5 Spell Weaving Tips



1) Discarnate entities are not what allow us to do spell work.


It is all too easy to think that mystical, mysterious forces are involved when we do spells or rituals. There have even been books and stories of how magical work is done primarily through “gods” or “helpers,” but that is simply not the case. The energy that we are harnessing is actually our own energy. Much of the information about other beings being summoned to carry out our desires came about during a time where individuals did not realize that they could fully own or have access to their personal alchemical power.

Times have changed, consciousness has risen, and as a result magical work has changed as well. We own the fact that we are in total control of our world via our perception of it. We understand that it is through connecting with our inner-self that causes the outer world to change: this is the new basis of spell work.


It should be mentioned that angels, guides, and other loving energies are available to guide you from higher dimensions. However, what you create, and the work that you do with spells, is not exclusively because of them; to assume that belittles your power. It is primarily you creating your world— it always has been whether you were aware of it or not. With that being said, let’s not throw our spiritual help out with the bath water. Any guides available to you will be a reflection of you and can help only to the extent that you allow. It is good to connect with your guides, and this connection is most effective when you understand that you are ultimately the power source.





2) Spells are simply manifestation rituals.


Now that we are clear that all the magic we need comes through us, and that our consciousness is the base for all magic, we can look at the mechanics of a spell and see that a spell is simply a manifestation ritual. We are engaging all aspects of our consciousness in order to manifest a specific desire.

How a spell works:


a) State what you would like to happen (your intention), then create mental parameters.

b) Feel your desire emotionally, which charges the spell.


c) Open up to your spirit Self for assistance in providing wisdom and guidance about your intention. This allows the unseen part of you to directly join with the physical. This also allows your soul’s truth and raw energy to connect with the grounded intention.


d) Add physical elements that represent qualities you feel will help bring forward and ground change and/or your desires. Do this through using symbolic items and physical actions. Using physical elements and symbolic items signifies that you acknowledge the joining of the subtle world and physical world.


e) The universe/higher collective Self will respond.

f) Listen to the universe and respond (see “a”), creating a conscious conversation with the universe through that which you are manifesting.


3) Spells are powerful when there is a conscious alignment of spirit, emotion, mind, and body. 


The mechanics mentioned above illustrate that awakened manifestation involves the conscious joining of our subtle bodies. Our subtle bodies encompass our spiritual body, emotional body, mental body and our physical body. This seems simple but our consciousness is not generally focused enough to comprehend the existence of our multifaceted state of being. It is easy to get caught up in our heads and completely ignore our physical bodies’ needs or our emotional insights. We can also act completely from an emotional place, while ignoring our spiritual wisdom and logic. We have the ability to function primarily through one part of our consciousness and ignore the others and because of this we can often find ourselves in a fractured state of focus.


As the material world is a map of our inner world, an imbalanced focus will manifest as an imbalanced life. Perhaps you are strong at work but have no real intimate relationships because the mental body was highly developed and the emotional body was neglected, making relationships difficult to build and maintain. In turn, relationships may be charged with a feeling of neglect. Or, you may find yourself unable to hold down a job due to constant drama: this may indicate that your emotional body is controlling much of your consciousness and is in need of your logical mind to intervene. If we wish to create and manifest in a more conscious way, it begins with allowing all aspects of consciousness to speak. We must allow our emotions to tell us our real feelings. We must open up to the guidance from our spirit. We must listen to the logic of our mind to let us know how to relate to the world around us. Lastly, we must allow our bodies to flow and move in alignment with these truths. Spell work is a reason to practice this heightened state of alignment. Using spells gives us an opportunity to engage all aspects of our being: mind, body, emotion, and spirit in the name of one desire. In doing so, we begin to consciously connect and create from the most sincere place conceivable.




4) Make spells your own.


The most powerful spells you cast will be the most meaningful to you. Many of the spells circulating involve ingredients that are not necessarily valid in your personal life. Although tradition has power in its own right, your spells will be more effective if you make sure you always mix in unique aspects of your own personality.


Try to write your own intention or at least tweak the one that you have been given to truly suit your situation and help connect you with the spell. Feel out which elements are at play in the spell, and replace or add items that feel more personal or accessible to you. For example, if a spell calls for a figurine of a goddess that does not hold any meaning for you, perhaps add an oracle card that embodies certain qualities that you would like to draw on instead. Be sure to study the archetypes and invest objects for rituals that you do connect with.


