The time for discernment is nigh my friends.

The spiritual community is brimming with contradictory information these days, we have access to many different perspectives on spirituality and metaphysics and it is quite obvious that many of these teachings do not fully overlap with one another.  This has always been the case, people have always had varied opinions, but we have not had access to them in this way and been challenged to discern with this intensity.

People often ask, in a frenzy, “what do you think of so-and-so?” or “how can these people not agree? who is right?” Our initial response to this confusion is to further project outward and look for an idol or simply choose one individual, or outlet, for our inspiration.

What we are being asked in this information age is to re-consider how we learn: how we discover, digest and relate to the information that feeds our expansion. The clear test of this diverse spread of information is that we can no longer simply be spoon fed our information, we must think for ourselves. We are drawn back to the most constant force we will ever have, our own soul. We must learn its rhythm and use it an an anchor, or reference point, to know if something is for us.

Even though it may seem chaotic to be in this time of transition, it’s not. This high strangeness is simply an indicator that it is time to change our perception and how we relate to each other and integrate information. This time will only feel chaotic if we resist integrating the lessons at hand. Eras evolve and we must grow along with them, that is what we signed up for. There is an opportunity for grace in every challenge we just have to be wild enough to find it.

One thing that becomes apparent in discernment is the importance of our own individual journey. Truth is a slippery thing as we rise into our multidimensionality. As we shift into increasing states of multidimensionality we are asked to explore the nuances of individual truths and universal truths. This  journey certainly doesn’t get easier when each person sharing is alive with passion that they are right. However, We are beginning to acknowledge that what is “right” for some is not necessarily right for others based on their unique journey. Duality does not translate as we rise into higher consciousness, we now have to decide, not whether someone is correct, but whether we are on the same wave length as them. The question is no longer “what is the truth?” it evolves into “what is my truth?” This is shift is key, and if we can do this we will find ourselves clicking into our highest purpose in this life.

We are offered an important progression of consciousness at this time; an opportunity to acknowledge our unique connection to spirit and the fact that our feeling of resonance is what we should be paying attention to first and foremost. We are stung with the realization that our own heart is the eye of the storm. We are called to go deeper and no longer fear our opinions, purpose and wisdom. We are now shifting to being guided by our cultivated, distinct intuition rather than assuming that truth is reflected in the number of people who get behind something. Truth in groups is lazy thinking and it will create a sad kind of inner atrophy where you find it difficult to feel your own passions. We are being asked to finally go deeper and birth a new reality rooted in what seems like the most subtle flickers of light that glimmer impossibly within the patient darkness of our undiscovered self.

If we do not develop this skill of intuition and discernment we risk being drowned in the back and forth duality of old wounds, perpetually looking outside rather than in. True discernment takes courage, it is both cutting and healing at the same time. We must be willing to abandon and cut away our beliefs that no longer serve us to allow our light rebuild us. We must rise beyond the need to feel accepted by others and lose ourselves in the guiding warmth of our own beating inner sun.

Here are my tips to help you build your intuitive muscles and discern information in this crazy, crazy world. Also, obviously, check out my video below for even more deeply compelling insights.

1) Get clear 

Get clear mentally and emotionally so that you are not reacting or absorbing information with anxiety as your core magnetic frequency. Your mental and emotional position when reading or watching videos effects the type of information you are attracted to and also how you integrate it.

When you are clear centred and open it is more likely that you choose higher quality, heart based guidance and opinion. When we get clear it acts as a re-set and we have the opportunity to choose a better path. When we are in anxiety or sadness we may be more likely to choose information that perpetuates these very feelings. This is obvious when we become oddly addicted to “fear porn” or following people who validate our opinions rather then seeking what we truly need to hear. Many times our motivations to take in media are not actually rooted in our genuine evolution, instead they are an attempt to feel secure in whatever belief we currently have. We have to be honest with ourselves whether or not we should be watching a youtube video/ reading an article or actually going to meditate and re-centre. Meditation and self connection is our source of lasting, authentic security.

Anxiety and lower emotions are natural, they should not be resisted or shamed, however, we also must realize the kind of things we attract when we hold those emotions for long periods of time without gently introducing neutrality, or peace, to our systems. Remember that peace and gratitude are the emotional states that are the most resonant with our soul. It is not suppressive, or repressive, to prioritize feeling them during the day or in times of confusion. Adding these feelings as much as possible during the day helps strengthen our connection to spirit and usher in wisdom and guidance from our higher self.

There is a lot of confusion around this topic where somehow painful emotions are put on the same level as peaceful ones. Suddenly, if you prioritize loving emotions you are an ungrounded, ignorant Pollyanna type headed for certain destruction. This is incorrect, all emotions are valuable as indicators of where we are, yes. However, uncomfortable, painful emotions are not how it feels to be engulfed in intelligent healing light, which is our true identity. Instead they are desperately trying to tell us to release them by making us tormented and uncomfortable.

