Anatomy Of The Emotional Body


Emotions are the engine of manifestation

Emotions are important. They are the pushing energy that magnetizes and literally power intention and thought. Without learning how to work with them, and utilize them, we will find it difficult to feel traction in our lives. The more passionately you feel something, the more that emotion, and the thoughts/beliefs attached to it, will manifest in your reality. If we genuinely do not feel emotions for something it is likely that the situation will leave our life. This is actually a technique in manifestation: do not give your energy to anything that you do not wish to perpetuate. Period. On the flip side, if you do want to bring something into your life, feel it. Don’t just make lists, visualize it, or think about it on your drive home from work, feel it. It is the feeling of things that creates connection, closes gaps in manifestation and aligns us with our ideal timeline.

Our emotional body is a feedback system

To really get into the nitty gritty of our emotional body we must understand our painful emotions and how to work with them. Fear and misunderstandings about lower emotions keep us subject to our emotional body when we could be participating with it, using its feedback to heal and manifest what we desire. Often times we find ourselves powerless, paralyzed, exhausted and waterlogged; our thoughts and actions completely tainted by difficult emotions. When this occurs it is telling us something very important about how we are relating to our emotional feedback system. It indicates that we do not have enough experience reading and working with our emotions yet. It tells us there is something that we are missing. And that’s ok, by the way.

One of the first steps in working with our emotional bodies is to understand that emotions are indicators of where we are in relation to our heart/soul. Nothing more, nothing less. They are a communicative, functional aspect of our mind, body, spirit complex. Painful feelings tell us that we are falling into belief systems that are destructive and not representative of our true divine nature. They let us know that we are in inner conflict and their discomfort is a signal that we need to move our minds away from certain unhealthy patterns we are consciously,or unconsciously, engaging in. This is not unlike how physical pain compels us to move our hands away from the fire if we get too close. Our emotional body is our inner feedback system to make us painfully, or pleasantly, aware of where we stand in relation to our heart and soul. When we begin falling into thoughts and belief systems that do not serve us, we will know it through emotional discomfort.

That said, anxiety and lower emotions are natural, they should not be resisted or shamed, however, we also must realize the kind of things we attract when we hold those kind of emotions for long periods of time without gently introducing neutrality, or peace, to our systems. The truth is we greatly limit ourselves when we drop into lower emotions for long periods of time. Our higher-self’s insight and messages get scattered by incoherent emotions and we sink deeper and deeper into the dull, jagged hum of a disconnected world. The idea that by embodying our trauma, and probing our past and pain, will allow us to bravely receive healing and wisdom is false. Remember that peace, gratitude and other loving emotions are the emotional states that are the most resonant with our soul and therefore enable the healing, guidance and transmutation of our pain. Loving emotions are the highways to the healing power of our soul. Without connecting with the light of our soul via our emotional body we will find it extremely challenging to renew and heal.


It is not suppressive, or repressive, to prioritize feeling healthy loving emotions during the day as a regular practice, or in times of confusion. These are our anchor emotions, our essential nutrients, and adding these feelings as much as possible in our lives helps strengthen our connection to spirit and usher in wisdom and guidance from our higher self. Unfortunately it does not matter how much pain we feel we have gone through, or how unfair our trauma was, we are all responsible for our emotional health and subject to the same universal laws. We are all challenged to begin to see loving emotions as nourishment and become dedicated to filling our emotional reserves.

Painful emotions are not on the same level as loving ones

There is a lot of confusion around this topic where somehow painful emotions are put on the same level as peaceful ones. Suddenly, if you prioritize loving emotions you are an ungrounded Pollyanna type headed for certain destruction. I have spoken to people who force themselves to sit in depression and frustration believing that if they don’t they will be plagued by even lower states of consciousness. This is an incorrect and troubling ideology. In reality, all emotions are valuable as indicators of where we are, yes. However, uncomfortable, painful emotions are not how it feels to be engulfed in intelligent healing light, which is our true identity. Instead they are desperately trying to tell us to to release them by making us tormented and uncomfortable in them. In reality they indicate something is not flowing, they indicate something is rotting inside and needs to be met with new fresh feelings of higher emotions. It is important to discern whether we are simply afraid to let go of our pain and our story, which is often the case when we insist on sitting in destructive emotional states.

