How Do I Heal Trauma? Do I need to revisit the experience?

You do not need to re-live trauma on any level to heal it. Our psyche, like our body naturally has the capacity to heal itself. Our power to transform is (and always will be) most available in the present moment through the quality of presence we hold in the face of rising trauma. Once we leave this moment and project in any way into our past we lose our centre. It can be interesting to journey into our past, but keep in mind that our past is just as moldable as our future. We can change our past just as we change our future by holding certain and thoughts and feelings within us. It is easy to understand that we can shape our future as we know that it has not yet happened, it is perhaps more difficult to realize that we are also creating our past. Our past, in fact, revisits us based on what we are thinking and feeling the last time we experienced a trigger that lead us there.

Allow your heart to reckon 2 opposing energies (trauma and love)

The feelings that transmute trauma are the feelings within the spectrum of love (neutrality, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, happiness etc.) The goal in healing trauma is to bring those emotions to the trauma when it arises; to be different in the face of a past pattern. Love is the truth. It is the truth of who you are, and it the basis of this universe, and when we hold it’s spectrum within us whatever is distorted (trauma) will begin to synch with the strongest energy, which is love.  As we do this, eventually the triggers or traumas that can be so seductive and hypnotic will come less and less until one day, they will come back in a completely different form: as wisdom. You will have alchemized the trauma (confusion & pain) into its opposite, love (wisdom and clarity). The most challenging aspect of this is to perhaps allow ourselves to be present and feel love and the trauma at the same time, many times we will want to follow our ego back into the trauma to try to finally control the situation we felt victimized in. We are not accustom to allowing 2 opposing experiences sit within our heart in order to allow our soul to reckon it, our ego/mind will try to refine it first. As a society we do not give our higher-selves the credit and use it deserve in our life, we want to complicate things, we want to control.

Let go of your story

Re-living traumatic experiences, talking about them, analyzing them and even getting spiritual guidance about them affirms them. Let’s let go of our stories because only then can a new one be written. In fact, the best way to heal is to release your experience and allow it to be re-written in line with the highest possible version of you. It is easy to be addicted and identified so much to our story that it rivals the level of intensity that we want change. This is why we don’t heal, because we over identify with our pain and past. In order to truly heal we must decide whether we want to heal, or whether we want our story. Once we can let it go, it is not that our experience simply disappears from our mind, it still remains but comes back with expanded perspective. Many times this expanded perspective includes compassion for all involved, your mental and emotional state at the time, any karmic stories involved, feelings of peace, empowerment and even gratitude for the wisdom that you have gained. These are signs that you have genuinely healed.

Resonance is literal

It is important to understand that we are literal beings, we manifest based on literal thoughts and emotions. Our higher self, or the universe, does not say “oh, well, Julia is resonating pain but she wants happiness and has an intention for healing so I will just align her with the happiness. She means well.” No. The universe is exact and works in resonance and we will receive exactly what we are resonating until we learn to BE the change. We must BE the change in the face of the trauma giving it the opportunity to alchemize in a higher frequencies presence.  Spending valuable time and energy re-living trauma looking for answers that weren’t there last time is simply an exhausting attempt to get to this very point: the lucidity to BE different. We are just engaging a whole lot of mind energy when it’s not necessary. Why take the long way?

Shadow work can be interesting, but it is not necessary

Further, this exploration into trauma can easily be fed by our ego’s need to control which can be disguised as ‘understanding.’ To be honest, if we truly had the capacity to integrate why trauma happened to us within this level of consiousness it would not be coming forward anymore, or we would never had experienced it. It takes a quantum leap to gain this type of wisdom and you cannot quantum leap when you are trying to bring your past with you. Yes, you can re-live experiences and movement can be made. But is it necessary? No.

It’s time to go to the next level and just BE different. When trauma arises within keep that flicker of forgiveness, love, openness and peace within your heart, that is the philosophers stone. All experiences will be drawn through that filter and rendered into wisdom. This may seem simple, but that is a good thing. When it gets complex that is an indicator not of spirit and heart, but mind and ego.



  1. J November 3, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you Gigi, much love to you. <3

  2. Anne Marie October 24, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Thank you for this clarity. After realizing that I was repressing my trauma, and then allowing it to integrate with me, I was unsure what to “do” with the pain. I knew repression wasn’t the answer, but just sitting with my pain really wasn’t feeling helpful either. This post brings a lot of clarity. Thank you! <3

  3. Natalie Alexandra Ross October 10, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    “The feelings that transmute trauma are the feelings within the spectrum of love (neutrality, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, happiness etc.) The goal in healing trauma is to bring those emotions to the trauma when it arises; to be different in the face of a past pattern.”

    So well said. Integrating trauma or shadow is about changing the vibration of our relationship to that situation via love. It feels good to feel good, right?!

    I’m wondering what you mean by shadow work? It’s one of those phrases that gets used in so many different ways.

    For me shadow work or integrating the shadow does not involve re-accessing the trauma, but instead creating a space where that shred of disconnect and pain can come into someone’s awareness in the space of love to be transmuted.

    Sometimes, for something to be cleared and transmuted, I find it helpful to allow it to surface and to ask it questions that help it unfold, expand and transform into something less like trauma and more towards love.

    In this light, I would say shadow work is the same as what you’re describing. That’s why I’m curious what you mean by shadow work!

    Anyways, I love your insights here, and I know they are so helpful for so many people! <3

    1. DivineInspiration444 April 30, 2020 at 2:31 pm

      In my opinion, shadow work is to allow yourself to experience wounded emotions in order to release them. But the challenging part is to stay in your heart, keep yourself relaxed, and be aware of bodily sensations, emotions that come up in the present and alchemize them into love based emotions in order to transform instead of being dragged into a negative narrative that your wounded ego/shadow wants you to believe in order to resist change.

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