Forgiveness and acceptance help create an alchemical state in the body that deeply heals trauma. The philosopher’s stone is and always has been us, our consciousness and how we hold it. We create specific states of being that either engage or disengage from specific timelines that shift in and out of our awareness. Some of the timelines continue painful experiences while others release them. To resonate with timelines that release pain one must embody a higher vibrational state, or in other words, you must feel think and act better than what you are doing now.

It will do your system no particular good to re-experience past trauma, other then of course having an interesting dance with your demons. Perhaps things will come to light here or there, spirit is always trying to pull trauma from you, but it is not necessay. To believe that the mind and the experience of the mind is the prime healer is is to negate the power of your emotional body and spirit- where everything begins.

The mind alone cannot do heal, it can observe this process, analyze the effects of this process, but it cannot heal in itself. This is an important distinction because it directly highlights that to stop the cycle to pain and trauma one has to first feel differently with a sense of spiritual openness.  I mention spiritual openness because it is our spirit that brings light to what is dark that reminds us who we are here and what we are capable of. We often think our minds heal, that analysis heals, but in reality the mind will tell you that to heal is to control.

For more tantalizing details on how you can become a container for healing watch the video below!


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  1. I found you by accident, though nothing is ever an accident, I am glad that I was led to you. I have watched several videos of yours and I have enjoyed them all. You’re a wonderful teacher and your explanations are on point and easy to understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you – for the information that you share.
    Much love and light to you!
    Nancy Stukey

  2. Thanks for your practical enlightement on forgiveness. I had never heard about it on that spirituzl angle as cleansing and alchemy of the soul. Also your advice and maintaining non toxic behaviours which produces black spots on our soul in our link to the other dimensions. A real revelation for me.

    Many blessings

  3. I always remember this Alan watts quote that goes something like “if you believe reaching enlightenment is going to be hard then it’s going to be hard. If you think it is going to be easy then it’ll be easy.” This goes for everything in life. It’s only as hard as you make it out to be

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