I am not a nutritionist. I am just someone who has spent eight years of my life honing the art of juice fasting and want to pass down some tips and tricks.

Obviously doing ALL the poses because the juice.

1) Relax

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t let that type A personality sabotage you this time. I know that some juice fasters can be very specific about how to juice and blah blah blah drink it within 20 minutes blah blah blah. At the end of the day remember that fasting is not about being perfect, it is about cleansing and releasing to the best of your ability at this time. If you have an energy bar in the car because you are stuck in traffic and are going to pass out, that is OK. If you snuck into the kitchen and emotionally ate the stale goldfish crackers in the cupboard, (it would be better if you didn’t do that) keep juicing. Keep going. It is best to continue onward and forgive yourself than to throw the baby out with the bath water and have a crappy association with fasting. In summary: should you try and follow the protocol with all your might? Yes. Should you quit if you eat a little food? No.

2) Freeze your juice if you need to.

It is better to have fresh juice each day, but if you need to freeze it because you are short on time, do it. Juice fasting is about cleansing, but it is also about building stamina and getting used to the juicing lifestyle. It’s OK if you have to freeze some to stay on track. I have had to freeze juice in the past, and it wasn’t the same, but it kept me motivated. In the long run drinking thawed juice is better than caving, breaking your commitment to yourself, and eating food.

3) Have some organic vegetable broth.

One of the toughest things for me when I juice fasted was the abundance of sweet tasting juice. Most juices and mylks end up being on the sweeter side (with the exception of tomato and celery based juices that add salt), which is lovely, for the first ten juices and then, I start to want a little more variety. To be honest, it’s not just the sweetness that gets me, but it’s the coldness too. During a Canadian (my motherland) winter, constantly consuming juices with the odd herbal tea is pretty rough. I like to heat up a bit of low sodium organic vegetable broth to mix it up and balance things out. God bless vegetable broth during the winter on a juice fast.

4) Keep your activity to a minimum.

Fasting is not just about food and your physical body. It is also about cleansing emotions and thought patterns through being still, reflective, and gentle. Many people try to stay busy deliberately during their juice fast. Challenge yourself to become more self-aware and reflective during this time. A lot of patterns will be triggered at this time, so allow yourself the space to release non-physical toxins as well. A fast is the perfect time to do some yin yoga postures and take gentle walks in nature.



5) Keep a journal.

Fasting is not just a physical experience; all bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) are connected. They each roll into each other, they communicate and trigger one another. This interconnectedness makes up the experience of our perception. This means that as you begin to detoxify your physical body, your emotions begin to loosen, your soul becomes louder and your mind may become dull then sharpen as you go. This is normal and can actually connect you deeply with your true self and desires. For this reason fasting is the ultimate time to journal. Insights may rise that were not able to come forward until the space was created and triggered from the fast. Also, meditation can become easier as you fast, so take advantage of that flow and connection.


6) Go in Nature.


Nature is a pure representation of divine harmonies. Yes, there are harmonies that trees, grass, rocks, birds, and water emit which are healing. Putting your bare feet on the Earth will help keep you grounded during a juice fast. It is all too easy to become ungrounded and spacey during your fast, so it can help greatly to reconnect with these pure energies.


7) Plan a post-cleanse dietary/ lifestyle shift.


Many people fast and then simply go back to their usual diet and routine. The fast is a brief vacation from the life they are currently living. This is better than not detoxifying your body, but fasting provides the opportunity to do so much more. Fasting is a reset. You have pushed through and broken some patterns and dependencies, and now you have all this space to ground new healthy lifestyle changes. Have you been thinking about going vegan, vegetarian, or paleo? Have you been envisioning a strong workout routine and new bod? Do you need to change how you interact with others, or keep a cleaner house? This new open space that you earned is begging to be filled with a new pattern that will keep you gaining positive traction in your life. One of the best parts of cleansing is the fact that you have achieved something very powerful and you have the ability to carry that forward and continue grounding some serious change. The cleanse is just the beginning of removing the layers that no longer serve you, so capitalize on this hard work and set intentions to springboard forward.


8) Avoid conflict and negative media.


While fasting you become very sensitive to what is happening around you. Your senses sharpen because you are hungry and your body is peaking to help you hunt, focus, and find food.  This is a very receptive state and what you watch, read, or hang around will become augmented. If you find yourself around negative people or fear mongering news reports you may become agitated more easily which can make your fast miserable. If you can surround yourself with calm, peaceful energy as much as possible you will feel much more supported in your fast.


That is it for my fasting tips for now! Thank you for stopping by and checking me out. May your fast widen your heart so much that you feel on fire with your truth. You can do it!




  1. Mary Mauwer March 28, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    I love your tips. As I beginner at juicing I found them really helpful. Thank you for sharing them. I am new to your blog but I was really entertained in reading your blog.

  2. Amber March 8, 2017 at 9:11 am

    Dear Gigi!
    Thank you! You are such an example!
    I am afraid I will get really fat if I do Fasting. I understood the body regards this period as a period of starvation and starts storing fat. Afterwards you get the jo jo effect….
    Could you please comment on this? I really want to fast but I don’t want to become fat.
    Thank you

  3. Anthony Nguyen April 10, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    Love the article, it’s getting warmer in my country so it’s great time to make juice fast myself.
    A little suggestion on blog. It would be great to see widget – list of “last posts” on the right menu to
    easily navigate through older posts without having to scroll down all the time.

    1. Gigi Young April 11, 2016 at 1:12 am

      Thank You. Yes, I am actually re-vamping moonbird this month to make it easier to navigate.

      1. Heather Goodwin April 12, 2016 at 4:32 am

        Oh and maybe slighter bigger font if possible 🙂 It’s a little small,…I thought maybe it is my computer but only this site has the smaller letters….., but I LOVE your blog and your way with words I find so beautiful . I’m just thrilled you are writing a book. Thank you xo

        1. Heather Goodwin April 12, 2016 at 4:34 am

          I love when you give us health tips too! So good and informative. Thank you for caring! and sharing!

  4. Ryan Piercy April 10, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Lovely <3 🙂

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