5 Facts About Spirit Guides

1) You have primary and secondary spirit guides

When we talk about our spiritual team on the other side we often think we have just one spirit guide or “angel.” This idea was popularized by many of the early metaphysical books highlighting one spirit guide, however, as our consciousness expands we come to realize that there is a lot more going on up there than we have previously thought.

Our understanding of the spiritual world around us is always expanding and as time passes we gain more precise awareness of what is going on. It is likely that we latched onto the idea that we only have one guide to get comfortable with the concept of spirit guides. Jumping right into the the intricacies of our higher-self, and higher realms, would have likely been overwhelming.

In reality, we actually have several guides that are available to us and they all relate to us in different, complimentary ways. One simple way to look at it is primary guides and secondary guides. Our primary guides are the guides that we have from birth to death, they never leave our side and they know our incarnational blueprint (or life chart) very well. There is generally one or two primary guides and they often have a similar purpose as us, as they help us they help themselves. Our secondary guides are beings that are also very close to us but are more specialized. They will come during certain stages in our life and then fade away as we integrate the lessons.  Secondary guides assistance is short term and primary guides are longterm.

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2) There are many different types of spirit beings that can be your guide

When we think of spirit guides we often think of human guides such as a native american chief, nun or a buddhist monk. In reality the types of beings that are assisting you are not limited to the human forms we recognize her on earth. In fact, it is likely that you have one or two of each of the types of beings mentioned in this article.



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Traditionally known as totem animals, these are very real spiritual helpers that serve as messengers and healers. Each one of us has kinships with the animal kingdom (all kingdoms of life, really) and these creatures view us as family. Many Native American belief systems understand the importance and value of having these beings as spirit guides and say that you can have up to 9 influential animals connected to your soul; each animal represents a gift or challenge in your life. Animals are very succinct archetypes for the god-head and their messages are often very straight forward and earthy.

For more information on animal guides I suggest this exploration.

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Star People




Star people, even though they may be based in another star system, or even galaxy, deal with the same issues as we do. We all share the same vast cosmos and are subject to the same universal laws and relate to the same archetypal consciousness. We may look differently and many times come from very different civilizations, but deep down we are all made of the same energy – – light.

Star beings are around each one of us and have the ability to help us transcend many of the problems we face today. They view us as family and when we rise into our highest potential, they do as well. They give powerful advice on how to integrate complex spiritual information. Many star beings helped seed this planet and we are much more connected to them then we even realize. As our consciousness continues to release egoic, earth centred consciousness, these guides will become more obvious to us.



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Many times during readings individuals would like to see who steps forward for them as a spirit guide. To my surprise, many people that stepped forward were ancestors, or individuals who represented their human genetic lineage. This was an odd realization as many people do not feel particularly connected to their families heritage beyond a few hundred years. Despite this lack of real acknowledgement several people had spirit guides around them that were representative of their specific ancestry. They incarnated with this deep ancestral connection because one of their life purposes is to specifically clear the wounds of their family. When we incarnate here we do have bias’ where we would like to focus, for some of us it is to balance more earthy issues and for others it is to integrate more ethereal planes.

Past life Guides


Image:Destiny Owusu photographed by Oye Diran

Another interesting pattern that emerged during readings was a particularly high instance of people’s spirit guides being traced back to past incarnations. There are people that we have known in past lives that we may choose to work with again, this time one is incarnated and one is not. These spirit guides are often in our soul group and do this out of great love.

When it comes to soul groups and incarnation it is not always possible to physically incarnate with everyone from your soul group all the time. When there is a balance that needs to be met, people who we have helped in the past may step in as guides to us from the other side. This type of connection is usually made to balance out a time in a past life when you assisted them. One client of mine went out of her way to save a young boy from a horrific raid, his soul was so touched and grateful for the risk that he was now around her in this life from the other side returning the favour. Had she not stepped in, his soul would have passed and he would have had to incarnate again. All of those acts of kindness and compassion that we engage in make a big difference, even if you don’t see it in this life.

