Exposing the Dark Occult: The Pit Ritual

This post is the transcript (with a bit more detail) of a Youtube Premiere video called: The Pit.


I remember a reading I did a while ago, it ended up turning into a remote viewing experience. I was not expecting to see what I saw. But what I saw informed me for this work. I saw a forest and as I moved through the tree’s in my mind I could feel this strange energy:I wasn’t wanted there. A sense of doom. A sense of being watched and measured.A sense that I was walking somewhere I should not.

As I got closer to my target, I felt what felt like the pain and suffering of thousands of people, and a hungry evil waiting to be fed. It was a state of normalized chaotic, impending, hungry panic. The Pacific Northwest, amongst other places, flashed in my mind as a swallowing grey landscape. My vision ended with 2 men wearing all black at an old diner, near laundromat, exchanging files. Making something evil official.

This was my first introduction to what I now understand as ‘the pit.’

The Inversion of Magic

If we are going to explore a ritual we have to understand what ritual is, and the difference between dark and light consciousness. In a magickal ritual an environment is created that mirrors a cosmic process. That is all ritual really is, a celebration of nature/the cosmos/Spirit through the mirroring of it. This practice of ritualistic mirroring allows our consciousness to deeply align and focus giving us a sense of mastery in the material realm.

Beings in other densities align with us during ritual – well, in truth, we are always aligning with inter-dimensionals, we just don’t realize it. The beings that align with our consciousness during ritual are mirrors of our inner world. If one is channeling higher beings from the heart, ones awareness is naturally brought to the sky, or to light. We are drawn upward. This higher focus we hold within out being creates as ladder, or circuit, for higher beings to descend and connect with us. This is mirroring our own ascension process. It is important to understand that when we call in angelic beings, when we are seeking advice on how to find alignment, or when we ask how to heal and grow the over all motion and sensation is upward. We are reconnected, with the help of higher beings, to where our healed consciousness already exists. Through conscious spiritual ritual we are lifted, connected, inspired and made anew in our highest image.

Black magic is an inversion of this established, and natural phenomenon. When black magic is practiced symbols, techniques and traditions are taken and distorted, or inverted, for selfish ends. We see this in the black magick tradition of pit rituals. Which involves digging deep into the black heaviness of the ground rather than reaching up into a higher densities. They dig a pit because they are calling in lower beings. These beings are symbolized by darkness, and rising up from the ground, not descending from the sky.

This lower form of ritual is driven not by the desire to heal, or re-integrate with ones higher-self, but rather for control and power. Within the black magick system practitioners believe that they are gods rather than an aspect of God. Ironically, in the dark occult there is a lack of higher sensitivity and higher dimensional psychic awareness. One would think that this perception would be required to work with the unseen world, but it is not, ritual can be approached from the intellect at the expense of the Spirit. Symbols, techniques and wisdom that was once buzzing with raw spirit can be unknowingly distorted into a gross caricature by the ignorant. It is not a pleasant distinction to make, but if we truly want to understand spirituality, we will all at one point or another be drawn to this realization.

Energetically, the lower chakra system is the only aspect that these beings can connect with, this over activity and obsession with the lower chakras creates a pull for ones consciousness to become not more spiritual, but more material – more dense. This heaviness, this increase in material density represents a sense of downward gravity, a lowering of the self. This dynamic is deeply explored later in this series in this video. So, when it comes to our focus we are either drawn upward or drawn downward in our energy. In healthy ritual within an evolving consciousness one is drawn upwards to the point that they will eventually re-connect with even higher frequency aspects of themselves. This upward motion is the lightening and ascending of ones consciousness back into the higher self. In contrast, in black magick ritual and within a fear based consciousness, the energetic body is drawn downwards becoming heavier and denser. Over time if ones focus does not change they will lose access to the sensations and energy of their higher-self all together.

Anyway, back to the Pit.

In Plain Sight – Dr Who

Upon doing research I discovered that pits are actually a common element of dark occult ritual. I noticed that these pits are often referred to as ‘satan pits’. Strangely, a Dr Who episode featured this exact concept, the episode, of course, was part of a three part series that first aired on 6/6/6 – June 6th 2006-  over a three week period.

