Inner Mystic Series IV: Clairaudience / Psychic Hearing

"Clairaudience / Psychic Hearing" is the fourth module of the Inner Mystic course series where we explore psychic hearing in detail.

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In this particular module, we cover where and how we receive this type of psychic message as well as how we can consciously expand it and discern it from psychic noise. Also discussed is the different variations of auditory psychic experiences allowing us to feel more comfortable in accepting and developing such an important gift. This module is completed with a specific exercise and activation for clairaudience.

Follow along at your own pace with a PDF manual that features a glossary and video summaries. The topics covered in this series are the psychic senses (what they are and how to integrate them), spirit guides, key dynamics about connecting with higher dimensional energy, psychic history and much more.

Immediately upon enrollment, you will also receive access to both the private forums and the live group Q&A sessions for 45 days. This gives you the opportunity to engage with current and previous students.

Important note: Please be aware that these modules are designed to be taken in consecutive order and not doing so may result in confusion and not fully understanding the foundations of this program. It is highly recommended that you take these modules in the correct order, as this will ensure you are able to get the most out of each one.

• 1 Companion Guide (Downloadable PDF Document)