Yes. Spiritual teachings can become outdated. Now, I know what you may be thinking: ‘how can a spiritual teaching become outdated? Are these teachings not rooted in the most consistent truth we know- the soul?

Yes and No.

When it comes to spiritual insight we can divide this information into two categories:

1) Timeless wisdom

2) Wisdom channeled for the age

It is important that we understand these 2 basic levels of knowledge as confusing them will lead to distortions.

Timeless Wisdom 

Timeless wisdom is information that is rooted in the larger structure of the universe, broader reaching patterns that we know as laws that are unwavering and create the structure of our world. Now, of course, in theory all laws can bend to your creative intention, but there are laws that are solidly agreed upon and virtually impossible to alter simply because it would not serve our purpose- we need a structure in which to exist.

This timeless wisdom involves explaining universal laws which are the basic mechanics and dynamics of our universe. They are the slower turning patterns. Timeless wisdom can be channeled through mediums such as: Astrology & Tarot, and the archetypes we see within them. This is also why they have survived relatively untouched throughout many many eras. Much of esoterica is based on the connecting and exploring of these very archetypes.

Note: in order for tarot to be tarot it must contain all archetypes and all cards. There is a difference between tarot decks and oracle decks. Tarot (The hero’s journey) is timeless wisdom while oracle decks are fashioned for the age more or less, perhaps even based in tarot. 

Wisdom channeled for the age.

Wisdom channeled for the age is teachings, processes and techniques that are brought forward to bring light to specific challenges of the collective consciousness at the time. It is timeless wisdom brought through the filter of the age. You may be able to extract timeless wisdom from these teachings, but the teaching overall is crafted for our lives at this time.

Each era, or time cycle, has a specific expression, a specific issue that is being explored. We can see this in the zodiac, the procession of the equninox, the mayan Calendar and many other lesser known calendars. All of the ancient systems not only kept time, but the personality that the cycles of time are representing. We do not openly acknowledge this within our current society therefore we do not realize the larger patterns that we are in and the fact that our expression: our discoveries, our art, our way of life, our way of warship and exploration of our soul, are all connected to the specific cycle we are in. This is a fascinating topic on it’s own and really deserves it’s own complete discussion to outline cycles of time and it’s symbiotic effect on the human soul.

So, we have ‘timeless wisdom’ teachings that speak of universal law, the larger patterns at work in our world, and we have ‘wisdom for the age’ which is universal wisdom teachings, techniques, process’ that are tailored for the era that we are in. Why this is important is that we, as individuals and a global collective, do not remain the same. As we move through a time cycle we integrate its lessons and we grow. As we do this we require different information and in turn more truths are revealed to us as we reach higher into the cosmos. We also gain access to more accurate insights about our nature and complimentary teachings that build upon the last cycle.

Teachings that are no longer relevant.

The information written 2000 years ago, 1000 years ago or even 20 years ago may not ring true today. We can see this when we read the bible (and other holy books) as there are such rigid (or strange) teachings that people are trying to shift and re-interpret. These were interpretations of timeless wisdom for the age, they made sense then, they were trying to create a specific structure, but they do not make sense now and trying to force them will only cause disorientation within your spiritual body. Even in the more ‘gentle’ religious texts, the relationship with spirit that is recommended is to assist during the time it was channeled and may need to be greatly revised for todays time. This principal is also visible in channeled books from the 70’s -90’s where it is clear the wisdom is being channeled for a different era and doesn’t hold much relevance for us now. Even predictions made did not come to pass because consciousness shifted so greatly the timelines morphed completely. This dissonance in wisdom is a considerable marker of just how much we have accelerated in such a short period of time. Further, it is vital that we realize many of our traditional spiritual beliefs no longer fit, this means we have grown and that new insights are coming through. Stagnation in spirituality is real, very, very, very real.

Just as we cannot expect to work with teachings channeled for a future era (we simply wouldn’t have the foundation to understand) we cannot expect to apply past teachings to our current time as they do not exercise the new blossoming parts of us that are needing to be explored. It is important to understand that there are varying levels of information being shared: some timeless and others with an expiration date. The best investment of your spiritual development and self growth is to have your reference point be your own heart and soul. This connection will always give you the exact wisdom you need for whatever you are going through now. Use other sources (ancient or modern) to inspire examination and discovery but bring it all back through your personal frequency. You have the capacity to know all you need to know for your evolution, you do not need to depend on anyone or any text. You can develop direct connect to source, which is the most efficient position for healing and insights, as well as our most natural. We can do this simply by having a decent meditation practice and getting in the habit of dialoguing with our higher-self. This is the new era, the era that this ascension cycle is bringing us to: The era of our sovereign spiritual self, where our spiritual connection becomes so innate and personal that we can each begin contributing our genuine selves to this world and experiencing real connection with others.

Closing Channeled Message:

We wish you much luck and great love in your exploration of the new and release of the old. We understand that this message may bring up confusion or even anger, it is difficult to let go of what we have held dear even when it no longer serves us, however, we urge you to understand that new information and techniques are built upon the last. It is not a throwing away (necessarily) of anything simply adding a new dimension and allowing what no longer serves you to burn up in its light.



  1. Maciej October 4, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Thanks Gigi for this interesting perspective on wisdom. It very much is in line with what I have found in some other channeled material, which resonates with me. I would like to share this perspective on truth channeled from a being, which calls itself 8. The information comes from the chapter on Truth of The Ascension Papers.
    “There are an infinite number of truths that are true and right from a given perspective. But ultimately they are also wrong from a different perspective. This means that there are many transitory truths.” Transitory truths change with the development of the soul and it is alright for us to hold them as long as they serve us until we find out that they no longer do so. Then we find other transitory truths that serve us for a while in our growth process. Ultimately all truth are transitory with the exception of the one which is not and this is the only absolute truth:
    “The One Is.”
    Based on the absolute truth there are derived truths. The first derived truth is:
    * “We are eternal and immortal beings.”
    We are all part of The One and since The One Is, we also are. The One cannot be destroyed and so we cannot be destroyed.
    The second derived truth is:
    * “Change is the only constant”
    “Anything that is still, unmoving and unchanging is dead. And, as nothing ever dies, it follows that nothing ever ceases to move and to change.”
    The third derived truth is:
    * “What you put out is what you get back (You always get exactly what you create)”
    “Separation is a reality in which the One can imagine that It is many. And those many can imagine that they can do things to, or for each other. But since manyness is an illusion and oneness is the truth it follows that everything you do to, or for, someone else is actually just One acting upon itself. Everything you do to, or for, someone else you do to, or for, yourself.”

  2. Alex August 27, 2016 at 12:40 am

    So much yes.

    I went camping this week and I meditated a lot and sat in the sun for a while and I feel like I reset. Being out in nature and away from society this week has been a blessing because I was able to let go of everything I didn’t need. I truly feel like a different person. I feel like the universal timeless truth is just split up into fractals and our conscious 3D mind can skew those fractals.

    As always much love and keep on being you.

  3. Lynette August 27, 2016 at 12:17 am

    Excellent as always! This makes perfect scence to me. <3

    Also…..love the meditation! I have done it every night since you posted it. I so appreciate you. I honor you, I bow to you.

    So much Love <3

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