Energy Update: Spiritual Exposure Cycle Begins

O ver the last ten years we have seen huge shifts in our personal and collective development. Many people began experiencing significant personal shifts around 2008 or 2009 while others were swept up the the intense cosmic rapids of 2012. Even the best mystics have difficulty predicting just how large shifts in galactic pressure are going to affect our consciousness, but what we can agree on is that the last ten years have been a period of great change for humanity. This change can be seen in three specific waves such as personal, collective and spiritual. In this article we will discuss each wave including what may begin to take place in the future.

The Personal Level: 2009-2015

The first wave began with individuals, people found themselves struggling with challenges that they didn’t think were possible. Shadows that we ignored, or didn’t understand, were pushed from the bowels of our being. Relationships of all kinds fell apart, health issues sprung up forcing a more inward perspective and careers that were a means to an end became impossible to continue as we sunk into a deep period of chaotic introspection.

A new rhythm began keeping time all around us and we had no choice but to learn it. Our shadows danced across the walls of our consciousness to be seen, to be a contrast for a greater light.

The Collective Level: 2015- 2025

Within the first wave of personal change a new foundation was being built through every individuals transformation (or lack there of) thus contributing to a new collective. All individual shifts created a new baseline for the collective consciousness, for families, towns, countries and the world at large. It was as though everyone contributed their light, their revelation to the collective heart and mind. Of course, as this happens nothing can stay the same, a new heart and mind is a new world.

Now we see corporations, institutions and of course politics intensifying to take on the shape of what this new rhythm has both healed and aggravated. This manifests as echoes from our past rising to be understood from all angles and released. Like dark megaliths old wounds rose from the grave: Civil rights, feminism, Russia!, nuclear scares, communism, nazis, the space race, intense propaganda wars – the list goes on. Nothing is new. Our public space now congested with yesterdays broken hearts. The now purged pain of past eras stands in line to be re-evaluated, discussed.

Can we find balance? Can we forgive? Can we take responsibility and thus gain a higher perspective?

Missing our multidimensionality, we all stand staring at screens, convinced our pain is the most relevant, that our path is the path. We all watch as the jagged passion of relentless righteous anger carves a deeper path through the collective. A path we will not truly understand, or walk, for years to come.

From this mandatory chaos a new type of leadership is called to emerge in all areas. We have out grown the level of polarity that our world has long oscillated within and many now are answering the call for new institutions and leadership.

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Spiritual Layer of Collective Cleansing: 2017-2025

Within the collective we have seen the more material institutions being challenged and exposed, however, within that purging the philosophical and spiritual level of the collective is also shaking. The collective spiritual consciousness is the conglomerate of all individual spiritual awareness on the planet. The more that we are challenged the more the spiritual body becomes obvious.

Within this cycle we will bring to light all that is not balanced within religious institutions and the new age. This is a necessary level of exposure that will allow a new spiritual consensus to form, it is time for humanity to leave behind the dogma of science and religion and genuinely feel and connect with their raw spirit in a sovereign fashion. This is, after all, what both religion and science should be striving to connect us with.

What Will This Look Like?

Religious & new age institutions and figures will be fine tooth combed for imbalances. We may experience an increase in the leaking of strange and or illegal practices of “spiritual” people, exposé’s and people who are imbalanced become more self destructive. We will also see the attempts to expose or destroy all spiritual institutions and teachers by individuals who have felt abused by unethical spiritual practices. By these individuals fear driven logic all spiritual people and institutions are damaging and must be humiliated and exposed. Although this aspect is painful it draws our attention to nuance and the importance of connecting on an individual basis with an open heart and mind. Judging entire collectives of people is an indicator of that someones consciousness has entered survival mode and making overreaching judgements to keep them safe. This survival based level of consciousness is primitive and must be calmed and balanced before the person can open the heart and mind again. Individuals who are more balanced in their spirituality begin teaching and filling in the gaps so that the collective spirituality can evolve through periods of deep exposure. A new standard and consensus will begin to emerge, a foundation begins to be laid for many, many years to come.

What Will We Learn?

Sovereign Spirituality

Through this we will lean more about discernment and how to connect with our heart and soul directly. For many people it will become clear that it is better to trust their heart, no matter how scary, then get pulled along into the muck with someone else’s information. We will come to understand that no one, no priest, no guru, no teacher is more connected to your truth, and the cosmic mind, then you. We all hum with the same raw spirit just waiting to be felt, expressed, and honoured. We may experience it rather uniquely, and we may choose to express it differently, but it is there none the less.

The focus shifts to the mechanics of how to connect with your soul and live a better life rather then funnelling your energy into spiritual leaders that desire your energy more than your evolution.

How the Spiritual Ego Functions

We will also learn more about the ego of spiritual figures and how that functions when it is sick. We naturalluy trust people who appear to know more than. There has been a big blindspot with people assuming that just because someone can intellectually understand metaphysics they then have integrated what they are speaking about. This is not true. Someone can talk about spirituality and not be living what they say, at all.

