We are not entitled to an easy ride here on Earth. We are not entitled to have wealth, a nice home, car, clothing, toys, or anything material. Unfortunately we are not even entitled to have the basics, as we have seen in news broadcast after news broadcast of people suffering. If we do ABC we are not entitled to XYZ. We are not entitled to a joyous and loving childhood, we are not entitled to feeling understood by society, we are not entitled to receive care and support from others. We are blessed to have these things when we do have them, but we are not entitled to them. They will not simply appear out of thin air because we are uncomfortable; just as we cannot change the reflection in the mirror to a smile without first smiling inside. I say this gently, not to provoke, but to heal our relationship the material world. If we feel as though we are in any way entitled to these things, that they should flow to us without any personal alignment, paradigm shift or further work, we essentially block them from our experience entirely. If we feel that we have done enough and give up on smiling inside first we will lose our clarity and connection. It sucks, but it’s true. 

Entitlement can become a considerable problem when it comes to our manifestation process and general happiness because frustration, anger and feeling victimized can black out many gifts and opportunities coming our way. Anger, frustration and a victim mentality, no matter how noble we feel they are, halt our progress. Resonance, vibration, and manifestation are literal; one frequency will manifest another experience within that same frequency. This means that these feelings are not of service to you when you linger in them for long periods of time. We can make as much noise as we like but as long as they are dominant no true progress will be made. It is this way because we are creators and we create by observing our environment openly and shifting our internal world where we feel the external world is mirroring our pain. Our material world is meant to be a physicalized experience of our inner landscape, no more, no less.

Some manifestations may baffle us, such as children that get terrible diseases, murder, and other atrocities, while others are straight forward. Only the individual can truly tap into the highest truth of why they are experiencing what they are experiencing. Within every moment we have the capacity to transform our life, first with our thoughts and emotions and then this subtle world will solidify into our material circumstances. We must now begin to integrate this and behave from this truth.

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  1. Geoffrey Mays November 13, 2016 at 2:37 am

    Hi Gigi, Thank you so much for your Light and Love, and the clarity of Heart from which you speak. I feel a resonance which i have not felt for a long time. I’ve heard you mention many times about the 5th, 6th etc. dimensions, but because I’ve only just discovered you and have watched a handful of videos (actually, I find them a bit addicting), so I need a little clarification as to the nature of these dimensions. Also wrote a note from your booking site (I think), asking about cost for a session. Haven’t heard back yet – I imagine you’re quite busy. Looking forward to your reply. Blessings, Geoffrey

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