3) The more fearful you are about connecting with spirit the more difficult it will become


We are the creators of our reality. The idea that there is an authoritative god that decides what happens to us is false. That concept originated as a projection of our own humanity onto “God” in order to understand it. In reality we create our reality with our consciousness, what we say, think and feel goes. If we are fearful of the unknown, the unknown will become something that mirrors our fears to us. If we have a playful, curious and loving attitude the unknown will appear to us in that way as well. The spiritual world is a reflection of our inner world and the sooner we understand that, the better.

4) Use your dreams as a middle ground for connection


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Fear around the unknown, as limiting as it is, is natural. For this reason it is a good idea to use your dream time as the middle ground to connect. Our dream time is the closest place to the higher realms, besides deep meditation, and we can use this natural state to begin connecting with our guides with much less resistance than our waking mind. It may take several times to begin using the dream state as a vehicle for connection.

5) Your spirit guides feel like you


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If there was one thing that I could shout from the rooftops it would be that your guides sound, feel and think like you. If you are waiting for some earth shattering experience where your spirit guide appears to you in broad day light, or raps 3 times on the wall on command, you will be waiting a very long time. These kind of things do happen but they are far from the norm and in many ways do not actually serve us. Our spirit guides are not an accessory that we simply turn on, our connection to them is much bigger: it represents the evolution of our own consciousness.

Connecting with spirit is as much about learning how to take a leap of faith and letting go of control, as it is about the actual connection. We are to learn a new way of being by increasing our sensitivity, we are to begin integrating out multidimensional self, and as we do that we begin to receive messages from spirit. The more spiritual energy we begin to channel the more we are challenged to clean up our lives. For this reason we are in control of the connection and responsible for how connected we are to the higher realms.

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  1. While doing a guided meditation, I saw two things through the veil. First was a mermaid swimming to the other side of a lake behind some trees. Second was a red haired girl who I think was the mermaid riding on a unicorn. Do you think that either or both could have been my spirit guide(s)? It was my first time trying to communicate with them, so I don’t know what to think

  2. I noticed that the law of attraction doesn’t recognize sarcasm or jokes, for example, calling names in degrading but joking way, it will create impact in a degrading way.
    So, perhaps playfulness in spiritual world (that you’ve mentioned on this video) means playful in the joyful, relaxed attitude but not using negative words?
    What’s your thoughts on negative jokes, for example: girlfriends jokingly calling each other bitch or sluts.
    I personally believe that words carry power, such as spells, therefore, i avoid any negative words, i don’t complain unless its constructive. But perhaps i’m being too uptight.

  3. thank-you Gigi, my guides and i all agree that you break down spiritual truth with a very delightful and radiant delivery. we feel that your work is much appreciated by so many across the cosmos. may you continue to be a source of healing for all beings. namaste, william fier.

  4. Gigi!!! I feel like you are my Earth Guide <3 haha !! Lots of love to you, I truly appreciate what you're doing, you are a magnificent being & I am so grateful for the time you take to write these articles xoxo

  5. Point #5 is the meat and potatoes of this 🙂
    (like how said ‘turn into a potato’ at the end of the video)

    During meditation I asked “how can I tell the difference between the thoughts or impressions?” ego vs guides or higher self? I got some ideas, but I am still working this out myself. For example, a very quick answer with a high speed feel, is definitely not my ego. While being receptive I am in the process of “listening” to how that reply “feels” . . . sometimes will get a color feel, sometimes no color, but just a subtle quickening pace or intensity. I remember you had some videos like this.

    Here’s a question for a future episode, in reading Dolores Cannon, the earlier works use the concept of past-lives. I’m now “processing” the idea of simultaneous parallel lives, as time is a 4d concept. We give ourselves the opportunity to experience something in the past, in order to help us today in the present — however there’s no ultimate time that really requires this concept – or so I’m understanding. I’m now in Dolores’s 3rd Convoluted book where she begins to notice that some of her clients are not going back to past lives, instead they are being told that it doesn’t matter. In one example the client sees a giant jewel where each facet was a different life, that she could pick any to explore, but what really matters is her present moment and to move forward. I like her books because she introduces the most far out concepts in a way that doesn’t force you to believe — you can read it as sci-fi 🙂 if you like. Take the bits that make sense to you and those that don’t, just put in another shelf for future reference.

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