Emotions are literal indicators of where we are in relation to our soul and we should interpret them as such. Feelings of love lead us to who we truly are, while feelings in line with fear are letting us know that we are needing to begin focussing on activities, thoughts and feelings that re-connect us with our light. This refocussing does not suppress trauma, it allows higher perspective to begin penetrating our wounds so that we may reach new understandings and heal trauma. Wisdom and healing come in response to light and the thoughts and feelings associated with light/love.

Beyond clearing your mind and stabilizing your emotions, relax your body. Notice whether your body is tight or carrying tension. Try to soften. This focused relaxation will also bring you to soften your mind and align it more with your heart. When we find ease, we naturally sink into our heart.

Lastly, feel and recognize your soul and heart so that they can provide insight. This may see odd but imagine a gentle bubbling of excitement inside of you. Build that energy a bit, allow your consciousness to build and multiply so that you can strengthen your life force and get stronger intuition on what you need.

This may seem like a lot to do before you take in information, but remember that the type of media we take in is food for our heart, mind and soul. Would you eat junk food loaded with preservatives prepared carelessly in a dumpster? No? Why consume media that is also coming from an unconscious, manipulative or careless place? What we expose ourselves to matters. It becomes the subtle energy of our heart and mind. We want to build a healthy foundation within all levels including the health of our subtle bodies, they need good food too.

2) Know yourself

When it comes to discerning information well you have to know who you are as a person. What do you like? What are your actual opinions? How do you truly feel about what is going on in your life? Have you ever stuffed down your intuition or opinion because you felt as though you would be too challenged, or excluded if you shared it? These may sound like silly questions but we humans are very good at relying on shallow readings of situations, we often build our opinions around being accepted rather than as an actual reflection of our unique soul. This kind of inauthenticity drowns out our intuition and makes us more susceptible to getting caught up in things that don’t resonate with us.

Getting real about where we are with our genuine self expression is imperative in knowing where other people are coming from. The more we honour our opinions, passions and purpose the more laser sharp we become in discerning the motives and passions of others. We must learn to walk closely with our heart if we are to understand other peoples. When we become aware of where we are lying to ourselves we create more intimacy with our heart allowing clear sight. As we come to understand our authentic self we can better estimate how far along others are in their journey as well.

3) Make peace with subjectivity

When it comes to integrating information first follow what resonates, this is our natural indicator that something is useful to us. Discernment is not about the truth as much as it is about our truth. The moment I hear someone saying that they have the one and only truth about something, I run in the other direction. Through following our sense of resonance we learn to read energy, think independently and trust our selves.

We can get very obsessed with facts, which are important, I cannot deny that. We cannot, however, assume that the more subjective parts of life are governed in such a black and white fashion. When we try to apply this rigid ideology to the part of us that is always shifting and expanding by nature we become dogmatic and inflexible eventually leading to burn out.

We are all on different paths here. Sometimes your path will overlap with others, which is nice and that feeling of belonging is priceless. However, if we are living authentically we will also feel like our path opposes others. It may even feel as though others are against us. In reality, all paths are actually complimentary and it is our perspective of each other that makes differences destructive. If one of your cornerstones of discernment is that your truth will be accepted, or fall into the mainstream, you will limit yourself.

The bottomline is that it is ok if someone has a different belief system than us. Perhaps they are forging a path that will make sense for us later and we cannot see the importance within the perspective we have now. As you discern what is valuable to you know that it is ok to go against the grain, as it is those with strong hearts that keep society honest. Bottomline: it is ok to be in different bubbles of exploration. Our personal paths are fact to us, not to others, and we cannot always apply the comforting solidarity of the physical world directly to our ever changing subtle worlds.

We must make peace with following, and trusting our internal guidance, and as we do this we will naturally unify in our differences. Our inner-worlds are joined in the higher dimensions and what seems to be conflicting down here is actually a beautiful dance of complimentary individuality in the higher dimensions.

4) It is ok to try things on

This is the part of discernment that disturbs us: we have to try things on. We have to let concepts sink into our bones. We may have to identify with them, become them, argue them with every last nerve we have. We may find ourselves defending certain beliefs as we would defend our own existence, because in a way, we do make certain beliefs a pillar in our identity. It’s how we grow and release what no longer serves us- we have to get really into it sometimes.

When we lack development in a certain area we can lean too hard into what we feel will bring us balance. Sometimes we can lean into certain beliefs wound first, pain first, and our relationship to whatever we are engaged in becomes distorted by our pain. The purpose of this distorted investment is so we can intimately see the parts of us that are needing love and healing. It is not a mistake to follow something or someone from a place of pain, when we do this we are not actually consciously aware of what is occurring. We were not able to discern because we need to have a certain experience that then gives us the capacity to discern in the future. As we mature and release this need to directly engross ourselves in our blind spots. We move into deep self trust and true inner awareness. Our relationship with ourself becomes primary and we understand it as the basis for all we perceive externally.

