It is imperative that we not only speak about spiritual teachings, but also the way in which they are shared, as how they are shared is just as important as the teachings themselves. This has been a very taboo topic, we are not supposed to question authority, especially when the authority is apparently so connected to spirit. However, our spirituality is a very precious aspect of our consciousness. It is the place we go when everything else falls away. It is for all intents and purposes, our purest reference for our true self. This deep truth is why it is important to keep our higher-self as our reference point for truth, not someone outside of us.

Previous Time Cycle and Spirituality.

Our last time cycle arranged our consciousness differently, it focused more on individuality, mind and masculinity compared to where this ascension cycle is leading us. We became over identified with the external world, mind and survival without referencing our emotions or spirit.  This particular position pushed us to externalize our higher-self, or spirituality, onto another person. We believed we had to depend on a guru, priest, or other spiritual person for higher dimensional nourishment.  This in turn enabled spiritual teachers to become corrupt, consciously and unconsciously, with power and influence. This cycle has come to a close and it is time to release this inclination to follow and rise into experiencing experiencing spiritual sovereignty. We will be challenged as a collective during this ascension cycle to release these old world patterns and rise into the ‘new earth’ that does not support the ‘old earth’ paradigm. We rise into moving into our full potential: reaching high into spirit (by ourselves) and deep into the earth. The heart now rises as the voice of a balanced mind, emotional body and spirit. The coherency we can create through this portal allows us to see with new eyes and create the life we desire.

Teachers can become imbalanced over time.

Releasing the herd mentality of the old world can be challenging, especially when our spiritual teachers do not initially appear to be imbalanced. Not all influencers in the spiritual community begin with sinister plans to create chaos, and manipulate. Many teachers begin with good intentions but loose their footing over time. Gaining attention and adoration as a healer can foster a temptation to begin looking to their followers for the love and attention that they should be giving themselves. This may seem harmless as first, even natural, however, if we choose to not continue to work on ourselves our unique perspectives and ability to connect with spirit begins to distort. When we stop growing and taking responsibility for what we are creating we no longer have access to our creativity or intuition. One may even begin to depend on lower astral entities for energy and inspiration, these beings, of course, have a high price and a poor understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, at this point the spiritual teacher may have legions of followers who have already deeply over associated and believe that the teacher is responsible for their healing. Of course, an imbalanced teacher will encourage this type of spiritual co-dependancy as it ensures that they receive the energy that they so desperately need.

What happens when you follow an imbalanced teacher.

If you have followed an imbalanced teacher this may indicate that you share the same blindspots (the same struggles) which is why you were not able to discern the information. In this way, even though the teacher was imbalanced you were still able to connect with your soul, even if it was more of a backwards approach. Ultimately, because we are sovereign beings (no matter what), we can gain information from individuals who are not balanced, it is possible. However, once you fully realize your sovereignty, and begin to use your own heart as a litmus test for what you consume, these types of individuals will no longer appeal to you. You will be naturally drawn to a clearer and more empowering person that does not require you to wade through baggage to digest their teachings.

This process of awakening to your inner guru is natural and an indicator that you are moving into a high functioning position within your own consciousness. It is important to not be hard on ourselves for falling into idol worship, we all contain this pattern (more or less) of giving out power away to others that seem more aware. The more important thing is that we forgive ourselves and any one else involved, this will allow us to move on to a deeper connection with our spirit with a clean open heart. It will not serve anyone to try to punish yourself or others for this honest mistake. In fact, it should also be noted that individuals who are truly energy vampires thrive just as much on the negative attention as positive. The best thing to do when trying to recover from this type of connection is to simply cut all cords and no longer engage in any type of thoughts or actions towards these types of individuals. The lack of attention will cause individuals like this to implode, they will be forced to see their own reflection with no distractions, no drama and therefor no excuses.

When it comes to basic dynamics there are a few things that can occur when we follow an imbalanced teacher. First of all we will begin to use their mental constructs as our own. We will begin funnelling our reality through what they introduce to us. In the beginning this may be helpful, but if we are growing and they are not, we leave them behind and these once helpful constructs may feel complicated or simply lose resonance entirely. It is important to mention that we integrate the universal truths that were taught but leave the aspects of their teachings that are rooted in ego, or lower astral agendas. The new insights that naturally pour in from our higher-self  in response to our growth will cancel out incongrunt paradigms.

This can be an uncomfortable process where immense feelings of betrayal and manipulation surface which in turn may bring about a few reactions. The first, and most ideal, reaction is to go inward and begin referencing your heart and higher-self and simply receive all wisdom needed to heal this experience. Perhaps tuning into other individuals whose ideas about reality match your own- this time from a place of knowing that all spiritual teachings will ever be is one student talking to another.

The more challenging path is to feel such a deep and painful void that instead of letting go and turning inward we double down and begin to fight or defend our teacher or belief system. This is a protection mechanism that we are engaging because we fear pain and the annihilation of our ego. Perhaps we feel as though when we let go of the teacher that our old sad life will return, that we will completely lose ourselves if we let go of the individual or teachings we have attached ourselves to. This can cause us to become violently defensive of our teacher or belief system. We feel we are defending them, but in reality we are defending the aspect of ourselves that we have projected upon them, an aspect that may feel impossibly misunderstood and invalidated. On the flip side, we can also completely throw the baby out with the bath water and deny any kind of spirituality at all. We can completely fall back on the old world patterns we were trying to cleanse ourself of: we only trust or validate the external world and what the mind can understand; we completely reject our inner world and subtle bodies. Both of these options leave us in an internally paralyzed state until we can begin trusting our intuition and connect with our sovereignty.

Channeled Message:

The key here is to always refer to your heart, your inner wisdom, that is where every experience will lead you back to. Get to know your hearts language and trust the subtle flashes of insight or impressions you receive so that they can expand into more concrete pages from your soul. Be forgiving of yourself if you have ever looked to another to provide a sense of love, answers or security this is part of our journey. It is safe to completely let go of any belief system or teacher you have knowing that what is true will come back, and once we have taken space we allow a more precise form of inner guidance to rise. Allow these experiences with ‘holy vampires’ to be a reminder of how intimately connected we all are, and how the connection deepens when we find our truest point of reference to connect with.

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  1. Russell October 20, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Hi Gigi, that pretty much summonsed where I’ve been and where I am at the moment, just starting to reconnect.
    First I became disheartened with my christian religion and the way it went about teaching, abandoned that then found a yoga which gave me new hope but once I got into it I began to see hypocrisies and things that just didn’t sit right with me and decided after that that the only way to get clarity was to abandone all religion, like going cold turkey. Think I’m past that now and am cautiously openning up to a new world and learning from many sources but what you say seems to be the sweet spot and the amount of information is amazing and what you have to say always resonates, reconnecting with the heart, what a great place to start from.
    If we are fellow students I’m glad you are one I’ve found. Your insight seems to hit the mark in a very unique way.

    1. Gigi Young October 20, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      I am so glad to connect Russell. It is good to hear that you are on track and connecting with your sovereign spiritual self. All answers are within you, always. Thank You for stopping by.


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