Suppression of our personal power by feeling victimized by our emotions

I do agree that suppression wreaks havoc in our life. However, it is the suppression of the fact that we are creators of our reality that causes the most damage, which is exactly what we are doing when we give too much power to negativity and trauma. When we believe (consciously or unconsciously) that we are victims of our emotions we are also affirming that we are not the creators of our reality. How can we be a conscious creator of our reality and at the same time completely powerless to how we feel? Many times we want to only be creators when it’s obvious and easy. We don’t want to shine the light into our dark spots and potentially be forced to change. This is understandable, we are human, but this scattered dedication to owning our personal power is not going to serve us in the slightest. If we truly want to get a handle on our emotional state we must understand that we have the power to work with it. We must see ourselves as having the capacity to shift our inner tides.

The truth is even the most miserable emotions lose power when we experience them from a place of understanding that we are divine beings. It is not that we are to never feel down or negatively, it is that we do not view these emotional states as being our identity. Through this perspective low emotional states become fleeting contrasting colours that rise and fall with time. They may not feel great, but they will also not be crippling. Time and time again we place ourselves in torturous levels of emotional pain not understanding that our emotions are strictly indicators of how close our current thoughts and beliefs are to our higher-self. We think the messenger is the message. And when we do this we repress our power as a conscious creator, which is the most painful type of suppressing we can engage in. It is ironic that we feel consciously choosing to feel loving emotions is suppression. Loving emotions allow us to access and viscerally feel our spirit, they are the closest thing we have to heaven on this earth.


The power of love

When we allow feelings of love we are building a core energy of spirit and life force. This conscious building of energy becomes a conductor of deep wisdom, healing and knowledge. Holding loving emotions such as gratitude, acceptance, peace and appreciation is quite literally holding light. When we do this regularly we finally become conscious participants in our expansion and journey here on earth. When we do not do this we experience crappy situation, after crappy situation until we learn to begin taking personal responsibility for our mental and emotional worlds.

Use your higher-self, that’s what it’s there for

Ideally, we want to work with our emotions, which means acknowledging them and giving what we cannot handle to our higher-self. I recommend drawing your attention to the anxiety, depression, frustration etc. Feel it. Give it a moment of your undivided attention so that you can listen. Not with the intention of fighting it, needing to understand it, or being drowned by it. Bring your awareness to it with the gentle knowing that this awareness of it, right now, will serve as a platform to heal. You can even say out loud “I feel very lost and confused and depressed. I don’t know what to do or what is going on in my life.” This acknowledgement allows you to let go of the emotions and allow new energy to be built on this foundation of recognition.

We simply need to acknowledge what we are feeling, we don’t need to completely decode it or understand precisely why we feel it, that is where our higher-self comes in. Once you have acknowledged your feelings bless them and thank them for bringing your attention to a wound that needs to be healed. They have done their job. Your feedback system is working beautifully! Guide yourself with a warm heart into a feeling of neutrality. Once you are feeling a bit more open bring your awareness to your higher-self, acknowledge that it is now going to step in and completely deal with this issue. You can even visualize a ball of light stepping in and sucking all of your pain and troubles into it. Recognize that your only role now is to feel nourishing emotions in order to create a fertile consciousness to receive healing realizations and flashes of inspiration.

You are now a receiver. In turn your higher consciousness, that is not subject to the limitations of your conscious mind, will begin untying all the knots that you have now handed it. You are now working in tandem with your soul and allowing your higher self to do what it does best. Over the coming, hours, days, weeks, months you will begin to receive knowings that allow you to understand and release the belief systems that are holding you back. If you are unable to dedicate yourself to this level of  receptive neutrality and heart connection it will be difficult to actually be in the state of consciousness you need to heal.


