into our past we see endless references to psychic ability from the Greeks and Romans to the Egyptians and Indians. Not everything that we have ‘evolved’ away from is bad, we have lost good things. We are now walking along our path with no shoes wondering why our feet hurt. We have haughtily toss away our higher capacities as though they were a bed time story and entrenched ourselves in the religion of materialism. In our desperate scatter to understand ourselves it appears we have lost ourselves. We now find ourselves stuck, in many ways regressed, desperately needing to rebuild that burnt bridge. The challenge now is to become comfortable forging our own path in this world rather then trying to fit in and follow trends. Our work is to find our unique essence and passion and in that discovery move with a force much more ancient and wise then we can comprehend.

There are rules

Yes. There are rules, there are boundaries. They are not quite universal rules but there are membranes within our psychic ability that pertain to the our consciousness and the consciousness of those around us. These membranes block psychics from perceiving certain things about their clients or within the world. There are misconceptions that if a psychic cannot perceive something in a way that they are expected that the psychic is not psychic at all, this is not the case. A psychic will receive what is necessary based on a resonance system that is deeply inter-connected so intimately with reality that it is beyond our current comprehension. It is connected to Intelligence itself.

 The reason why we experience blocks is that it will cause harm to the intuitive,  sitter or the collective. There is usually always something to be perceived, no matter the questions, but there are degrees to which things can be seen. Pushing beyond these boundaries causes psychic damage like burn out, anxiety, depression or even negative attachments. This occurs because you are not respecting the boundaries, you are trying to dominate and control rather then align and flow and be of service. Aggression and intuition do not mix. This work is not about knowing it all and being a saviour for everyone and if you are trapped in that, and you force things, you can attract negativity on the basis that you are not respecting and understanding your psychic boundaries. You are dominating- not receiving.

This is frustrating to people within the religion of materialism (materialianity :D) because they want psychic ability to perform like a computer but our intuitive ability is higher consciousness and by definition this level of consciousness is expressing a higher order. Ironically, the very higher order that they so desperately seek to understand. The best instrument to know god is and always will be our own consciousness.

 Clairvoyance unravels via softness and acceptance

The difference between a clairvoyant and non clairvoyant person is that the clairvoyant developed the behaviour of accepting themselves and their vision allowing it to unfold or were born with that particular acceptance already. If you do not feel like you are clairvoyant it means that you have to work on bridging the gap. Self acceptance, self appreciation, play, trust must become your closest friends. With that, be willing to evaluate the patterns within you that resist this type of self nourishment. While you are at it, practice stillness and observation so that you may let a new pattern emerge. to actually notice and build upon what moves forward.

 Clairvoyance means that you see

I am not talking about noticing a spirit walking along the side of the road or remote viewing or auras- I am not talking about any of these mundane feats. It means that you perceive truth in society. It is the real red pill. All development of your psychic sense bleeds into you becoming higher in your consciousness all together. That is the path and it is the real reason why many people do not desire to develop themselves, within their subconscious mind they know they will have to see the illusion in their lives and that once they see it they will have to change. This personal growth element, this dropping of illusion, is the real reason why people give up on themselves. The desire to not rock the boat is strong, but it will devour us whole if we are not careful. No great society was forged by hiding!

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  1. Christopher says:

    Allz I can say is that I’m inthrauled. There are regular heros and wayshowers in cyberspace Sharing their journeys. Love your elequence and blending of current energies n complexity. Bravo Gigi!

  2. It’s interesting to know that clairvoyant people experience blocks in their visions when it can cause harm to others. I had a strange dream the other night that I can’t just let go of even after trying to write about it in multiple ways in my dream journal. Perhaps I should seek a phone reading from a clairvoyant to understand why I feel this way towards that dream.

  3. Annie says:

    GiGi, this is silly but what is the song at the beginning, you always have the best intro songs and I can never figure out what they are! Like could you make a playlist of all your intro songs, that would be fabulous!

  4. Very well said! “They know they will have to see the illusion in their lives.” I hadn’t made that connection before, so thank you.

  5. Lois R Francis-Wolf says:

    I enjoyed listening and reading about the New Age and your synopsis of what psychic ability is. I found your words provocative and stimulating. I found myself wanting to go deeper into questions i.e. how the New Age has been co opted by a market driven materialistic market that uses manipulation and psy ops to dampen the masses ability to think for themselves..evaluate critically and understand when they are being bull shitted and gas lighted.

    My experience of religious structure in my early years helped me develop my psychic ability with in a context of prayer and mysticism. Theology and dogma instructed and I learned to discern the differences in finding pertinent life giving information from ideology that encouraged fear and hatred. I had a prayer group in my teens and early twenties that gave me an acceptable place to practice my gift of “prophecy” and to use the Light for healing.

    I later learned about esoteric traditions from my psychic tarot teacher. She was the most accomplished psychic in the Twin Cities.
    I have found a foundation in first Christian mystical tradition and then Buddhist and Shamanic tradition in later years…has given me some of the appropriate Universal “rules” you mentioned …Thank you for your blog.

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