Cosmic Guides & Spirit Guides (Our Shifting Focus)

After the year 2012 the quality of our consciousness changed, we began to become more multi-dimensional. For some this process began earlier, their constitution was more spiritually rooted and thus able to detect slight shifts. For others their constitution is denser and the shifts are detected but appear on more of a material level f awareness.

Part of this consciousness shift is the introduction of a new type of connection with our higher-self and with the cosmos at large. Specifically, we begin to see nuances in our spirituality that were not obvious in the past. We begin to see the “other side” as distinct dimensions and densities rather then a nebulous space that we disappear into when we die The understanding of our spirit guides and sense of time and space also shift. Our spirit guides become inter-dimensional beings or cosmic beings, as that is how the cosmos works, via resonance, and time and space becomes more flexible to the mind. The etheric body is also more visible and thus becomes easier to adjust and interact with consciously. So, we can observe that our understanding is evolving.

The Challenge of Cosmic Consciousness

The challenge here is that we can no longer use our spirituality as a place to escape reality, more then ever reality is now revealed to us in our psychic state! Many intuitives and spiritually inclined will not enjoy this shift and resist this new perspective. They will do this not because cosmic consciousness is a fad, but rather because cosmic consciousness is a more intense level of awareness then we have had access to in this manner for thousands of years. It is painful to discover these ancient parts of ourselves. The transformation is open to everyone, but not everyone will adjust at the same time, and that is perfectly fine. The questions that arise about this topic will help to form the foundation on which we can all move forward.

Since the beginning of time we have held varying degrees of experience and opinion as a peoples. We have had diversity of thought and experience despite being faced with serious societal challenges, this is the nature of our reality. The goal is not to expect, or even attempt to have, everyone thinking in the same line as ourselves, but to arrive at a higher level of awareness entirely. A level of awareness where we honour each others path regardless of whether it lines up with ours. A level of awareness where we recognize that in this finite state we cannot know all, however, we can allow all to speak and express themselves! It is only through the voice of the collective, the good, the bad and just plain strange we will begin to see the heart and mind of God.


  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Gigi, I have been following you and watching your YouTube videos for some time now. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I consider myself an intense person with a strong sense of feelings and appreciation for us humans and the Earth in the Cosmos, while being very new to it, and ancient at the same time. I guess it feels like I know things in my soul yet cannot connect them easily to my current daily presence. Yet I long for it to connect so much. I relate to your information and experiences so readily. I have gone through periods in my life where others close to me view me as “lost” yet, though I feel a sadness from this kind of disconnect, know this is temporary in the greater span of time. I have felt this way for some time, yet barely starting to reach out to speak of it to anyone in this way. So I apologize for this being so long. And thank you for sharing your presence and your work in the ways you do.

  2. Paolo says:

    I just found your YouTube video on this subject. Well done! You are right: not many people can follow any of this! You are very brave and are a great find!
    I have met some of these cosmic guides and ETs, mainly in dreams or astral states.
    The last time was in a great hall of light, where many different races of humanoids were assembled. They were in groups of 12, representing each race. One of the beings from a group with elongated skulls, large amber kind eyes and golden skin and amazing liquid crystal golden suits, spoke to me. He told me not to forget the ground I was standing on. I looked down and saw that I was standing on a small white disk, and remembered a vision I had in the 80’s.. I think you know much more about this..

  3. Lyran Starseed says:

    Hi Gigi! Can you talk about the planets and the moon? I have heard the moon being referred to as Goddess Moon or Grandmother Moon.

    Moon today is considered a satellite, not a planet. But Vedic astrologers seem to think that Moon is a planet. Someone told me yesterday that Sun was the king (Sun Dei) and Moon was the Queen (Mon-Dei). When I told him that moon was a satellite, he told me that we didn’t know that for a fact… His response literally was “People think that Moon is a satellite that is inhabited by aliens, but we don’t know that for a fact.. People say many things. Teachings of Vedic astrology are many thousands of years old, so I’m going to go with that. Yes, I think that Moon is a planet.”

    I was perplexed by that. Why do they call her goddess moon? If anything I believe that Earth (Urth/Urðr/Urd) is the real Divine Mother/sacred feminine. That’s why we call her Mother Earth.

  4. Katie M says:

    Hi Gigi,
    Do our souls have names on the other side? Do we communicate telepathically with one another using them? Just so we understand “who” is being referred to when we communicate with one another in higher dimensions. Or is this a very 3D concept. Perhaps our consciousness is so developed that there’s just “knowing” so names and identities are not needed?

    I know that our Guides can present themselves to us with their names. I am growing very close to my 4 guides, all whom have slowly revealed their names to me. But I was told by my Life Guide in meditation that is mainly for me. He also originally presented himself to me as an ancient Egyptian priest. But recently I have been dreaming about him with a regal Lions head, holding a heart. When I meditated and asked him about this change, he told me he was both. But that it wasn’t necessarily important for me to get so caught up on his appearance. While he confirmed both identities, he made it known that the details, along with his name, were predominantly for me.

    Any insight would be so greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again Gigi!

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