The ability to place ourselves accurately in the world is directly associated with our capacity to perceive, relate and invest in ourselves as a sovereign being. Discernment absolutely requires personal sovereignty. To get on this coveted path of sovereignty it is important to know that it is ok to make mistakes. It is ok to find out that you have been on the wrong path for 10 years. It is ok to have had passions for something that no longer resonates with you. It is ok to feel as though the carpet has been violently yanked up from underneath your feet. If you have experienced these things, breathe, smile, and accept whatever has happened. Immediately bring your focus to gratitude that you now can see a pattern that you could not in the past. Acknowledge the inner growth and change that has occurred to even allow you to be in a state of realization. When we experience that sparkly vast feeling of realization, we are are experiencing a gift!  Feel a glimmer of excitement for what is to come as you move forward in a new direction. Allow and intend for all guidance and retrospective gems of wisdom to bubble forward as you change focus. We are indestructible, effervescent, laughing layers of light creating whatever we choose, and we should act like it.

In summary:

Clear discernment is the result of  making sure you create a clear mind, and heart. Don’t assume that your intuition is crystal clear at all times. Your soul (that reaches into the higher realms) is always clear, however, we must match that quality of energy to actually bring in it’s higher wisdom and insight.

Anxiety, exhaustion, depression, anger and other contrasting emotional states affect our ability to intuit the world around us in an inspirational way and we risk simply re-enforcing where we are.  Take time to develop the correct receptive state that allows you to make enlightening adjustments.

Invest in getting to know yourself, honour your intuition by following it even if it means you feel like the black sheep. If we want to truly discern the world around us properly we cannot prioritize fitting it. It is likely that our discernment abilities will lead us to become authentic and attract many new situations based on your strengthening identity.

Prioritize your instinct and intuition as resonance is the deepest indicator of what is valuable to us in our lives. Hold an understanding that growth and evolution is law and we discern in the present moment what is best for us. The past and future are created from our consciousness and capacity to discern now.

Feel strength in fluidity and diversity. Know that what we discern as our truth may not be someone else’s. The reality of our discernment process is that often times it means getting caught up in belief systems, or movements, that actually don’t truly resonate.

Always remember: we are defined not by our ability to be right all the time, but by our capacity to allow grace to guide our recovery from painful experiences. This is part of learning how to discern properly, so be gentle with yourself if you feel you have made a mistake and in turn that openness will gift you with the wisdom as to why you got tangled up in it.

Thank you for watching everyone!


  1. socraties December 15, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Hey ! Find me a back door..I need one..But leave the porch light on..My batteries are out on my aura……Ugh.
    x {H2O}


  2. steve winwood November 24, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    adjective: timeless

    not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.
    “antiques add to the timeless atmosphere of the dining room”
    synonyms: lasting, enduring, classic, ageless, permanent, perennial, abiding, unfailing, unchanging, unvarying, never-changing, changeless, unfading, unending, undying, immortal, eternal, everlasting, immutable…………xoxoxox

  3. Eric McElroy October 18, 2017 at 5:16 am

    I feel that discernment is such an important topic now more than ever. The flood of information that is coming to most individuals now a days with all of the electronic devices available to us makes this topic all the more vital for our mental, physical and spiritual health. Being mindful when viewing a news channel and not just watching it in a trancelike state, requires so much more energy than most persons are willing to expend after a long day. There is something to be said of unity consciousness but it can also detract from one’s individuality of spirit and free will of self determination.
    Gigi your article was beautifully and intelligently written. It was written from the heart and definitely drawing from the spirit/soul as well. Thank you

  4. Sam June 1, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    The chaos is largely present due to that people are always trying to find the “right” perspective, and there essentially is none. I’ve been seeing through the primordial perspective / comprehension looking glass for so long that it no longer matters who’s “right” or “wrong” anymore. Subjective and objective are themselves still within the realms of the concept of perspective.

  5. Aja May 21, 2017 at 5:57 am

    Hey G! Thanks so much for this wonderful piece. Beautifully said, full of deep gems, and it feels like it was written just for me. lol

    I’ve been dealing with dreams and practicing discerning when my inner story/feeling would shift to reflect outside influences. What you said about knowing yourself spot on exactly explains the challenge I was having with choosing my dream narratives. Yes it is all about sovereignty! Your insight came at such a synchronistic time I have to smile. 🙂

    Thank you for being you and all you do! Exploring on the forefront of consciousness and coming back with notes. Yes! 😀 I’ll be back to ask you an incredible noodle-baking question one of these days. Until then, please accept these 30 buckets of gratitude and a mind hug!

  6. Soyski May 18, 2017 at 1:34 am

    I’ve been thinking about stuff like this lately and you really spelled it out for me. Thank you! Basically write your own story.

  7. Mike May 17, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    This might be weird, but that may been then most beautiful piece of writing I’ve ever read so far… Player 1: “Damn…,” Player 2: “GG.” 😉

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