“Why Do People Practice Sacrifice in the Occult?”

Toatl, or sometimes Xolotol, is an Aztec deity associated with human sacrifice. He is often portrayed as a black dog and resembles the Egyptian jackal headed god Anubis. Anubis is also associated with death and both are believed to be a guardian, or gatekeeper, of the underworld.

When he is not portrayed as a dog, or dog-headed man, Toatl is symbolized by a skull or a man with a hollowed out stomach cavity.

In the cult of Toatl, it was customary that to become an initiate of the order you had to murder another human being. And, it didn’t stop there. If you wanted to move up in the cult, you had to murder, or sacrifice, many people. The purpose of the murder was to harness the natural portal that automatically opens when someone dies. Once this portal was open the murderer/initiate in the cult could access information held within the higher realms and also be imbued with a sense of raw power. Their god, Toatl, gladly facilitated this revolting scene, asking that the group give him the stomach of the victim. He also asked one more thing: that they carry out his specific agenda on earth.

What was Toatl’s agenda? It was to make earth robotic and ‘mechanized’, devoid of emotion and spirit. On top of that the life force and information offered to him in sacrifice was siphoned into his own artificial realm which he hoped that he could one day grow to encompass the entire earth. These sacrifices were not just a short term high, or for a favour, but were feeding into an entire dark world that Toatl hoped to overlap onto the earth and reign as god.


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  1. Selling of ones soul – Bob Dylan outwardly speaks on this very act on video. The recording is old and when it came out, as usual for the time, people just laughed it off as a joke.

  2. What is the source of the quote you read from Steiner referring to the Mayan human sacrifice rituals and its link to Ahriman and occult practices?

  3. We don’t have to look at ritual dark sacrifice, living on the energy of others, as something occult, esoteric. It is in plain sight, all around us in daily life. Vaccinations, not just mRNA, are the primary ritual of dark sacrifice, it is an initiation into a collective crime through trauma. For children this is the first trauma inflicted by the powers that be, doctors, parents who seek power and control cloaked in the illusion of safety and collective responsibility. What could be more traumatic for both parents and children who are compelled to inflict on their children the standard vaccination schedule, starting at six months. This parasitic sacrificial practice is now extended to the population as a whole. This poisonous practice and the mind control that drives it is the virus, the drug of power implemented by those who are unable to face their own trauma, easier to feed on the energy of others rather than face the trauma and the trauma practices of mass medicalization and mind control and wake up to our crimes and victimization. Too hard to face we have harmed our own children by participating in this dark sacrifice. But now is the time for us to turn to the light, know that we are divine, always already the love we seek and redeemed, forgiven in this understanding.

  4. wow mind blowing information, one question was the stomach they took , I always believe was the heart, I am from Mexico , and they always taught it was the heart, and a a a teacher told me it was to give it to the Dracos that lived in the tunnels below the piramids , to be eaten , that they thought that eating the hearts will make them feel again , because they los their humanity and coudn´t ascend anymore.
    thank you for all your amazing teachings, you have given my a lot af clarity !
    love love love

    1. It was the heart afaik. They cut into the stomach though, to get to the heart. Interesting about Dracos. Dracos meaning dragons? Dragons are a symbol of Satan and Toatl was satanic.

  5. I viewed your video on YouTube and read many of the comments. I thought I might post this one here. A thought struck me. Is the mRNA vaccination a sacrifice?

    Edward Dowd is much in the news. He’s the former BlackRock portfolio manager who has used his Wall St. expertise and contacts to investigate the true death statistics of the vaccination protocol. His latest findings (in middle March 2022) are that excess mortality rates are showing up in all age categories but especially the Millennials and Gen X because of the mandates to vaccinate or lose their jobs Baselines are created by using many years’ death statistics prior to the year in quesiton to establish an all-cause mortality rate. This rate rarely varies from a normal percentage range. If a bad flu season occurs, although a higher death rate will occur, the variance will be considered within “normal” parameters and expected.

    His collaborator has acturarial experience besides background in insurance and Wall St. He created baselines for all age groups, and, using CDC statistics, has shown that the Millennials experienced an 84% increase in deaths during 2021 over their baseline. His collaborator and he indicate that this number is absolutely staggering. Unheard of. They experienced a Vietnam War death toll in one year. The Vietnam War over ten years killed ~58,000 U.S. soldiers. The Millennials lost ~61,000 over baseline last year. His collaborator will go public when he presents his findings to a group of Wall St. people.

    Today (3/14/22) Dr. Naomi Wolfe learned from her research team that the AMA had sent a cover sheet to all physicians giving the vaccine indicating how to tell the different doses (of active ingredient) contained in the various vial lots. Some had 3 ug, 10 ug, 50 ug, or 100 ug. Wouldn’t these physicians be participating in this sacrificial ritual by (1) deciding which of their patients received a 100 ug dose and (2) withholding full disclosure of risk information from their patients?

    Sacrifice always seems like an archaic act committed in some ancient civilization thousands of years ago. I can barely wrap my head around this idea.

    1. I don’t know the answer to this either but Dark Journalist did raise the point that if you genetically-modify a food crop, you now own that GMO food. So when you genetically-modify a cow, same deal. But what if you genetically-modify a human, does BigPharma now legally own the GMO-humans? Do they have the right to destroy humans like they would any other crop? Can it be a religious sacrifice?

      1. I’ve heard that exact notion tossed around quite a bit – the vaxxed are a newly designed form of a genetically modified human, now the property of the government, unbeknownst to them.

      2. Once humans are modified, technically they are now classed as ‘transhuman’, and pass to the ownership of the pharma company that has patent on any inserted DNA / RNA. Also, and terrifyingly, once they are ‘transhuman’, they have no ‘human’ rights. Fait accompli.