In this show the Dr including his sidekicks, one named Rose, find a pit full of ancient demons that call themselves, you guessed it the Beast! Also notice the esoteric mention of the female named ‘Rose’ and actually referring to the creature in the pit as ‘The Beast” and the legion of the beast. I mention rose in my analysis of Stranger Things in the first season of this series. This usage of actual magical techniques and beliefs is an example of an In Plain Sight magical ritual to inform the public of an actual practice. When this ritual is performed they depend on ignorance and cognitive dissonance as a force within humanity to dismiss what is being revealed by default giving them permission. Yes, you read that right, not calling out the ritual gives permission for our unrealized energy within the collective to be harvested.

The Child

During the pit rituals, or sometimes referred to as black hole ceremonies, human sacrifice is often practiced. In particular children are often wounded and then offered to the beings that will rise out of the pit. In this gruesome practice the pit symbolizes a portal to another world and when people gather they give their consciousness to the space allowing the veil to be thinned and the portal to take in its intended function. For the reasons we have already discussed in the last episode, the child is considered the most powerful offering.

As all black magick is an inversion and perversion of light magick, you may be asking what the child has to do with spirituality at all? Why include it? What is the role of the child in light rituals? Good question, let’s explore that.

In light rituals it is the inner child of the high priestess, or high priest, that sets the etheric pathways and generates the tone of the ritual. The reason it is the inner child that sets the stage for the ritual is that it is the state of the inner child that determines how powerful of a charge a human being can hold. It is this charge that establishes the entire potential of the ritual.

The High Priestess offers themselves from a place of deep love and true leadership and transformation. In these holy rituals high priests and priestess’ offer themselves, to be transformed by the higher light on behalf of the group. This is true sacrifice, the sacrifice of the self on behalf of the whole. The offering of the self is truly the offering of ones inner child. As once the self is offered as a channel to the higher worlds they also place all wounds and trauma (which is loss of innocence and loss of the child) on the table and potentially have to transform it for the group. To evolve the Earth, energy from the higher dimensions must be transmuted into denser earthly forms, and to do this the Priestess must be virginal, meaning in a stage of pureness with her inner child. It is from great love and sacrifice that this offering of ones self occurs and these holy actions give people not yet awakened a path to awakening. From their consciousness etheric pathways are forged, like a golden ladder, for others to follow.

The Great Virgin Mother (WeHeartIt)

In contrast, dark rituals such as the pit rituals are performed by people who desire that kind of psychic power and influence, but who are not yet evolved enough to generate it within their own being. They are not initiated into the higher circles of light. Even though they are not capable of generating such power within they crave to feel important, powerful and are addicted to the physical pleasure of the world. To replace what they cannot offer, or create themselves, they steal from others by participating in the sacrifice of others. The power they cannot generate the simply steal from others. As you can imagine, these dark actions do not create pathways of redemption in the collective consciousness we all share, but rather pathways into the darkest realms. This type of ritual anchors the planet into dark parasitic realms.

In response to these sacrificial offerings only demons and dark entities, who are also spiritually limited and trapped in the lower realms, appear. They too cannot generate their own magnetism but appear to feed on what is offered to them. When the dark arts are practiced what is actually occurring is intense energetic co-dependency with demons.

Just to be very clear, the difference is that when higher guides are connected with the connection is not parasitic, instead we are uplifted and shown ways in which we can rise as independent powerful beings, and, as we rise, the cosmos rises around us. We do not lose our sovereignty, we simply merge with the higher aspect of our own consciousness and increase our capacity for higher energy. No death of others is necessary, only the death of our destabilizing negative ego. This distinction between a parasitic connection with spiritual beings and a loving connection is important to distinguish because as time passes those that participate on black magick become denser and lower in frequency. They lose higher human traits like compassion, empathy and higher psychic functioning. They become possessed.

Another way we can see the child in ritual is as the new way, the re-birthed self, the resurrected self or the future. In holy ritual the child, such as the Christ, is shown as being the way. He is depicted in art as having the etheric pathway out of this dimension, the codes of ascension.

As all black magic is an inversion of natural cosmic law, the child is used but rather than followed and restored within the individual, or revered as the higher future timeline- it is destroyed. This destruction of the child causes higher esoteric energies to get cut off from this dimension making our planet spiritually resonant with lower, demonic realms. In this way, we can see the destruction of the child represents an aversion to the future, an aversion to healing and the evolution of the Human Spirit on this planet. To damage the child is to deny the inevitable responsibility to heal that time places upon us. You may have noticed at this point in our discussion that within the dark arts a main characteristic is regression, spiritual descension or devolving and the ritualistic destruction of innocence.

