How Do You Know If You Are An Old Soul Or A New Soul?

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How do you know if you are an old soul or a new soul?


Hey Ray!

There are many different ideas that need to be revamped as new layers of information are revealed to us via our awakening and the idea that some souls are “old” and some are “new” is one of them. This idea is an example of linear thinking applied to a non-linear phenomenon.

This label of old and new helps us understand the uniqueness of each soul and perhaps the idea that some souls seem to contain more wisdom and experiences, however, to qualify a soul as being younger than others, or older than others, is not accurate in my understanding. There are no new souls being created, we are all on this journey together, we all come from the same spark. That said, we do, however, naturally take on different levels of  perception as we incarnate through time in a non-linear fashion.

Wow, that one might hurt your head a little. We are addicted to time and it can be a little weird to begin considering our consciousness in its timeless state.

Anyway, yes, that’s right, our soul incarnates in a non-linear way. Our “past” on earth may not actually be a less evolved time within our soul. Our “future” incarnations on earth in this linear time may not be our more advanced incarnation compared to where we are now. The planet itself may have a steady evolution of consciousness over time but that is the element we in carnage into, it is not synonymous with our should evolution. This may sound odd, but our soul is driven to incarnate by resonance, not time.

When we remove the linear label of age we begin to look at the soul as cherry picking the perfect energies (or eras) to incarnate into based on its unique journey. Time becomes a rhythm to incarnate into, an evolving force that drives cycles forward, time does not become a ruling factor for the soul. Time is a tool for the soul, the soul is not subject to time. (More on this later!)

Keep in mind, that it is natural to evolve or release beliefs as we evolve. Our consciousness becomes more multidimensional as we grow meaning that more detail is revealed to us. By holding on to old beliefs we block our re-connection with our higher-self and the wisdom that it is channeling to us. Hold all beliefs lightly with a playful heart.

The old soul, new soul paradigm can be polarizing and limiting

The idea of a soul having literal age is polarizing and paves the way for unhealthy heirachies. For example, if one holds on to this belief a perceived “older soul” may begin to appear to have a natural authority over a “younger soul.” This may not be the intention of the individual but because they have chosen to define the soul in such a polarizing way it may manifest in this type of imbalanced perception. This dynamic can keep both individuals blocked with the so-called older individuals believing they are more capable and the so-called younger souls feeling infantilized. Ideally we want to release this idea and view all people as individuals, this way we can understand what we need to without trying to make unnecessary comparisons.

It is time to drop the old soul new soul label!

What are we actually picking up on when we feel as though a soul is old or new?

When we sense a soul is old or new we are actually perceiving their experience relative to our own based on what we are focused on at this time. We are noticing where they are in comparison to us. This is how we contrast our idea of our own evolution.

The truth is experience and age are not synonymous, not in our life or our journey in spirit, it is simply not accurate to say that a soul is older because you perceive a deep talent or experience in a certain area. On the flip side, is is also not accurate to say a soul is young simply because from your perception they seem less capable. We can only perceive other based on what we understand about ourselves, this means that it is likely we are not noticing a great deal about the people we interact with.

These are important distinctions because it invites us to begin thinking about time differently which is the beginning of becoming a multidimensional, or “awakened,” human. That said, even when someone appears to have incarnated with wisdom we should never assume that their experience somehow trumps our own.

Please keep in mind our current point of perception and talent is exactly where we need it to be! We simply need to work with it.

When we incarnate there are a several determining factors at hand 

1) The story, themes, or karma, the soul is carrying.

2) Era on earth that will allow the best experience for that soul’s unique expression of that theme.

1) The soul story/experiences

Our soul’s stories are the missions that help us express our unique soul imprint in the universe. Each soul has its own unique journey and expression. Each soul is a completely unique and important ray of light leading right back to the godhead. There is no soul that is not needed or not playing a role. There is no more important role for some souls than others.

The story or karma is the same intuitive read that leads to us perceiving a soul as being old or new. Each soul is going through an evolution. To simplify this evolution we can understand it this way: from naive light, to dark abandonment of self and then back to light but this time with wisdom. This is a common pattern of incarnation. Sometimes we can sense where a soul is on this journey, especially if it is in an extreme such as an ascended state or narcissistic state.

2) Era on earth

Where it can get interesting is that the energy on earth is always shifting and changing depending on her cycles. The earth is a living being that evolves just as we do. Her phases become our phases and each cycles offers different properties our soul can work with.

The earth has her very own story just as we do and we are incarnating into her different chapters as our soul desires. Perhaps we ascend in the Mayan ascension wave and reach our darkest night during world war 2. We pop in and out of incarnations serving her and our evolution.

We can look at it from the perspective of earth and time which will reveal one story. Or, we can look at it from our soul perspective and see another story.

Depending on the story of your soul different eras will offer different opportunities. For example the Atlantis era gave us certain experiences about technology and spirituality. The Lemurian period gave us an environment to understand community and living closely with the earth. The period of Avalon gave us an awakening to personal mysticism. The list goes on, and on, and on. There are even lost civilizations that are not yet revealed within our consciousness because we have not awakened the part of that that they represent.

Each era on earth will resonate differently within unique soul. For this reason incarnation is not linear or in line with the earths evolution as a planet. If incarnation was linear we would see people awakening at roughly the same time, losing themselves at the same time. There would be significantly less contrast  and variety to be mirrored as everyone would be at a relatable stage of awareness. We would also not have ascended figures like Jesus, the Buddha, and many others that become self realized that have graced the planet to remind us of who we are. Each era offers  various masters, various villains, and everything in between. And boy oh boy, we have all been the darkest dark and the lightest light.