Begin creating a dedicated practice of bringing yourself to your breath. Rest gently in your heart space. We are not designed to understand everything within our conscious mind, we are designed to release what we do not understand to our higher mind and open to its healing and wisdom. It is our distorted ego that demands we stay in our waking conscious mind, never wanting to share the spotlight with our higher self or lose control.

Keep in mind that we do not need an external experience to feel loving emotions. When we become emotionally conscious our emotions become tools to heal and connect, they do not actually need to be triggered by an external experience to feel a certain way. Allowing the external world to catalyze our emotions is the definition of reactivity.

Emotions change the tides in our life, and deep healing begins just by knowing how to delicately love and accept the parts of us that so desperately need it. Our healing power is rooted in holding light in areas that are dark, or holding emotions and attitudes that are based in love in areas of pain. This loving acceptance alchemizes wounds into wisdom, it changes their form entirely. We grow by quantum leaps. We are not suppressing anything by consciously choosing love based feelings, we are in fact, blossoming ourselves.

Feelings of love lead us to who we truly are, while feelings in line with fear are letting us know that we are needing to begin letting go and need to start participating in activities, thoughts and feelings that re-connect us with our light. If we need to know something that aids in healing our trauma it will come forward naturally as we open and align with our higher self. We are designed this way. Of course we may choose to wrestle with our darkness but that is indeed, a choice.

Let your self love. Let love based feelings nourish your being and attune you to high guidance. One of the biggest lies that keeps us down is that there is a necessary level of pain that we must encounter to heal or attain wisdom. In truth, the moment we allow connection with our heart, the wisdom flows and healing begins. Perhaps the most discomfort we have with this is getting used to feeling so free.

So, love consciously. Love curiously. Love gently until you have the confidence to love in broad strokes. Let high emotions appear in your world as intelligent light and pour into you all that you need. Love with one eye on your heart and one eye on your pain unwinding. Begin to generate feelings on the spectrum of love daily, as though it is a vitamin, or workout. Our emotional health must be consciously nurtured as an act of self love. Saturate yourself with feelings of peace whether you are having a great day and you slip into your heart with ease, or you are having a terrible day and your heart feels a million miles away. The more you practice the better you become at easing love based emotion into any thought or situation. This practice allows the wisdom behind our painful experiences to become available to us much quicker allowing us to let it go. Remember, you are the creator of your world, no avoidance of this responsibility will change that. In reality, it is the suppression and repression of this truth that causes the most depression and anxiety. You will get better at this as you go. Pain will transmute with more grace and you will have solidarity where now all you feel is doubt. Within feelings of love, you will find yourself. And it will be that discovery, that integration of your true identity rushing through your veins and vibrating your cells, that nullifies all wounds.


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  1. Hello Gigi; I appear to be arriving late onto this scene, and it would be greatly appreciated if you might address what adjustments that elders need to be aware of and compensate for in our personal responses to the often times lifelong cognitive dissonances that have plagued our societies for eons. More specifically, our abilities to focus and concentrate in our attempts to get beyond our inevitable state of conditioning from every aspect of modernity.

    Expat Chile Dog

  2. Having just stumbled on some of your videos via your interview with Daniel Lizst, The Dark Journalist, and watched a number of them, I was startled by the feeling of direct connection and by the fact that I recognized you from another lifetime. Good, golly! That’s her! I also find you at times delightfully comical and love the way you wiggle your mouth sideways when you’re thinking. I really chuckle at that. Keep up the good work. It is very refreshing and cuts through a lot of the crap. Just in passing I should add that my first wife (this life) said I was a Blue Gnome. That, in fact, was at one time probably literally true. Cheers and many hugs.

  3. Wow Gigi. I think this just changed my life. I’ve been struggling to let go of some trauma for 5+ years and I’ve never understood emotions in this way. Something has changed in me. Very beautiful. Thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart.