Chronos/Saturn (WeHeartIt)

Another way to view the destruction of the child is to see it as a direct destruction of healing etheric pathways. This is because when the child is destroyed in dark rituals the etheric pathways created for the ascension of humanity are symbolically crushed and destroyed. If children are the future, as they say, destroying them serves to attempt to stop time, avoid responsibility, avoid pain. This exact dynamic is also symbolized in the story of Chronos, or Saturn eating his children. And, if you have done your homework, you will know that Saturn is a major player in dark occult groups.

Why am I speaking about such gruesome practices? So that they may be de-potentiated, so that they will find no more power in the ignorance of the collective. Can you think of a better thing to do with ones light than to go straight into the darkest night and hold space for a better world? These sick rituals will no longer devour the scraps of energy from the unawakened, they will finally be turned upon themselves. Although this is difficult material, it is important to acknowledge as dark beings do not want humanity to ascend out of this realm, they want to feed on them and possess them. They do not want a future, they want people to be trapped in the past, thus the child is destroyed – the evolution of the planet is halted where it is. Spirituality and metaphysics is not a vacation, it is not a best selling book with catchy marketing slogans, it is not a weekend workshop to help us feel better. Spirituality and metaphysics is the study of the very real dynamics of spiritual energy. Dynamics that we engage in both consciously and unconsciously.

The Castles

Now maybe you think that these practices as for crazy psychopaths, or angry teens. and this does occur, the creation of a pit is done in unsophisticated ways. You can find them in the woods, in homes, and abandoned buildings. Anyone can research black magic techniques. However, it is also practiced in very sophisticated ways. You see, pits that seem to have no bottom are found in castles and manors across Europe. In homes that were lived in by the upper crust of society. The homes of rulers and royalty.

In fact, Houska castle is one such place. ‘Houska’ means bread in the czech language, so,  Houska castle means: bread castle. This is a rather dark start to an already dark place as bread is often a metaphor for flesh, especially in sacrificial rituals. Houska castle is home to what many call the ‘pit to hell’, or, a hole that tunnels so deeply in the ground that no one has been able to properly asses its depth. People who have tried have reportedly gone insane. The pit is also surrounded by ritualistic items and symbols and locals often tell stories of half animal, half human creatures emerging out of the hole. They also report seeing dark winged figures rise into the sky over the castle attacking and dragging people in near by villages into the pit. The castle is also very remotely located, with no water source or kitchen. This is highly unusual for a castle of that time and suggests that this castle was an outlet for something or someone. Not something to actually live in, but something to use. Interestingly locals reveal that the castle owners did not dig the pit, but the castle was constructed around the pit. Strangely, Dr. Who appears to have also featured this castle in one of its episodes completely separate to the episode mentioned above.

When we begin to examine the pit ritual a figure known as the dark mother comes into focus. The ‘dark mother’ is a figure in black magic that embodies the shadow side of the ‘great mother’ or ‘divine mother’. The Dark mother feeds on children and destroys them, a complete inversion of the great mother who gives life in the form of children and nurtures. Sometimes certain locations are named after this figure. As we go deeper into this series you will see that even the figures, or roles played, in the dark arts are simply destructive, shadows versions of established figures.

In these castles and manors, this pit, or black hole, is also called a bit more a polite word, the oubliette, which means ‘underground dungeon’ or pit dungeon. Although oubliettes aren’t so much dungeons but rather pits in the ground covered by trap doors or grates. They are sometimes also called bottle dungeons.  Historians associate Oubliettes with torture, death, demons and ritual. Also, many of the people who were sacrificed in oubliettes were impaled or dangled as part of the ritual. This is the case for many recovered bodies as it is believed that this particular method pleased the dark beings most.

Caves and Wells

Now, before we finish for today I want to make a clear distinction: a pit dug for dark ritual is not the same as a cave or well. Caves and wells are deeply spiritual and they represent a change in dimension and density, the birth canal or rebirth, transformation, and healing. Spiritual practices that involve darkness, sensory depravation, caves, wells and going underground are deeply spiritual and not at all comparable to pit rituals.  It is important that on our occult journey we understand that Black Magick perverts what is holy, they do not create. Thus, we can come to see that earth based rituals are not ‘pit rituals.’

