Can Arcturians assist you while alive on their own world?

Hi Gigi,

I have had a recent experience when I lost my job. I spoke to an intuitive healer asking the reason and I was told that an ancestor is blocking the job for me as this period is an ascension cycle. Later my intuitive abilities enhanced and I saw my ancestor. He is an Arcturian, blue skin, big head, wearing grey colored robe that covers his head. He is my secondary guide interacting and guiding me in all spheres of life. The reason I write to you is to get an answer to the question – Is it possible that Arturian beings connect with us while they are still living their life in their planet? My ancestor is 442 years old (their planet age, not earth) still living in his planet and connecting with me whenever I tune in. Is it possible or I am dreaming? Also, can you do a video or blog on traits of Arturian star seed as I have been told that I am the one? He told me his name as Augustimah. :).. I also wanted to say that I love your videos.

Lots of love,


Hello Daniya!

Manifesting your job

Thank You for writing in, and thank you for your support! My metaphysical OCD will not let me brush over what you shared about your job. So, I would like to explore the experience that there is an Arcturian guide/ancestor that is blocking your work situation. It is not possible in my knowledge for another being to block an experience or opportunity, such as a job, from you.  Our guides assist us based on our own energy and the relationship with the world around us. We have free will and our guides follow that principle. They help us understand our relationship with the spirit world but they do not hold things back or bring things to us, it is our consciousness alone that does that.

If something is not manifesting it would be because there is something about what you are desiring that is not lining up with where you currently are. Either the position is not for you, for reasons obvious or subtle, or something needs to shift within you to line you up to that job. The best way to bring understanding to this is to break down why the job is important to you, what does it represent? How would you feel if you got it? How would your life be different?  If you can tap into the base energy of what that job represents to you you can hold that core in your vision (and subtle bodies) and allow an opportunity to come your way with more open parameters. This will be the actual situation that is trying to come your way.

Can Arcturian beings assist you while alive on their own world?


Yes, they can! Star people (from many different star systems) assist us while they are technically incarnated. They are not assisting from a space of being outside “the game.”

Recognizing our star family means that we expand our understanding of spirit guides, ancestors, history, and metaphysics. We no longer see our team of spirit guides as beings that are beyond incarnating. Instead, we see them as part of an elaborate karmic story that spans many dimensions of reality. We begin to understand that there are different dimensions and densities that harbour different levels of consciousness.

As our consciousness ascends it becomes part of our journey to assist other star systems and planets. It is a natural expansion. This specific evolution of purpose is prominent in most ET based literature. This means that real, incarnated beings are assisting other worlds as part of their societies growth. What is interesting about this collaborative cycle of cosmic ascension is that certain civilizations seem to specialize in different things, and struggle with different things. Certain civilizations have a history with us and are drawn to assist from different levels of karma/involvment with Earth.

As planets evolve we begin to see all life as family, adhering to the same universal laws, sharing the same vast cosmos. We begin to help other civilizations with issues that may have troubled us, in this assisting we come full circle in releasing any past stuck energy that may have remained. Teaching and helping is an important step in healing and releasing, it allows us to become the guidance we never had and provide support to others shifting the spectrums of continuous timelines we are all pulling from.

What can be confusing about this is that we are now factoring in different parameters when it comes to perceiving our guides. We are now having to incorporate that time is non-linear, it is something that we can pop in and our of depending on our intention and resonance. The focus becomes the present moment, shifting timelines to create your desired reality via the quality of your awareness. If that wasn’t enough we also have to begin to grasp that there are different densities and dimensions in reality, this is significantly more complex than just labelling all spirit beings as coming from the “other side.” Where on the other side are the projecting from? Beings that are from a higher reality can even appear as light orbs, mists, changes in temperature and other traditionally ghostly phenomenon. What we once labelled as “spirits” could include Star people. It begs the question, do we really die? Or, do we just lift into a different realm, still journeying, still evolving.

That was a bit of a long explanation, but what I have come to realize is that the soul has a driving force all its own, whether it be in a denser forgetting reality like 3d or a higher one where we know our divinity, we are still moved to express ourselves. For many souls, assisting others directly or indirectly, is healing and validating and is the highest joy. This is what is meant by being of service and why many religions attempt to incorporate this concept in their teachings, it is an earthly expression of what happens when beings are becoming enlightened and they realize that authentically loving and assisting others is one of the highest joys and honours. 

So yes, Star People do assist us from a place of physical (in their world) consciousness. They are often in a different phase developmentally but have a great deal of wisdom on how to find balance in our lives through issues they have gone through in their civilizations past. As we rise, they rise.


Are you dreaming, or imagining, this connection with your Arcturian guide?

