Fire people (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):



Fire people are driven by individuality, self-expression, and activity; they are inspirational via a natural charisma and magnetism. They are inspired by the raw vast energy of spirit and how they can translate it into new ideas and theories. If water represents the emotional system, fire represents the un-manifested spiritual circuitry that flickers within all of us. Fire is, perhaps, the least tangible element to apply to the human personality. For this reason fire is often the most misunderstood personal element.

Fire people feel most inspired by new ideas, the spotlight, potential, and movement. They are visionaries and funnels for new or different ways to do things. This makes them catalysts: the movers and shakers that keep momentum going. They have the ability to be destructive and burn up what is no longer needed so new things can be born. When that is complete, they are the driving force that pushes new things forward to fill the space of what was released. Fire people must learn how to use their intense levels of destructive and constructive energy in healthy ways that serve themselves and the whole.



Aries (Universal Fire)



Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is primal, innocent fire. It represents universal fire, which means the ability to become a passionate, fiery vehicle for universal rhythm and truths. Out of all of the fire signs, Aries is the most probable sign to say or do something shocking and then genuinely apologize for it later, not realizing they were out of line. This is because the Aries’ personality represents a fire that is the most raw and hot. This intense flame is needed for Aries to spearhead projects, as it takes huge amounts of energy to inspire others and champion new ideas. Aries must learn to channel this energy properly, which means slowing down and not acting impulsively.


Aries, as the babies of the zodiac, tend to have an innocent way about them. They see everything as a possibility, which is the motivating force that allows them to become visionaries and hold space for the impossible, while often not caring or realizing how crazy their plans seem to others. It is a good thing they bring the energy of Mars forward to knight them with their warrior-like courage so they can actually pursue their ideas.


As universal fire, when Aries are balanced, their ideas will be a reflection of universal shifts and of healthy changes that need to happen in order to keep our karmic cycles flowing. As Aries energy burns hot and fast it can be a challenge to stay on course and see their ideas through, therefore, discipline is the defining attribute for Aries-dominant folk. It is important for Aries to mature into the ability to actually ground all of their good ideas.



Leo – (Global Fire) 



Leo is equated with exploring the ego. People who have Leo in their charts are learning how to truly express and own their unique and natural gifts. This is done through Leo’s natural pride and charisma. They are incredibly impactful individuals who have the ability to heal and affect others through simply standing calmly in their own convictions.



To really understand Leo we should talk about their ability to lead others. Made of the independent fire of the sun, Leo’s energy makes them incredible leaders with a certain “je ne sais quoi” that seems to communicate to others on several levels all at once. All fire signs are comfortable in the spotlight but Leo is the most equipped to completely live in it and be nourished by it. This can make them incredible leaders who, when driven by compassion, are seemingly at the ready to stand up and represent others who feel they cannot speak for themselves. Leonine individuals are an incredibly protective force in this world. When they are balanced much of their thoughts and energies go into areas that need advocacy, to animals, people, land, or whatever else is being exploited. They are the first to carry the torch and champion causes that seem to not get the attention they deserve.


Unlike Aries, Leo does not need to invent or start movements; they simply want to be a vehicle for movement in society, and to be a proud connected voice that keeps things moving where they need to. It doesn’t have to be philosophical or political leadership, it is simply something that appeals to the Leo’s heart.


Leos are loud. You know when they are in the room. They talk loud. Their energy is loud. They are just loud. With Leo everything becomes amplified. You get drawn into their life, their stories, and their warm leonine glow makes everything interesting. They can tell the most sad or boring story and you kinda want to hear it— this is the Leo magnetism and charisma that many people simply enjoy being around. That said, when a Leo is imbalanced, run for the hills. The drama will be endless, and you won’t be able to get a word in edgewise.




Sagittarius – (Individual Fire)



Out of all fire signs Sag is going to teach you independence the most. While Aries is out pioneering things, and Leo is leading the pack, Sag is sitting back with his brandy reading a weird poetry book ignoring you. Just kidding… that’s Aquarius. Sag has its fire turned inward and is passionate about new personal experiences and discoveries.


Sagittarians are not necessarily drawn to crowds or the spotlight but often times find themselves in them without even trying. Self-expression and adventure drive the Sagittarius in their lives. Often, their ability to wholeheartedly pursue their passions makes them advance quickly in their career or make an impact in whatever field of interest that motivates them.