Now that we have removed the linear label we can understand that we incarnate via precise resonance pertaining to what we need as a soul to evolve. We may choose to have an awakened life in our linear past and a very confused life in the linear future. Within each era on earth there is an opportunity, via the inner rhythm of the universe, to ascend, devolve, or simply stay the same. It would serve us greatly to begin thinking  of time and evolution in cycles as opposed to the limiting linear time construct.

Other factors to consider

There are a few other factors to consider as we re-evaluate our definition of “young soul” and “old soul.”

Past life regression

One phenomenon that keeps people stuck on the idea that lives are linear is that in past life regression, or past life memories,  it can appear that less evolved lives, or lives that seem to lead into this one, are in our past and more evolved lives are in our future. This is because when we reach into our spiritual body to pull out spiritual information about who we are it will follow our current beliefs about reality. Our beliefs work as a literal filter, or transformer, that higher information must pass through to be integrated. This means that if you believe that the earth’s past is also your soul’s past you will bring forward memories that align with that belief. You will call forward all soul experiences that resonate with that qualifier.

It is important to note that you are not making these memories up, they actually exist within your soul matrix, you are simply calling forward memories that align with your beliefs. Each era of time will have an arch of experiences to pull from. Further, working with lives that are in our apparent past can be easier to integrate especially when we are invested in linear time as truth.

In reality, there are many phases within our soul that could provide powerful information as to who we are. The most insightful memories of other lives may in fact be parallel, future or in the very distant ‘past.’ When we open ourselves to simply allowing resonance to pull in the highest answer, we can begin to experience this directly.

Incarnations on other planets

If you are reading this you are likely aware of the Starseed movement in the New Age. This movement represents individuals who have opened their cosmic consciousness which is a different dimension of human awareness. It is a dimension that represents unlocked aspects of the self that are associated with other planets than earth.

Starseeds  have memories of lives on other planets, they interact with spirit guides that are star people and they often have different ideas about humanity than other spiritual groups.

Why is this relevant to the old soul vs. young soul question? Because often times people who have this dimension of themselves awakened they can read as a young or old soul due to not fully identifying with earth. The issue here is that because they have incarnated with a strong path into cosmic consciousness they can seem a bit odd, as though they are listening to a different rhythm. This unique nature is not due to the soul itself being older or younger, but do to the off-world memories the soul has chosen to reference in this life.

As we move forward in our development and remember who we are we are asked to re-evaluate what we believe to be true. It is important to not become attached to our beliefs. Beliefs are designed to evolve just as we change our air filter or update our vehicles. The idea that there is a conveyer belt of souls out there popping out new souls is an idea that we have used to understand the different levels of experience we can have from life to life. It is a projection of our own current understanding of this world.  In reality our incarnations are not based on linear time, instead, our soul incarnates throughout linear earth time containing various levels of experience depending on what the era can offer them. The more we begin to understand the spiralling, circular nature of our soul the greater we become at utilizing its potential.

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  1. hi Gigi! I recently had a past life reading done and I asked specifically about whether or not I was a starseed because since hearing about it I’ve become very interested and almost obsessed with the idea. I was disappointed to hear her say that she doesn’t get any information about my soul coming from anywhere else but that I have a connection with Pleiadian beings/energy. I was wondering if you could shed some light on what it means to be connected with star beings even if you’re not a starseed yourself. Sorry if this was confusing! best, kate 🙂

  2. Loved this indepth post and would love to know more on the starseeds and/or cosmic consciousness and your understanding of time and its function for us (in general).
    Much love.

  3. Omy. Gigi,Renata,Trish,Mike,and all,when we talk of leaving the world of duality,i.e.,old-new,here-there,future-past,,even gravity,”ad infinitum”. (Nearly all the Latin I know.) It changes everything,doesn’t it.
    Gigi,you are so gifted at sharing,and making clear the Love,Truth,and non duality of our true idenities, I instantly become aware that we ARE all one,the Universe,and all of existance.
    Each of your vlogs,and blogs have kernals of wisdom,that have literally made my brain wrinkle.
    I thank God for your, Being. ????

  4. What a great question Ray! Thank you Gigi, for shedding light onto this subject. To have come to this conclusion is a testament of your diligence in exercising your discernment. I found this piece to be an empowering truth. Understanding resonance is vital for navigating through infinity. The Sun rises as if we are reborn every morning and the Moon shines with the light of the parting Sun as if it beckons us to reflect on our day. The universe is so symbolic in nature, that it’s as if this life is just a dream. Maybe our awake state is actually our asleep state and vice versa. My theory is that if there is polarity (You/Me, Good/Evil, Beauty/Beast, etc.) then we are still within the dream. Perhaps when we wake up, we will realize that we are the same person.

  5. Another point that I’d like to add, from what I understand. Earth evolve in time, a circular or spiral time, but still time. Our bodies are part of the Earth, we come from a earthly lineage. This earthy part of us has a karma that comes from our lineage, the themes of a family, the bigger themes of the earth. Our life here is a overlap between of the karma inherited from our lineage (that are part of the evolution of our planet) and the themes of our souls. So in each life on Earth we, timeless souls, bring our gifts to the evolution of the planet as to the healing and evolution of our lineage.

  6. Hi Gigi! I do believe that understanding time and evolution as spiralling is tremendously important in many areas, not only in spirituality.
    For instance, seeing certain races and cultures as less evolved has created much violence and oppression. Promoting linear economic growth created environmental catastrophes and unhealthy living. And so on… The linear thinking has led the Western World to a breaking point, a point where a deep transformation in our beliefs needed.
    I belive that, as a spiritual person, one of my main tasks is to adopt a nonlinear thinking.
    Thanks for your beautiful text 😉