If you were seeing this in a dream it would not make it any less real. Our ET guides often come to us in dreams because we have less resistance to the higher realms when we sleep. I would suggest that you allow this relationship to reveal itself to you. Become playful and open to whatever comes forward, any fear or even forcing answers will slow the connection. Trust the little tidbits that you get and enjoy the unfolding.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Cosmic information can be the most challenging to work with because the archetypes that comprise their energy are not referencing earth, they are rooted in their own planet or ancestral lineage. This means that it will feel pretty weird, or very subtle until you become used to working with that feeling of vastness. A medium who is trained to read deceased people’s energy will potentially find more common denominators, because the person is coming from an earth background. A cosmic medium will need to develop a bit of a different archetypal language and will be in for a lot of surprises when it comes to the visuals and descriptions of these beings. It may be a longer process and the process may feel a lot more imagined due to the lack of external material to validate your insights.

As for specific insights on the Arcturians I do have a video with some information about them on my Youtube Channel. I am currently working on a project where I get into more detail about them and look forward to sharing more in the future. It is challenging to to attempt to refine all Arcturians to their innate qualities. I recommend beginning to channel insights from Arcturians during meditation and then seeing how your original information compares to others!

Thank you so much for these great questions Daniya!


  1. Michael says:

    I’ve enjoyed learning a lot about Arcturians through books by David K Miller and also by Norma Milanovich. Some very advanced information available there.

  2. Allie says:

    Hello dear lady..i am a male..i have been searching now for some time seeking the truth..about our lives here on this blue ball…we call earth..i call it home…if we have free will..why are we imprisoned on our home…why do so many entities and humans seek to control our very essences..???i am open to knowing the truth , even if it knocks my socks off…but how can i know what is many people have so many opinions..and they do not all agree….i feel like we are being fed like hogs….heading to our slaughter…and i have read many things that have spoken about this being the truth..but all i have for proof is their sincerity…what is real and who is not lying??…………..i really need to know…and all my life i have been oriented towards Christianity./……………..but i dont buy the b/s sold in churches anymore…i love my Lord and Savior…Jesus……………but i have thrown off all human traditions…..related to Christian teaching…i feel free in Jesus….and if i was not a human male i would not be dirtied by my sins…Jesus has set us free from all constraints..of religion..He commands 2 things…Love our Father with all our being…and love our neighbor as we love ourselves…now is this not what our ET guides and friends teach us as well>???i want spiritual growth…and that is what will lift us above our world..and all of its torments…my friend…i just desire the truth..can u help??….thanks Allie…

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Gigi! This post was really helpful and oddly timely for me, so thanks for it!

    Also, and sorry for the unrelated question, but I’ve been hoping you might be able to shed some light on something, either here on the blog or maybe on Facebook:

    Are you aware of any spiritual or cosmic significance to this Monday’s solar eclipse? There may not be, I was just curious, and figured if anyone would know, it would be you 😉

    Thanks for this and all you do!

  4. Suryadevi says:

    Hi Gigi, I think im a cosmic medium this past 3 months ive been percibing a guide that helps me to channel beings. Guides from my friends, ascended masters …. I knew I was a medium of death people, but these time I feel these beings, ETS too. They wish to connect and sometimes deliver messages to this friends of mine. I know this is my calling…. but do I need training? or just experience? Thanks Gigi, I would love if you could answer 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    I absolutely love you and your work Gg! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight in this article. Daniya’s questions were also questions I have too, so it answered the mysteries in my head space. I’ve had these answers all along within me, but reading you write about them solidified my “answers” to be the truth. I completely agree with your assessments that the cosmic medium does have to become comfortable with intangible and unknown archetypical language; and also having to be comfortable with the non-linear aspect! That’s a recipe for a head spinner, eh? I’d say so. Also I love the “in service” explanation, as we are all the same “family” healping each other. As we rise, they rise. As we learn, they learn. Which is of the highest joy, that of having and experiencing the symbiotic connection with one another. Which is just “us”. Oh, and I also love the rhetorical question, “do we ever really die?” I would say, never since death is an illusion (in many regards). And that we are forevermore.

    All the love your way darling!! Keep up the great “service”. Keep that moon shinin’

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You so much Mary! Blessings your way.

  6. Melanie says:

    Thanks for addressing this question on your blog, Gigi. It’s helpful to me as well, because I’m in the same place Daniya is. I enjoy your videos too. Again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to bringing us the truth.

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You Melanie! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      1. Jeffrey Alkire says:

        I have been so sir pressed and dumbed down that I don’t think that I will ever fully awaken. The first two times I started meditating it was working. My body was vibrating and then it all stopped. I have a hard time relaxing.

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