As the last fire sign, Sagittarius is mutable, which means its fire may be expressed in a less obvious way compared to its cousins Leo and Aries. Sag is a closed system, much like Scorpio, so they don’t need validation from others and are inspired by alone time. This makes them incredibly quick-witted with a great sense of humour and almost uncanny social magnetism. The secret is that Sagittarians don’t really care what you think of them and by default they end up allowing a very pure form of their soul to come through. So much of who we are is filtered through our desire to fit in and be accepted.


It is not uncommon to feel the burn of a sarcastic Sagittarius’ response, or a sharp, firm assertiveness that lets you know that they are not as easygoing or aloof as they may appear to be. Sagittarians have a very real independent streak and are often teaching the people around them how to become more independent and self sufficient, whether they like it or not. They are drawn to experience the world around them on their terms and they will allow you the space to do the same, in fact, they will encourage it.


Unlike Aries or Leo there is a possibility that Sagittarians can live a quiet life as they have the ability to turn their fire inward, passionately pursuing their own interests. Most of all, they have a strong desire to feel their own personal fire. They are driven to know how fire energy works on a personal level, how to nurture fire, how to wield it, when to turn it on and when to turn it off.  Sagittarians easily inspire others through their uniqueness, and they do what they please to remind those around them that it is possible to do the same.




Fire people are great in leadership roles or jobs where they can fully express themselves. They are idea-oriented people so they would be great at marketing, brainstorming, or predicting where trends are going. They are great artists if there is a bit of water in their chart bringing out the ability to act and emote onscreen or onstage. Fire people make great motivational speakers, coaches, athletes (physical activity is a big one due to all the energy they feel day in and day out), adventurers, outdoorsmen, or comedians.



Balanced Fire People:


When balanced, a fire sign’s expansive energy is channeled into motivation and inspiration. They will encourage and support their partners or people around them to rise into their full potential. They will hold a space for them so warm, kind, yet powerfully confident, that people around them feel their own purpose flickering inside them. If they stick around long enough they may even build their personal fire to the point where they have the courage to express themselves unapologetically. The balanced fire person will do this with no need for praise or ego stroking, as when they are in harmony, the pure joy and knowledge of igniting another soul on fire is more than enough.


Fire signs have the unique ability to show you who you are, why you are here, and that you should never feel ashamed about it, ever.  They will practice non-attachment with you so you can learn the purest form of love and intimacy. Even if it seems painful at first, this type of connection will ultimately lead you to yourself, which is probably exactly what you need be if you have attracted a fire sign. Fire signs respect and respond best to clear assertiveness in relationships and have the capacity to hold space for their partner to experiment with direct, assertive communication.  Fire people rarely become bitter or vindictive which can make for a very healing relationship for people who are used to mind games and manipulations. Non-attachment comes from a fire person’s genuine independence, which has the burning effect needed to cleanse relationships of co-dependence or negative attachments.


Fire signs are connective, loving, and deep when they feel that their partner is coming from a place of passion, ambition, and strength. Fire signs distance themselves when they feel people becoming needy, dependent, or overly negative. They do not like to feel “heavy.” If you are in a relationship with a fire person and you feel as though they are slipping away (which is common), give them space. Get busy with your own life, and when you aren’t looking, they will contact you. They need their relationship to be based in pure connection, not obligation.


Fire people feel fiery to others because of their ability to tap into raw spirit and pull it into their own being, in turn channeling it as purely as possible. This means that they need to feel centred and have a sense of open space in order for this energy to come through uninhibited.  Without this process they feel lost and drained, and for this reason fire people have boundaries, which can be interpreted by as  “ego” (Leo), “selfishness” (Aries), or “Aloofness” (Sagittarius).

The truth is: They are designed to live a more individual existence. Even when connecting with others, it is mainly through their own heart and sense of self.


It is important to give fire people space knowing that they will come back when they are able to connect with you. Remember that they are not trying to abandon you, they are re-energizing and gaining clarity through creating a sense of vastness (being alone). Clinging or trying to manipulate your way into their life will not end well for you. A fire sign will always chose themselves, as they understand that without their ability to fully express themselves there is nothing left. They understand that nothing is honest or worth it unless they can be true to themselves in the process.





When a fire person is imbalanced it can become overwhelming. They can become loud, domineering, and ignorant towards the needs of those around them. At the extreme these are the tyrants we read about in history books, these are the leaders and kings who used their magnetism and charisma for their own selfish means. At their most tame they are the spouse who decided to go bike riding on your 25th wedding anniversary and didn’t really apologize for it. You may be getting the picture that fire signs can neglect, dominate, or annoy the heck out of people by coming across as arrogant and selfish. This is what happens when a fire sign is not at ease with themselves at their core.