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  1. Kaci McCall says:

    I think if anyone wants to look into a very dark ‘pit ritual’ that occurred recently, look into the tragedy of Astroworld in Houston and the deaths and trauma that occurred there. To give a few key points. This was a rap concert/festival, by Travis Scott (at the time of this event he was married to and expecting a child with a Kardashian). Look up his social media posts/teasers for the event… literally a black hole/demonic looking portal, and the words ‘see you on the other side’. Onstage, while people suffered and died, a huge projection of this dark portal, and hands pulling souls/energy in, were playing onstage. Travis talks about ‘demon time’ and has already had charges brought for inciting riotous behavior and endangering others. There were hoards of ‘fans’ who pushed down fences and barriers and crashed this event. Look for interviews with ‘security’ for this huge event, volunteers who received little to no training, and had NO HELP when hell began to unfold around them. There are numerous reports from concert goers about a strange rhythm or sound that was playing over the speakers, a frequency, that felt ‘off’, dark disturbing. There is so much more, but I will leave it there. If you do decide to go look into this event, it’s extrememly difficult to see, hear, witness as there is a lot of actual footage taken by those in the crowd who were drowning in what they call ‘crowd crush’. Oh, the crowd crush, that took place in a very strange concert floor layout, which happened to have just coincidentally have been designed as an upside down cross. yeah. God bless the victims of this horrific event, including a young child whose father tried to keep him safe on his shoulders and was unable to withstand the forces that pulled him down. The trauma the people went through trying to hold on to and save each other in this crowd, I can only imagine what beings were being fed. Gigi, I would really like to know, what happens to the souls of those who are unwillingly sacrificed, or tricked/blackmailed into these rituals of music industry, etc… Do they need help to break free of the pit and/or the energies that feed off of the suffering?? Did their souls agree to these circumstances?

  2. angelrdgoddess says:

    Oh yes, in several older castles and ruins in Europe.

  3. marytara says:

    Makes me wonder about all those “missing” children on milk cartons. God help us. Great to shed light and scatter cockroaches.

  4. Till Dennis says:

    What’s your thoughts on reincarnation, and the general belief, very much suggested by those who write from within the ritual abuse literature (Wendy Hoffman, or therapists like Alison Miller, amongst others) as well as by occultists themselves (such as Michael Aquino’s “Temple of Set”) that the entity or ‘egregore’ they cultivate between them i.e. a particular archetypal affective power (and value) is itself the place they plan on roosting when they ‘leave this realm’. Hence, the monstrous traumata they subject mothers and “hosts” to when they expect one of their own to be “reborn” into the physical dimension i.e. to align the biodynamism of the developing fetus with the spiritual ‘archetype’ of the value-attractor that they are now “fully” identified with.

    The theory is definitely intoxicatingly plausible, but given how development works, and ensues, it is incredibly far from the whole story.

  5. Till Dennis says:

    Given the bidirectional processes of development, there’s probably scarcely a person who engages in these morally degenerate rites who is not himself suffering from severe developmental trauma i.e. some serious dissociative disorder, and concomitant with that, a dependence on the idealizations (‘false gods” or “idols”) he relies upon to distance himself from feelings of vulnerability.

    From a purely psychodynamic perspective, these rites are designed to steepen, or deepen, feelings of disidentification with weakness (i.e. fear), which of course implies a more powerful identification with “the beast” i.e. with being a predator, a

    The anthropology of this behavior is truly edifying in showing how incredibly ancient these practices are, and how social organization, particularly in the tribal mode, tends to correlate to the influence, or activity, of a “transegalitarian elite” which basically manipulates social dynamics for the sake of perpetuating their power/pleasure racket.

  6. Sarah says:

    This was truly a powerful read at this time. Thank you, Gigi. Forever grateful for your work and offerings. ❤

  7. Ammar says:

    Truly fascinating piece Gigi. Have been hearing you on the Dark Journalist show and to come across an article of this profound understanding and detailed explanation, I am very happy to have found you. Looking forward to more of your guidance and knowlede

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