Hello Dear Gigi,

Thank you for all your videos and musings. You are a very valuable inspiration on my journey. I have a question/request about a topic that I would love to hear your opinion on.

Most of your videos are about connecting to higher and finer vibrations of our larger selves, our guides which are essentially us in a more refined form. To me it seems that also implies that my 3D-self is guide to my lower vibrations and less refined forms and incarnations. So rather than asking for guidance and assistance from my higher self, how can I best be my own guide to my lower frequencies? How can I help my own (previous) ignorance and be of assistance to what has already left my 3D experience, but perhaps still exists on some level? I assume the process of tuning in is about the same, but perhaps there are a few valuable tips that you could share.

Thank you for all that you do,


Hello Mira,

Thank You very much for your support! This is a very interesting question, I am gathering that you are wondering how to connect with and assist past aspects of your soul?

All that you are in this moment is the identity that you should dig most into. We are designed to live based on the present moment. Everything that your journey into, whether it be past or future, will be in relation to this exact moment. Our perception is always based on where we are mentally and emotionally right now, in fact, the very timelines we tap into are through our perception of the now.

This means that you are automatically affecting/or shifting your past, future and parallel lives. Based on how you are thinking and feeling now, timelines shift out of possibility/existence and new ones appear. If you are wondering how to affect the aspects of you that are ‘lower’ or represent a less awakened time, you already are.

That said, if you enjoy exploring your soul and other lives, you can actually heal and connect with parts of you that have been traumatized in other existences. This process of following deep rooted issues beyond this life can be very revealing and centring. The entry point, or wormhole, for this type of journey is a wound or trauma that you have now. The reason for this is that we cannot perceive a trauma that we have healed, when we heal something it no longer exists on the same level energetically within our being. So, if you wish to help an aspect of yourself that is struggling in a guide capacity, you will essentially be diving into a trauma that you have now, and the healing and helping of this wound will bring balance to you now and you then.

It is interesting to imagine that dark moments in your life where you suddenly felt love or guidance may have been you doing this exact work from another life.

How do you do this? You can do this via hypnosis or in a meditative journey. Our consciousness was made to travel. I have done a few journey’s in this fashion and found them to be very healing, it took me seeing the exact theme I was struggling with in another body to gain some clear objectivity. At the time I was feeling very blocked when it came to trusting others and letting them in my life. I felt as though people were going to betray me or just want to hang out with me for psychic reads on their life. I didn’t feel as though people genuinely liked me for who I was, and I didn’t feel comfortable letting my guard down. I had had some hairy experiences in school growing up, like most girls, but these trust issues seemed to be deeper than that. It was a rigid, metallic block that seemed to click on and actually change my personality.

I decided I needed to get to the root of where this began, so I went into meditation and asked to be shown the root of this behaviour. Within a few seconds I was being dragged against my will out of my small house in the woods. It was violent. I was wearing my bed clothes and was completely shocked and disoriented as to what was going on. They threw me in a wagon tossed a blanket over me and before I knew it I was in town publically humiliated and eventually crushed with a large stone. Everyone watching was people that I had worked with, people who I had held and nurtured in some of the darkest moments of their lives. Most of them couldn’t make eye contact with me and I could sense the shameful dilemma of ‘it was you or me’ rising and falling in their minds.

The feeling of injustice and betrayal broke my heart and tainted my trust in the universe. I spun in my brain with how this could happen. “I was in my heart?! I was doing what I loved?! How can this happen to me?! I thought I was safe in my heart?!” Those were the last thoughts that echoed in my body in that life. I ended in chaos, and that chaos was to stay with me until I could understand it and bring it to peace.

As I was watching in my higher body, I saw a beautiful rainbow of light, although in this case it looked more like a opalescent liquid light. It was the kind of colours you see on in the inside of an oyster shell or when oil has spilled on the ground. From this place in between worlds they weren’t just colours you could feel them, they were you, it was as though your heart widened and filled with so much love you saw with new eyes.

While in this space I asked why this had happened and immediately felt an understanding was over me about the reason why I was killed in that life, I could feel the lesson. What became obvious to me observing that life was that I had forgotten one crucial step of living on Earth, to connect with the time cycle and current energy on the planet. In other words, I was doing my purpose, but I wasn’t stepping it down into the collective reality. I wasn’t grounding and applying my raw inspired energy and factoring in the world around me. I could feel my purpose and my heart but I was not going that one step further and applying my gifts to where the collective consciousness was at the time.