Fire signs can feel exploited or shamed for their outgoing personalities. This can make them feel as though they shouldn’t be themselves. Perhaps they were punished for being “bossy” or trying to be the centre of attention instead of being coached on how to channel the energy in a positive way. This energy still needs to come out, and in time, it will. Perhaps during overly independent streak they will victoriously relive a time when they ran away to be on their own after being triggered into feeling “trapped.” Or, they may develop a domineering controlling side in which their ability to lead is distorted and they try to micro-manage or boss people around.


On top of it all fire signs can also come across as arrogant and aloof. They can very easily disconnect from others, as they do not need other peoples’ approval to feel safe or good about themselves. This can lead to their family or friends feeling as though they cannot get through to them. They can end up not feeling heard and craving a connection that based more so on give and take.


Finally, an imbalanced fire sign can be an attention-seeker. They crave attention of any kind, good or bad. It can become an addiction. Fire people will cause drama and create problems thinking that they are right and bringing justice when in reality they are just playing out their own internal issues. This is a mismanagement of their core energy and an indicator that they need to tune into their heart.


Healing the Fiery Ones:


To find balance, the fire person needs to accept and not feel guilty about their need to be alone, lead others, motivate, and inspire. This means they must genuinely sense when they need to recharge and take that time for themselves with no apologies. Their partners must allow them to do this as needed. They must understand that in order to be present with others they have to be present with themselves.


It will also help a fire person to accept that being drawn to inspiring or lead others is not necessarily an egotistical thing to do. They must find their voice as motivators and teachers and express it unabashedly. They must accept their intense drive to express themselves and affect others.


Fire signs become balanced at their core when they can identify their particular life purpose. This allows them to receive positive attention for good work and contributions as opposed to desperately seeking attention for attention’s sake. When fire signs honour these qualities within themselves they will not abandon their loved ones or dominate them.


  1. Bob Dylan March 8, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    Wheres Aquarius :'(

  2. Amy October 27, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Wow. One of the most accurate astrology readings about Leo that I have ever read. I am a Leo and never really identified with most astrological descriptions of the sign. I can’t wait to read the other elements (especially my daughter). Thank you.

  3. Lesley December 29, 2016 at 3:17 am

    I deeply resonate with everything about aries and how having an imbalance ruins us. I feel as if you’ve known me for years and it’s unbelievable how accurate this is. When I read the problematic areas you put out I was just like “woah!”. Astrology has really given me a greater understanding of myself and I thank you for writing this as it does give very valuable information. 🙂

  4. Chris Olive November 20, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    Thank you Gigi for your wisdom on fire people because I’m a Sagittarian and I’ve been meditating and contemplating the things you said about this sign already without knowing they are inborn traits of this sign. Also personally, I feel validated by your article, and I will continue balancing my fire sign out.

  5. Anissa February 12, 2016 at 2:29 am

    I love this. Thank you! Sagittarius is my rising sign and is also strongly present in my current chart. What you’re describing here is spot on for me and my evolutionary journey. Specially, the point about creating dramas and mistaking justice with my own personal issues! Spot on. Been there, done that! My challenge is still to turn it off. I love feeling fiery so much, I am resisting being balanced. I am learning bit by bit to come back to center by being burnt (I am a Scorpio sun) 😉

  6. Helena January 4, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Thank you so much for this and all your other articles and blogs. It’s truely opened my mind and has been something I’ve been looking for, for a while!! I hope to be as open and receptive as you one day but thanks so much for helping me, a Leo and empathy that greatly benefits from your work 🙂

    1. Gigi Young January 8, 2016 at 2:49 am

      Thank You Helena. I am glad to connect. So. Much. Love. To. You. <3

  7. caroline January 4, 2016 at 4:45 am

    hi gigi. is there any chance for a piece about EARTH signs?:):) if so – when ?:)

  8. Gentlefire October 31, 2015 at 12:46 am

    Gigi, I’m glad to have stumbled into your blog and youtube channel. You’re so clear, speaking in a language I fully hear, that it amazes me. Thank you for being you and sharing your thoughts. I’m an Aries and this post rang very true for me. ♡

    1. Gigi Young December 8, 2015 at 5:20 am

      Thank You! I am an Aries sun as well!

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