How Do You Sense Energy In Your Home?

Our living space has a huge impact on our lives, it reverberates our dominant thoughts and feelings back to us. We may not notice this but our subconscious mind is taking in all subtle unseen energies that are beyond the 3d spectrum we are accustomed to. This leaves us one question: how do we become more conscious of this process? Below are three techniques that can help you become more aware of your space.

Leave Your Home

This is the easiest and clearest way to test energy, to expose yourself to a different energy entirely.

Leave your home and go into nature. Walk , garden, hike etc. Nature is a reset and it combs your energy and adjusts your perspective aligning it with spirit. When you come back to your space you will notice how it feels. It may actually feel better then you thought and you realize that you are being hard on yourself, or it may feel clouded or wonky and you realize that you had been blind to it, kind of like you don’t smell an odour anymore if you are exposed to it.

Try to keep you mind open, ask spirit to show you clearly the energy in your home, walk around each room and feel. Take a notebook if you want to go deep. Remember that this is not just about your home, but about you. Your home is an extension of your inner process’.

Does one room feel cloudy and dark? Where and why do you think it is feeling that way, ask.

Does one rook feel wild and chaotic and ungrounded. Why? Ask. How can this be brought back into balance?

Imagine what you can do to bring this space back into balance. Do you nee to clean? Or do you need to do something with your energy, lift your spirits or stop rehashing the same event over and over again.


You can also check your space with sound. This is advanced because you have to be aware of how energy flows and notice nuances. But if you clap, ring a bell or use a bowl in a psychic state your consciousness can merge with the sound and essentially like sonar or a bat you can sense how the energy is in the room and also if there are portals or beings in room. This is a very ancient technique and it does take practice. I am mentioning it not to teach it today, but to open your mind to it so that you can experiment with it and remember.

Blank Canvas

The next psychic technique is to imagine yourself as a blank canvas, you should open with the techniques I teach in both inner mystic and psychic protection, and then allow yourself to merge with the space. So You are becoming the space now. The sound you hear are the sounds the space hears, the sights you see, how you see in the space, how you feel is what is left in the space. This is more of an advanced investigative technique, and I recommend working with my courses to learn the correct information about your abilities and also correct positioning.

Keep in mind that rooms that have limited sunlight tend to need more care!

As you feel your space, pay attention to any thoughts, emotions, visions, sounds, tastes and smells that move through you. This is how your psychic senses work, they will use your senses.

Those are three ways that you can sense energy in your home. Let me know how they work for you in the comment section!


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