This phenomenon highlights the difference between an intellectual talent that does not go further than the mind and the deep cellular integration of spiritual concepts. It is not reasonable to expect spiritual teachers to live perfect lives but how different is their behaviour from their teachings? We will begin asking ourselves what level of discrepancy is acceptable? Higher standards produce better quality information and practices.

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The Occult in Society

We will also gain a more comprehensive view about the occult and ritual underpinnings of our world. For individuals who study esoterica these patterns can be seen and it will be validating, for the parts of society that have felt too overwhelmed by the occult this may be a bit of a shock. The occult is everywhere, balanced, imbalanced and everything in between. There are occult influences to many, many institutions. Many of these are to lower astral levels of consciousness with the belief that they are actually god-like or higher. We will become more aware of this. This exposure of aspects of inter-dimensional contact that are already occurring on the planet must be exposed as we regain our multidimensional consciousness.

Insight will also be gained on how our consciousness is interconnected and thus capable of being influenced by others both positively and negatively. We will become aware of where we are not present within ourselves allowing us to begin functioning in a more conscious way.

Society Is Suffering from a Spiritual Crisis

As the exposure theme now shifts to spirituality we see that many of the issues in society are moral or spiritual issues that are balanced by re-connecting with the soul. This is a pivotal realization as the issues that we have in society cannot be legislated away, they cannot be solved by government bodies. We are not at the point in society where small succinct shifts in the material world, such as leadership positions or laws, are going to help. Individuals must begin to connect with their soul/heart/purpose to face the conflicts ahead of us. We keep thinking we can apply old methods when society is no longer referencing the previous levels of consciousness it once was. A higher transformation is actually what is necessary and currently occurring.

2020 Clarity and Perspective Begins

Until about 2020 we will feel as though when we look out into the world it is more chaotic then it is solid. This destabilized feeling is necessary so that we dig deep and come up with solutions that will create stability within this new cosmic/psychological landscape. More appropriate grass roots level institutions that represent the new consciousness are going to continue fighting their way into the world until 2020 when we finally see the faint outline of a new structure emerging. This will occur on an individual level as well as strong voices emerge to bring clarity to the confusion that has been clouding society in every area.  The intensity of cleansing energy in general will begin to taper off at this point and we will start building more from a place of clarity. This is, of course, not because the cosmos has backed off, but because we have finally learned to dance the new dance.

It was there all along

Even though the world seems to be divided and going down hill, we will also discover that many people who seemed unconscious were actually going through intense spiritual shifts and interested in spirituality and healing methods beyond what the mainstream portrays. These influential individuals felt silenced and afraid to express what they really felt. This may seem like small potatoes but this helps many unsure people speak out and feel confident creating even deeper levels of change and discovery. We are left with an odd feeling as though it was there all along but we were looking in the wrong place.

We will also find that people and ideas that appeared disconnected will be connected via certain ideals. Further, individuals who do not seem to be connected by interest or philosophy will be drawn to collaborate. Some of the greatest minds of our time (in all areas of society) will begin to gain serious influence after 2020. These individuals emerge to fill the vacuum that has been created from the intense shifting to 2012, they got where they are not because of who they know, but because the had the courage to speak their truth when it wasn’t popular.

New Voices & New Structures

Behind the scenes there is more connection, healing and revelation going on then appears in the mainstream. However, the majority of the important shifts in society will not be spear headed by leaders or influential people that we already know of, but by grass roots efforts that will be gaining even more traction. New networks will begin forming for media as larger corporations are exposed for their corrupt and even weird inner workings.

Media continues to evolve to include deeper conversations and new ideas and voices are welcomed rather than forced to take on a narrative. Consciousness will be discussed in tandem with spirituality and religions will be examined, their beginning intentions will be discussed. Books that were removed (in shady situations like the council of Nicea) and other distortions that were done to control rather then enlighten, will be brought back into the conversation. Over time there will be a resurgence of mystical texts that tell truths of our history and potential as human beings. Although we find ourselves clearly in a new era, these are not new ideas, they were there all along, We were there all along.

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It is safe to say that we have been suspended within a membrane of chaos for some time. We have watched fears and judgements we didn’t know we still had play out over and over again, broken only momentarily by flashes of a new world. Now, after years of personal and societal shadow boxing we are being pulled towards a collective spiritual shifting and cleansing. It will not happen over night, not even close, this is a very large cycle of awakening with many layers, but enough momentum has compounded that we will now begin to notice.



  1. alearner says:

    Thank you for bringing the hope!

  2. enki says:

    great insight. Also the hippies of the 60’s my generation will be remembered as the first martyrs
    of the Aquarian Age

  3. Madeleine says:

    Thank you for narrating our story, sincerely.

  4. Kirsty says:

    This is rlly positive and explains how the world will change, how the system will change

  5. Brenda Borba says:

    Gigi, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for quite some time, and find I always acquire new knowledge and a higher perspective. Thank you for sharing your Divine Universal wisdom and, in the process, helping humanity make some sense of what we are collectively experiencing.

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