Q) Gigi,

I just saw this video about how the dark forces want us to open our pineal gland so that the 4th dimension cern “people” can infiltrate our minds and expose us to bad things and that it’s supposed to be “closed”. I noticed that you don’t talk about the pineal gland and everyone else does! what are your thoughts about it being open or closed and if it is “closed” as I think most peoples are at least to an extent (naturally because this is earth right?) does that mean we can’t access the higher realms? Thank you!

A)  Yes, I have heard this story as well as the narrative that the chakra system is also a controlling force, and not something that actually benefits us. There is truth in every story, which is why there is a click, or a resonance. Our job is to go into the information and feel out what that truth is. It is interesting that some people seem to have a sense of understanding and mastery with the chakra system, it helps them gain spiritual perspective on specific aspects of their lives, while others are beginning to view it as an imposed mutation that has a negative effect. Individual opinion and experience with the chakra system and pineal gland is mixed.

In order to understand this we must dive deeper into our history and our journey here on this planet. Each person alive now has their own version of history and even their own personal incarnational connection to it. We have all been on various sides experiencing the evolution of this world from different angles and we all internally have access to the truth that we need.

There have been various genetic mutations throughout our history. Each mutation represented our potential or our shadow.

What I have seen is that there have been various deliberate mutations of the human form. Some of these mutations have been by supportive, or encouraging beings, while other mutations were by controlling or discouraging beings. On a higher level this dynamic mirrors the concept of light and dark, good and evil, or the opposite polarities within the spectrum of source. This oscilating  binary is played out in our 3d reality on the largest and smallest scale, it is the birthing pattern (contractions) that we have all chosen to be re-born through. This process of continuously embodying these two polarities allows for deep personal and collective integration.  On Earth, and within this universe, we go through varying intensities of expansion and contraction in order to experience our true nature and evolve.

In order to avoid victim consciousness, which locks us in a lower 4d mind paradigm, we have to understand that this is a dynamic that we have chosen. Chosen is a key word as it acknowledges our sovereignty which is paramount to moving through this particular question. We live in a free will universe and we must keep this in mind when we explore this type of material. What a free will universe means is that we can and do direct our focus and this deliberate direction of our focus determines our reality and thus our experience in this world.

Now, getting back to the genetic mutations. These genetic mutations were in a greater sense planned and they happened at precise cycles of time on Earth. They drove the cycles of human evolution on all levels. During an expansion cycle human beings would come in contact with certain beings, or their higher selves incarnate, and there would be an expansive opening of consciousness. These beings were not separate from humanity but family’ from the stars. This contact was of course physical but also through the subtle bodies. The human species would experience deep realizations and many issues that had developed prior to the expansion cycle would be addressed and balanced forming a new foundation of discovery. Our energy bodies would naturally change in order to match our new perception and collective journey at the time; it is normal for our subtle bodies to change structure as we go through ascension and de-scension cycles. Our chakra system has allowed us to specifically view different aspects of our reality through a more detailed an higher perspective.

Generally, after an awakening cycle beings that were controlling and desperate (representing evil) would begin making mutations. These mutations would disconnect humanity from its origins in the sky and make them feel separate and potentially victimized. This was a challenge that that humanity would endure to solidify their own awakening cycle. These negative beings represented humanity’s shadow side incarnate. Whatever realizations were integrated would strengthen and be confirmed and whatever realization were not would be called held up to potentially be released thus making room for another awakening cycle.

The purpose of these regressive mutations was to feed a vampiric structure within the 4d level of our universe. If you can imagine, this is the dumping ground of beings that have no choice but to resort to backwards dark magic for survival. Within their incarnations they were unable to genuinely realize their divinity and became trapped in a victim/victimizer paradigm. They gathered there and created their own dark mirror of universal structure so distorted that they are unable to move beyond the membrane of the 4th dimension. This structure needs individuals energy to feed on, none of the beings are able to draw source energy so they must create parasitic situations where they can feed on others.

It is vital to understand that this type of being cannot create anything, they are not ‘creators,’ they can only mutate or distort what is already created. Black magic, isn’t magic at all, it is simply backwards mimicry of the natural structure of the universe in a sad attempt to siphon energy. They can only try to exploit our blindspots hoping to siphon our life force. This means they cannot create a pure energetic in system like our chakras themselves, they can only attempt to distort one we have using 4d tech. They would love for us to believe that they are that powerful though, they are running out of food.

Human beings are living breathing embodiments of the galactic war.

Looking at this back and forth we can begin to see the human structure as a battleground of sorts. It is as though these two factions are using humanity to create some kind of balance, it appears as though human beings are living breathing embodiments of the cosmic war. This makes the human body very special indeed, it means that by incarnating into human form you can clear and resolve deep levels of karma (your soul story). It does not mean that humans are sad little powerless victims of galactic over lords it means that the human form is one of the greatest opportunities to harmonize your soul as its story represents the galaxy at large. This is what people mean when they say that Earth and humanity is the universe compressed into one form. Human form is the physical embodiment of universal karma.

Lower 4d connections. 

