Psychic Protection

In this extensive course, you will not only learn classic techniques to protect and properly align yourself for psychic work but also explore the dimensions of consciousness itself. We will discuss how we relate to the "other side" and exactly what the "other side" actually is.

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Through this exploration, we will go deep into what it means to have a fearful experience and how to work through those encounters to understand them. Psychic development does not have to be a confusing and elusive mystery, with proper training, we can come to explore our consciousness from an empowered place.

When we understand how the higher realms are structured, and how we traverse them, we have less fear and thus experience less shocking and scary encounters. These teachings and techniques don’t just serve us in our psychic development, but also help us mitigate energy in our day to day life by helping us use our focus and energy correctly reducing mental and emotional exhaustion.

Immediately upon enrollment, you will also receive access to both the private forums and the live group Q&A sessions for 90 days. This gives you the opportunity to engage with current and previous students.

Important note: Please be aware that these modules are designed to be taken in consecutive order and not doing so may result in confusion and not fully understanding the foundations of this program. It is highly recommended that you take these modules in the correct order, as this will ensure you are able to get the most out of each one.

• 1 Companion Guide (Downloadable PDF Document)