One of the biggest issues in our world is not global warming or terrorism, it is that there are so many oracle decks and so little time. Here are seven decks that I love, love, love (and maybe you will too!). I really wanted to shoot all these decks myself but, alas, time did not allow this week, so I have gratefully borrowed these images from the google machine.

Earthbound Oracle by A.L Swartz

These hit my heart in just the right way. Just the right way. The SkullGarden Shop  does it right.



Art of Life Tarot by Charlene Livingstone

Art of life tarot is the kind of deck that you can call upon to give you a deeper insight quickly. You don’t have to hmm and haw too much over what a wand means, why the fourth cup is tipped over, or why the sunflower is so peculiarly positioned. This deck uses the same suits and meanings of tarot, but breaks it down on the card itself with succinct quotes. You can simply draw your cards and then read the quotes on the bottom, with no need to open the book. It is also a good way to understand the meaning of each traditional tarot card, and it helps to see traditional tarot structure within a new context to solidify meanings.





Did I mention that each card has a classic work of art on it?


The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noelle

When I look at these I feel as though I am floating in a rose quartz bubble on a rainbow over Neptune. Everybody needs to feel like that sometimes.



Archetypes and Shadows Card Deck by Chuck Spezzano

It’s not all about the art, well it kind of is, but I really like it when the book that comes with the deck has a fresh take on archetypes. The explanations of the cards are very in depth and I have had several realizations through these cards. Archetype decks are great for getting to the bottom of relationships, the one you are having with yourself and the ones you are having with others. Problems simplify when we understand the archetypal dynamics that are going on.  This particular deck is a bit rare but you can order it via his website here.


Carolyn Myss also has an amazing archetype deck called Archetype Cards!


The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco

At first I thought this was going to be a lovely little novelty deck, but upon using it I found it to be very insightful and unique. It really captures the essence of Halloween and allows our hearts to be warm all year round. I love how she describes the birds who sing at night as many mystics have totem animals that are night birds.


| “A bird singing at night is an unusual occurrence and those birds who are known as the ‘singers of the darkness’ are almost always considered sacred – or frightening!” |


The skull cards are friggin’ amazing. There are several btw.

It’s here on Amazon just in cace you wanna add it to your collection.


Contact Cards: An Extraterrestrial Divination System by Kim Carlsberg and Darryl Anka

I really like star consciousness and the information it provides, it allows us to step outside of our egos (Earth) and start to think in broader strokes (cosmos). This deck by Kim Carlsberg and Darryl Anka is new favourite. Even though it is truly out of this world it has some very pragmatic insights. I particularly like how they have stars, ships, crop circles, aliens, and planets as suits. It is good value as well, as it includes a hardcover book with illustrations, unique spreads, and depth descriptions of each card.


Also try Lyssa Royal’s Galactic Heritage Cards for a deeper look or The UFO Tarot by Bepi Vinga, and if you are not really feeling the Star People stuff that’s cool, it’s only a matter of time ;).


Black and the Moon Tarot by Claire

There are a few decks on this website that are exquisitely macabre. You can feel the time and effort channeled into each one. I especially love her astrology deck. I would love to see a manual with it for some creative ideas on how to use them though.