My heart was showing me that I was a healer, I loved the work and was passionate about it. It was showing me that there was support, I had clients and I was able to live off my work. However, the buck doesn’t stop there, I needed to also take that raw purpose and necessity and bring it through the current evolutionary stage of the planet. I needed to ask my higher-self, how should I express this so that I can merge with this reality in my highest good? I needed to acquiesce and adapt to the cycle of collective karma I had incarnated into. It wasn’t enough to just love what you did and march around doing it expecting mountains to move, you have to respect the cycle that you are in. I chose to incarnte into that exact time and place and I chose to challenge myself to merge with it. Thise merging and applying myself would give me a greater perspective of who I am. I see this pattern a lot in the world now, many, many people do not identify with the world at this time forgetting entirely that they have chosen specifically to incarnate into it now. This rejecting and denial of society robs them of understanding why they came here.

Looking further, I could see that the Earth had flipped into a cycle dominated by mind and I was stuck in the previous cycle that was dominated by emotion and spirit. I was trying to apply old principals to a new cycle entirely. This inability to apply my purpose and passion to the actual world around me was perceived as arrogance and flamboyancy. I died because of that.

I then connected that death to the sense of betrayal that I felt by my ‘friends’ and realized that I had betrayed myself, I did not soften into the world, in fact I did not feel I was even ‘of this world.’ I was afraid to change and adapt to the new cycle so I tried to justify staying in a old pattern, this was where I betrayed myself. I did not honour my agreement to live in the moment within the collective of the planet.

From here I could see myself crossing over. I saw family waiting (including animals), and before the other me went to meet them they all looked over at me. I took the opportunity to walk over to my previous self, hug him, and give him so much love. I told him that I was from a future timeline and that the reason for his death was because he misunderstood how to express himself and did not consider the time cycle he was incarnated into. This was a healing moment for both of us, although I don’t think he really fully got it at the time. I do know that those words and my presence in that moment of time will wait for him if he chooses to know more.

As you follow the emotion into it’s root, or past, you will be shown the point of trauma where it began. From this point you will have an opportunity to connect and share with that version of you. Each time may be different and it may even take a few times of re-visiting to reach a palpable level of spiritual clearing. You may not see a death or speak to yourself as you are crossing over. You may interact with yourself in a past life when you are still alive and at a key moment of pain. Healing your lower-self, or others selves, provides valuable perspectives on who you are and what you have been through in this life.


  1. Anthea February 11, 2018 at 3:25 am

    Thank you for this, Gigi.

  2. Radu September 26, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Gigi, thank you for this sharing.

    Your experience resonates so much with mine that I know this moment and your revelation was much needed for me at this time.

    Yes, it is hard to let go of betrayal. Love alone could not to do it for me because of the crushing sadness and vengeance embedded in my soul (Orion).

    Thank you for your understanding and for sharing this with us.

    Much happiness and love to you, dear one.

  3. Christopher August 20, 2016 at 7:05 am

    So. Much. Food. For. Thought. Fascinating. Thanks Gigi!

  4. Tatiana Alexandra August 4, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I recently discovered your site and your channel and the information you present helped me tremendously in my spiritual journey. I especially can relate to this post. All my life I’ve been struggling with social anxiety and fear of judgment and humiliation. I felt like my emotions, my feelings all my being was not welcomed, and I will be punished if I’ll try to be myself. That fear was so strong that I had a panic attack from a mere thought of true self expression. But there wasn’t any specific trauma in my current life to explain it. At the same time I’ve also had a desire to express myself as loud as possible, but was too afraid I won’t be accepted or will be judged for being too intense in my self expression. And I am a very intense person I have sun in Scorpio and moon in Aries. Yet I’ve always felt like I have to hide myself from everyone not be humiliated. I was a shadow of myself and completely disconnected from the world around me and present life.
    While I was reading this post I felt a strong resonance with the story to the point that I had tears in my eyes. Suddenly I realized that my problems with self expression also take beginning in a previous incarnation. From now on I will be working on it in my meditations.
    Hope I was somewhat coherent, English is not my first language. But I felt I had to tell you how helpful your work is for me. Thank you so much!

