Stabilized by the Pleiadian suns Venus is nourished and, during certain phases, linked to earth.The planets of our solar system, which act as consolidation points for our soul, oscillate in their influence to one another.

Earth has time with each planet, allowing its stories, karma, and archetypal influence to take root. Higher star systems that resonate within higher planes, such as the Pleiades, Sirius and Orion, speak through the stars and planets of our local system. Absorbing the correct language from our sun – the rosetta stone for our solar system. In the same fashion the central sun works as the rosetta stone for the galaxy. As you can see with our planets and stars – all celestial bodies have roles and relate to one another to encourage evolution.

The intelligent rhythm of the cosmos itself inspires chain reactions down the dimensions which create specific perceptions and growth opportunities for all worlds.Our spirit is the cosmos itself. Our mind is the earned perspective in which we relate to the cosmosOur emotions indicate how close, or far away, we are in mind and action to the above truths.We function as a microcosm of the universe. We are watching ourselves.Even though we may feel isolated, we are part of something much bigger then we can understand with our current state of awareness.

Our challenge is to find our centre in this, to not escape into what is bigger then us, and to not trap ourselves in what is smaller then us.As we move through this multi-dimensional, electrical, oscillating universe we find ourselves flashing in and out of form. Moving in timelines and waves that only seem concrete.

Our earth is also a microcosm of the universe and consists of etheric layers that correspond with each celestial body. These overlays become dominant and passive in their influence as time rolls over again and again.In this way earth and all who share it digest the cosmos era by era day by day, progressively exposed to a new synthesis of stars.

Deep in our earth the harmonic is different and windows to the cosmos open and close. Crystalline gates sing and sacred pools sing in holy knowing of the earths true path, untouched by the chaos of the surface. It is here that the layers of our cosmos begin to converse and make their call for what serves them. It is here where the crystalline technologies of future ages take form. The stones of Mu and Atlantis and other civilizations were born here within this pure chamber. They are synonymous with any new consciousness that must lower its density to walk the surface.

The true inner earth is not only a physical place, but a metaphysical place. The walls change and adjust to your energy allowing you to experience what you are. The inner earth is the translator and the receptive centre, for messages from our sun and cosmos. As the cosmos crawl forward so do we.It is also from here that new beings from other worlds emerge, formed overtime, in the womb of Gaia, taking on all of the imprints and consciousness that is necessary for life on this planet.It is part of the evolution of other worlds to assist planets that are in a similar state but lower phase of development.

These new consciousness’ emerge physically during specific times on the planet. There are phases on earth where new physical beings come in and overtime they blend with the life on the surface. They appear differently as their form carries characteristics of their previous planet. This is where we hear of the blue skinned beings, giants and other curious qualities. Many of these beings are born from the centre of the earth just like us. But came through during a different cycle.

If we were to look back we would see that there have been many different cycles and many different types of beings. Each one building upon the last.We often believe that it is an external seeding that has happened on our planet, and it is true that we receive visitors from other worlds, but that is not the same as the earth calling in a new era and a new consciousness. It is not the same as the inner earth star-gates functioning organically in deep tandem with our consciousness — this type of incarnation is a holistic incarnation that is exact for the time.They are incarnations where beings from a complimentary planet choose to begin incarnating, but incarnating in a way where they bring with them as much from their other world as possible. Their hope is to infuse this world with what they have mastered, thus mastering themselves much deeper.

Of course, their challenge is to merge with a new reality, and despite having many gifts they do not fully understand the new density of their mind and body, or the strange new tone of their emotions. All that they have known must now be brought through a new type of mind and body.These are the teachers and healers that wish to introduce a new way of being, an answer to the struggle of the planet. But they are in no way superior, just different. This line of incarnation and influence is different then other beings from other worlds popping in to observe or connect. It is not the same as time travellers.These beings must be accepted by the surface and allowed to integrate. If they are destroyed by ignorance then the planet loses an opportunity and risks falling into a deeply regressive state.

Those who are ready and realize this truth, those who see the value of these new incarnations have the challenge of protecting and ushering in the energy of the new consciousness. The current keepers of the earth must face any lingering vestiges of their old life and affirm a new world. They must gather quietly keeping a strange rose garden alive. Often forgetting why they are there or what gardening means.They must remember the rise and fall of all civilizations, grasping key patterns to build new societies overcoming the mistakes of the old world.

Earth is not a closed system in any way, physically or spiritually. We do not remember the times where we were merging with other worlds as we are not in a cycle where this is happening. This portion of history exists deep in our cells and in our cosmic mind. However, we are approaching a time of remembering. Where all of the lives we have spun will wash forward. As we find our centre we can remember our story. Our cosmic path. Our contributions and our debts. We can use this time as a great awakening or a great divide. It is up to us.


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