Now, back to the specific mutations. Energy centres were initially created to keep us connected to the world around us and to our higher selves, however, over time they have been adjusted and connected into the vampiric 4d structure. To be clear, they are not exclusively connected into this structure, they are simply connected to it. As mentioned above this happened to resonate forward issues with our soul to do with our shadow’s that needed to be cleared. We actually needed to be exposed to our darkest aspects in order to over come them. We needed to greatly experience the evil within ourselves to gain knowledge and come full circle into balance with full knowledge and awareness of all that we are.

We have been the lightest of light and we have been the darkest of dark. We needed to be exposed to each spectrum in its most dense form to be able to create an opportunity for integration.

In the larger perspective this connection into the lower 4d has served humanity greatly. It allowed humans to deeply understand and heal their shadows and it allowed many 4d entities to actually see how backwards they are and move towards the light. This connection to the lower 4d hierarchies created a necessary reckoning within humanity (and beyond) where your response to that mutation would determine what reality you would continue incarnating into. If you were able to connect with your divinity, your sovereignty, you would be unaffected by any lower mutations. If you had a deep victim consciousness the mutation would pull you into that realm to continue experiencing it until you realize that you are a creator. This series of ‘upgrades’ and ‘mutations’ is the driving force for our evolution. You decide how they effect you and how your energy flows.

Mutations were simply mutations, they are still you.

By now you may have gathered that ‘mutations’ such as the pineal gland and chakras were not outside forces that genuinely took control over you, they are simply adjustments of a divine structure that connected you to lower astral drama. When you get an organ transplant, that organ may have originated in another human but it still responds to your emotions and your system at large. You have mutations but you are in control of the effect they have. In fact, these mutations allowed us to get very specific in our understanding of ourselves, without them it is not likely that we would be able to awaken to the point we are today. Certainly not within the density and time span that we exist in.

The take away from this information is that, yes, there were mutations but they represented our own story and dynamics that already existed within each of us. If that were not the case it would not be possible for it to happen. We are at an important time in our evolution, an awakening cycle, and within that cycle there is the opportunity to grow beyond the very mutations that we are speaking of. That is why this information is coming forward now. Negative factions will have you believing that they have mutated you, that they are in fact controlling you. There will be no big picture and it will not be emphasized that you are in control of every part of your being from physical to the most subtle non-physical aspects. This is a direct agenda and reflection of the lower astral hierarchies. They need you to believe they have power over you so that you remain ‘food’, as long as you believe that you can be controlled, as long as you feel that you are a victim in any way shape or form, you will remain connected to those beings. There is a reckoning of this nature within every ascension or awakening, we are always asked to release paradigms of fear to move higher.

In my opinion you do not need to have your chakras removed by other people or to stay up at night worrying that these energy centres are alien to you. Be aware that the trend in spirituality at this time is to give you truth and then some subtle lies that disempower you just enough to stay locked into lower 4d paradigms. We simply need to relax into the the fact that you roll and flow like nature. The more than you feel your truth, connect with your soul, and express your purpose the more your energetic body will naturally shift exactly how it needs to.

You have a choice in how you view yourself here. You decide how much power anyone or anything has over you and this mutation narrative is simply another test to discern where your focus is placed. How this sits with you will mirror how empowered you feel. Allow this to be an honest barometer of any little bits of powerlessness that still have gravity within you.

You are sovereign here. You always have been and you always will be.


  1. Susan Pistawka January 9, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    I work as a healer, primarily in healing trauma through the modalities of acupuncture and craniosacral therapy so I am always keenly aware of the dynamics at work between the mental, emotional and physical planes of existence. The one thing I have come to realize from 20 years of working with trauma is that the body is a map of psyche…without question…the personal issues we are working on are contained as soul memories of trauma in the unconscious mind…a sort of Pandora’s Box…The more we bring these into consciousness the less the pain resides at the body level. Most of these memories are held within the major energy systems of the body that correspond to chakras. One could think of chakras as mind integrated into physical form. Since for most people awareness is externally oriented the body is a convenient way to teach that we are not merely bodies but rather, mind manifesting thoughts and emotions into bodies. Mind can not be seen but it’s effects can be experienced.

  2. HG May 27, 2016 at 4:37 am

    I never heard of this, chakra and pineal gland being possibly negative. I thought Pineal was the third eye and if you can open it, its better for more connection and understanding? So does this have anything to do with trying to decalcify the pineal gland? And should we be trying to do that? Or just leave it alone? Or maybe I’m not on the same page as to what y’all are talking about. 🙂 This is interesting though! Love Moonbird blog especially for your pretty writing style.

  3. Anne Ishikawa May 27, 2016 at 12:37 am

    Thank you Gigi. This just resonates with me and actually brings everything together. For me, this is your best blog ever!

  4. Gigi Young May 26, 2016 at 11:40 pm

    Absolutely. It is your choice what you use for your experience. Your energetic structure will evolve naturally around your soul and it’s purpose here! I never got really into chakras or the pineal.

  5. Lynette May 26, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    I think I get it. I’m not going to worry about it. I’m moving along fine on my quest to hook up with source. The chakras are like your appendices we have them, but don’t need them and do just fine without them. I’m going to stop trying so hard to feel connected to a system (I) never resonated with anyway. Is someone else does, great for them. I am not going to give it another thought on my journey to ascension. Same with the Pineal gland. Just Mt perspective and my sovereign choice right?. <3 Thanks <3

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