Pay attention to the elements that make up a spell and make a point to try to create your own. Ask your guides for information or inspiration in regards to adapting the spells to suit your needs. Good spell work happens from a focused, present, and connected state; it is not dependent on being exact in the physical ingredients or setup. Spells written by others can serve as inspiration in order for you to create your own.

Keep in mind that you should engage all aspects of your consciousness. You should allow deep emotions to charge your work, with strong mental focus guiding them. Open and create space for spiritual guidance before, during, and after the spell. Engage your physical body, and add physical items to symbolize the integration and grounding of your desires into the physical world.


5) Spells are about surrender and alignment— not control.


Spells are not about getting the things you want and feeling as though you are in control. Many people attempt to use spells in a manipulative way and the results will for the most part, be ineffective and unpredictable. Spells are not about making someone love you, winning the lottery, or hurting others. These desires represent the mere surface of our potential as creators and indicate that a deeper internal journey is needed.


The only control you are ever going to have is over yourself. A love spell to make someone else love you is best done through self-love rituals. A spell to bring money is best represented by rituals that help you feel gratitude, which is the most powerful energy to start manifesting wealth. If you wish harm on others through a spell, know that the acid within your destructiveness will eat away at you more quickly than anything you try to do to another. Focus on your purpose in this life. Invest that energy in your unique talents to the point at which you thrive so deeply you want others to thrive as well.


In fact, consciously manifesting anything means that we must release control. We must co-create with our higher self, as that aspect of us truly knows our purpose and how to execute it in this life. Spell work is a means to emphasize and deepen our relationship with spirit. This allows us to become completely present with where we are in our life, where we wish to be, and any solutions for it. This type of presence is instrumental, as it affords us a special kind of awareness, and it allows us to actually notice and respond to the universes’/ our higher-selves’ fulfillment of our desires. Without this presence and surrender we may simply ignore the change our higher self is bringing to us. Our focus on control may very well filter us from the real experience we are craving on a soul level. Spell work allows us to become aware of and harness our innate rhythm of creation. It helps us connect with our power as a conscious creator.

** Bonus Tip **

6) Keep a magic journal.

To really see the power of your spell work, keep a journal of your practice. Keep track of what you intended to manifest with the spell, how you did it, and what happened in your life afterward. Basically a manifestation journal … but with spells. This allows you to observe your work and see how things are playing out. It allows you to validate shifts you have created and keep a record of what works for you. For example, during a particular busy and emotionally difficult time in my life, I was doing a lot of spell work— cord cutting, to be specific. I wanted to purify certain relationships in order to fully see their affect on me, own my part of the relationship, and move forward. I did several rituals over a year, and recorded the details of those rituals and of my life in my magic journal. As I am more settled now, I looked back on them to see that my life had shifted dramatically after each ritual. Sometimes the changes were in my emotional or mental state, but what was more interesting, was the actual physical response of my cord cutting. On three occasions, the person I was disconnecting with attempted to contact me within 24 of me doing a spell that involved clearing myself of their energy. Had I not kept this journal, I probably would have forgotten how direct my spell work was becoming. So, don’t let your spells be isolated things you do on occasion— track them, integrate them into your journaling, and get a firsthand look at how magical life is!

Happy Casting!


  1. atanasoff says:

    I once complained that I was getting no where spiritually and it was suggested that I explore wicca. My intent currently now is to use ritual to connect to spirit, rather than to manifest some outcome that might unwittingly do harm. Problem is . . . I’m not really sure where to start, other than read a lot about rituals. Getting out in nature seems to be a simple good stating place for me, at this time.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Gigi, this guide of yours really helped me with some work I was trying to do.
    You’re making a big difference to a lot of people, and they then go on to help others.

  3. Marc says:

    This is really, really helpful – thank you so much. Exactly the kind of practical magical advice I need right now. Great timing too, with the eclipse in three days!

  4. another angle to look at manifestation and that it is us who are in charge and creators of our own reality, rings bells !!! i think everyone with a slight tendency towards the mystical will enjoy this version in a light and playful way. thank you for sharing, i am keeping this for the right moment and will open the magic box of ” spelling”.

  5. Anne Ishikawa says:

    I always wondered about magic and spells – a fascinating read and very inspirational to harness my own power. As always Gigi, you have shared common sense and logic (and a delightful awe!). Your timing is magical! Your blog and utube videos have given me the enchantment I was searching for – thank you for all that you do!!!!

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You Anne! <3

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