  5. Roberto Chiodelli June 3, 2016 at 3:09 am

    Gigi, thank you for your videos and posts! I’m a big fan from Brazil. It’s great to see the way you talk about spirituality. So natural! Cheers!

    1. Gigi Young June 4, 2016 at 1:19 am

      Hello Roberto!

      Thank You so much!

  6. HG June 1, 2016 at 4:16 am

    This was so interesting and helped me understand so much more. Thank you!

  7. Alex May 31, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    I can so relate to the experience of being closed off and relating that to past live trauma. As a child I was super emotional and sensitive but I was also afraid to be who I was and show my true colors. Whenever someone asked me a question I always answered with what I thought they wanted to hear. I never gave a genuine response because I was afraid.

    As I got into highschool and started getting feelings for someone I was always ignore them and reject them and Chalk it up to having low self esteem. I was afraid to show myself and express what was in my heart. Even my body took a toll. I was always Tense and rigid because I felt if I relaxed something bad would happen. I always felt something bad would happen if I expressed myself or showed courage or was in my heart. So I started meditating on this and kept telling myself to open my heart and open up and that it is ok to be myself.

    During meditation I encountered a past life version of myself who was a priestess at the time of lemurias destruction. Before the destruction the priests and priestess spread the knowledge and history of lemuria all over the world so that lemuria and her people would not be forgotten after she was gone. After the knowledge was spread around some priestesses and priests decided to go back to lemuria and perish with it. The reason priests and priestesses did this was to meditate on love and openness and courage so that it would protect the souls of lemuria fromthe trauma that was about to occur. These souls would not suffer the immense trauma they would have if not for the priests and priestess that went back to save them.

    I was one of the priestesses that went back. The reason I felt something bad was going to happen if I expressed myself or was in my heart was because the last time I was open and courageous and in my heart I had drowned and lemuria was destroyed. This also explained my lifelong fear of water. I remember at summer camp they made us swim and I cried and I didn’t want to but they made us and I cried the whole time.

    I remember as this was going on I felt my lungs spazzing out and I began gasping uncontrollably. I remember feeling absolute calm after this because after experiencing that moment The trauma was healed my bringing coming to grips with it and being open again. It felt like I was going through death again while I was learning to open my heart. I have so much courage now and I feel like that moment of me coming into contact with that past life has turned my life around.

    Thank you for posting this story Gigi. It makes me realize that other people have gone through similar things. Much love ❤️

    1. Gigi Young June 4, 2016 at 1:21 am

      I very much relate to this! Including the sinking of Lemuria! I am actually writing about that right now! Thank you for sharing that story.

      1. Alex June 4, 2016 at 6:21 pm

        I can’t wait to read what you have to say about Lemuria! I don’t know of any other people who have written about it. I’m sure there are some but the only information I have gathered about it is from my meditations about my past lives there. I feel like I couldn’t really move forward in life until I cleared up the trauma from the life where I we drowned there. Your talk about spirit animals got me thinking about mine. I had always been told by different people that I’m like a dolphin and I have always loved them and thought they were so special. It turns out the dolphin is closely related to Lemurian culture and spirituality so thank you again for your impeccable timing and information. Ok my talkitive moon in gemini is taking over so im going to stop myself now.

  8. Ashley May 31, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    I love this blog so much Gigi! I think it really helped me and made me realize I too am disaaociating with the current time line of mind I’m incarnated in, I think this will help me to undstand how to jump onto a more cohesive time line thank you!

    1. Gigi Young June 4, 2016 at 1:18 am

      So good to hear! I have found that when I made that realization and began to go deeper it became easier for me to do the more ‘earthy’ things (cleaning, feeling grounded money, executing my purpose etc).

  9. Adriana May 31, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Great answer. It helps me a lot. I´ve done some regressions (as a pacient and now as a student) and I did not know how to understand and give love to my ‘past’ selves. Actually, I was disapointed and judging them (myself!). And it´s really important for me to remember I am living in the moment I chose, because sometimes I´m really tired of this life.

    1. Gigi Young May 31, 2016 at 8:35 pm

      I am so glad! Yes, when you interact with another self, especially one that is deep in trauma, you can loosen and heal as well. It also really depends on the time cycle that you were in at the time as well, it can be easy to look at ourselves and judge but certain layers on information (consciousness) were not in the collective yet.

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