Do you feel tired, uninspired, anxious, weighed down, or like the walls are closing in on you? One reason may be because the room/home needs to be cleansed. We take the time to cleanse our bodies and home of physical dirt and grime but what about the energetic etheric build up?

Just as dirt can build up in the grooves and corners of our home, so can fragments of energy. Our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, although consisting of a more subtle form of energy, are very real things that penetrate the energetic matrix of the home. They leave imprints, build up clutter, and begin to affect the overall energy of the home. This gunk is beyond our physical vision and rooted in mental and emotional threads we have throughout the day. This means that it can begin to have a pull on our thoughts and emotions if we do not take time to clear the space and introduce helpful balancing energies.

What to do? What to do? Well, Smoke, Sunlight, Sound: the three S’s of cleansing. These are the simplest and fastest way to cleanse your home.


Smoke has long been used to cleanse and reset the energy of our space. Smoke mirrors the natural flow of energy and has the ability to spread and seep into all areas of a home. This smoke can come from burning specific herbs directly or in the form of smudge sticks, resins, or incense sticks.

Smudging, or the action of using smoke to cleanse, can be done in a two-step process.

 Step 1) Clear

Sage: Aggressive, clears energy, creates blank space.

Desert sage: Powerful sage for clearing negativity.

Step 2) Add new energies

Now that the basic tone of the space has been brought to zero point you can begin to add new qualities to your environment. This can become a regular ritual where you cleanse and add different energies as you feel you need them. While using any cleansing technique, hold the intention of creating a space of clarity and love, as this will deepen the purification by allowing you to fully perceive and benefit from the results. Simply smudging is great, but your mind affects the room as much as smoke does, so consciously hold the intention of cleansing and adding love to really ground and deepen the process.

Here are a few popular items that add a more specific focus to the room:

Sweet grass: Soft, adds love and heart to environment.

Sandalwood: Masculine; protection.

Lavender:  Calms and balances mind and psychic channels; deepens meditation, sleep and relaxation.

Mugwort (variety of sage): Cleansing, especially your psychic chakras.

Rose Petals: Cleanses emotions and opens heart; can bring guidance in love and relationships.

Cedar: Calls in guides and ancestors for guidance and balance.

Amber: Grounding & creativity.

Myrrh & Frankincense: Ancient combination for steadying the mind and heart for meditation and astral journeying.

Have fun experimenting with the combinations that work best for you.






IMHO every household needs a witchy little box full of smudging tools. The beauty pictured above was from movewiththemoon on Etsy.


The sun (son) represents our internal sun, our soul, and our light. It is a symbol of life, activity, and growth, which is the opposite of stagnation and darkness. Energy that is stagnant, rotting, distorted, or too dark cannot survive in the presence of light. Its natural reaction is to retreat, or by default, shift back into a higher vibrational form.  Having our windows open during the day to let the sun rays pierce our furniture, floor, walls and decor burns up stagnating energy and charges the home with pure divine energy. A sun infused room can help your mind stay clear and focused. Be sure to open your curtains when you wake up in the morning to let the sun fill the bedroom as well.

For the rooms that have few or no windows you can also purchase a white candle and light it for a few hours one or two days a week. It is best to use candles in jars or glass that are safe to be left to burn unattended. As you light the candle set the intention that the light fill the room and burn up any energy that is not flowing and fresh. After, if you would like, you can seal the deal by burning a stick of incense.


Sound waves can also purify a space. They do this through vibrating a particular frequency throughout the home pushing out whatever is not resonant with it. This means the type of music you play is important. Try solfeggio tones, singing bowls, tuning forks, Gregorian chants, classical music, Buddhist chants, ocean sounds, nature sounds, or simply whatever you love to listen to. Please keep in mind that not all music and sound is purifying or cleansing. Some music is created for cathartic reasons and can be based in anger, deep sadness, loss, or aggression. There is nothing wrong with enjoying that experience, but that music will not clear your space.

Try playing cleansing music or a singing bowl in the middle of a room, light a candle, and perhaps a smudge pot. Let the sound fill you and the room, let go of your mind and get lost in the clarity of the sound. See the reverberations pushing out into all corners and cracks of the home. Imagine the room filling up with opalescent light full of love support and guidance for you to pull from at any time. Once the room is full of light and sound allow it to pulsate like a heart beat. This is the infinite heartbeat of the universe, charging and clearing your space with every beat, sending waves of healing, knowledge, and peace, saturating you and the room. Sit here in this place, bathed in divine light until you feel you are full, connected, and at ease. Visualize the entire home clear, flowing, and sparkling.

Hold the intention of creating a space of clarity and love as you do this or any cleansing technique, this will deepen the cleansing by allowing you to fully perceive and benefit from the results. Pay attention to any resistance to fully creating light and clearing the space as this may indicate a personal belief that is holding you back from fully releasing and growing.

Honorable Mentions:

Fresh air also has a reset effect so allow the breeze into your home as much as possible.

Fresh flowers and plants hold positive space. Many emit negative ions and clean the air naturally replenishing and grounding your home. They reverberate the tone of the earth all around them, which also helps the home stay fresh and centered.

De-clutter and clean your home. You know who you are. If we neglect to care for our home it means that we are neglecting to care for ourselves. If we are not throwing things away that no longer serve us it indicates that we are fearful of letting go of people, traumas, negative beliefs, or whatever else in our life that is clogging it up. This build up of stuff internally and externally attracts and traps energy, which then becomes stagnant. This stagnant energy can make a space feel toxic, small, dark, sad, uninspiring, dead, and heavy. You can burn sage all day long but if you have a cluttered messy space full clarity will not be reached.

Crystals can help hold and extend the newly purified energy of your home after you cleanse.



  1. Michele Seklecki August 23, 2019 at 11:55 pm

    Thank you for the information. I intuitively knew about the light and fresh air, and have worked with sage, but did not know about the candle in windowless rooms. Also have various rocks in various rooms. Don’t know what they mean, but know to clean them once in a while. You are so correct about the clutter too. Makes me feel disorganized, and our small apartment is a perpetual battleground for fighting clutter. Have read Marie kondos book, and am now going through all belongings. Every closet decluttered and every bag going to garbage or donation feels like a small victory ?. Informative, Ty ?

  2. Minou May 23, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Gigi,
    I’ve learned from a master energy healer to create a spray that cleanses spaces and auras. All you need is cheap vodka and lavender essential oil. Fill a spray (fine spray) bottle with the vodka and add about 25-35 drops of lavender oil. Shake it up and spray away! It also smells really good!! Great as a room spray AND it cleanses energies. Also, he told me to play the OM chant for at least one hour. You can also fill a bowl with water and salt and put it in a corner of a room with the intention to have it absorb negativity. Leave it there for at least a day. Empty the bowl into the toilet, not the sink. He also mentioned the things you mentioned in this blog post.

  3. Carly {Pockets of Peace} May 19, 2015 at 10:07 am

    I love this piece, Gigi! Thanks for shedding light (pun totally intended) on how powerful sunlight is in cleansing our space too – I’ve been intuitively doing this every day, but hadn’t made the energetic cleansing connection!

    Light and love,

    Carly x

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