  4. That is powerful.
    A spiritually transformative piece of writing for me. The writing so condensed that the words themselves seem to hold power. If I read it and re-read it it causes a kind of shift in the eye of my heart and an opening to light.
    Thanks you for your spiritual guidance and wisdom.

  5. After weaving in and out of disconnection and low frequencies all day/week (while still silently sending out SOS flares of prayer to the universe for allowance to Let Go)- THIS post found me; divinely, at 3am —as sacred dose of love from beyond.
    I stumbled on this blog for the first time tonight. It gives me such peace reading your words, GiGi. I, one day hope to be helping others in a similar fashion. (*still just a list in my head.. I need to FEEL it into becoming*). You are a great inspiration of someone living their divine purpose and who radiates beauty from the inside out. THANK YOU FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!! Xx

    1. Thank You Rebecca! “After weaving in and out of disconnection and low frequencies all day/week (while still silently sending out SOS flares of prayer to the universe for allowance to Let Go)” I have no doubt you will do great things that was beautifully written. I hope to see you around.

      – Gigi

  6. Gigi hello

    .I just left your Facebook page this morning [7/6] after watching your video on re writing ones past in synchronization with today’s contemporaneous reality . The video is a masterpiece not only on content, but your delivery I found so powerfully and transparently engaging . I’m high…Thank You……Motivated to motion I came over here to read this piece…The two offerings are ONE…Truly seamless..I’m realizing as I’m saying these words, I have run the risk of appearing somewhat patronizing…..Please no. ..Its just the Aries rolling out.


  7. This is extremely powerful! I feel so blessed to have come upon knowing you through the internet and to be able to read your beautiful truth and wisdom. You have helped change my life for the better, Gigi, and I want to thank you so much. These are Beautiful words that have touched my heart tremendously!

  8. This resonates with me, and the path of healing I’m on. I appreciate/grateful for these messages you send out. For some it gives thoughtful perspective, for me, it’s a guiding light. <3

  9. Just gonna keep this short because I’m too lazy to go into the complications. Emotion is a stimuli for both the consciousness and the “desired” or “undesired” effect. Without emotion, or the meaning of it, none of this would even be a matter at all. I’m not against it, I’m just making a point.

    From within the perspective that utilises emotion, you can’t see it or be able to comprehend it properly. However without the ability to, it would not make a difference what happiness or sadness is and that is neither good nor bad because you would not see the difference in the inherent form. The best contextual example is if you have a point of view or “feeling” on this very statement saying, whatever it may be. You might think it;s a “sad point of view” for example but there, you only recognise it as such because you have emotion to be able to recognise and realise it would be as such.

    I’m not here to say it doesn’t nor does matter. It’s more of a “what if”.

  10. You beautifully put into into words the healing transformation I’ve been going through lately. Thank you so much Gigi <3

  11. Thank you Gigi. This was so essentially important. Your writing is so full of love I feel it every time

  12. Thank you so much for this, it’s so beautiful and true. Thank you for guidning me to heal myself. You are a great gift, thank you so much <3 Love

  13. What are you doing on this crazy planet? You’re not lost are you, angel? LOL You’re my saving grace right now, Gigi. Thank you for calibrating my compass. Time to get myself away from trecherous waters and find my slice of Heaven on Earth.

  14. Hey Gigi,

    So much gratitude to you for doing what you do! I love your writing and you have helped me in so many ways <3

    I was a little disappointed to see an image of a white woman wearing a kimono attached to this article. Just want to point out the cultural appropriation inherent in this image and to mention that it is likely make some of your readers feel uncomfortable. It would be very much appreciated if you would consider changing the image to something else.

    Thanks and best wishes x

    1. The race of the person is not really distinguishable Kate and you may of some issue going on that you need to look at.

  15. exactly what the pleiadians are saying….nicely worded….reading a book by barbara marciniak and it says the exact same….thanks gigi….blessings and light your way!!!

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