Creator beings are higher dimensional beings that are responsible for the seeding and care-taking of planets. These beings are not of the same consciousness that we are, they are not entrenched in the deep fragmentation and polarity of the third dimension. This means that they do not perceive a big difference between themselves and source, or God. Their actions reflect the divine urges of source, or in other words, they express the divine cycles of the universe with no distortion.

One of the first things that we do when expanding our consciousness is project our personal state of awareness onto inter dimensional beings, this is a mistake. Inter-dimensional beings are beyond many of the paradigms that we are subject to. There is, of course, some overlap, but overall they are of a different paradigm then we are.

When we project our ego’s onto them we limit our perception and actually become entangled in timelines that only re-enforce where we currently are. This can be seen when we primarily view extra-terrestrials as prison guards or dark overlords. When we do this we have effectively entered the cave, rubbed Aladdin’s lamp and wished for the lowest potential connection possible. It is our hearts and minds that open literal portals and link us to beings not of this world. If we do this time and time again, these connections get stronger and stronger taking more influence in the material world around us. The sooner we learn this, the better.