State Your Claim

For the first video of the Manifestation series we get into how vital it is to actually speak out loud and write down where you see yourself going.

All this claiming what you want for yourself is not so the universe/your higher self can hear you and respond, it is to familiarize yourself with what you genuinely desire. If our dreams only stay in the ethers of our heart and mind we are really only aware of a tiny snippet of what we have coming! We have to get it flowing by writing and speaking our desires to ourselves, we must unravel them physically to truly understand our dreams. This is the beginning of building the physical, materialized foundation for our dreams to come! It is the alchemical action of refining spirit to matter.

Now that we are having a chat about this, watch how you initially react to having a routine where you write down, and speak, your new or adjusted desires as you feel them forming. Is there resistance? Be sure to feel in and see if there is any ego in there trying to sabotage your expansion. It is not uncommon that we sabotage ourselves by not consolidating our desires into words. By keeping our desires non-specific we don’t have to address the parts of us that need to change to actually manifest that desire. We also don’t have to deal with ‘failure’ (yes, our shadow is a sneaky, sneaky creature).

Another block to be conscious of is feeling as though you shouldn’t admit to yourself what you truly want because you don’t trust your ability to interpret your hearts messages. You may feel that other people can feel their purpose of connect with their higher-self, but not you. Don’t get weighed down in those beliefs. You can absolutely sense your purpose and what you want for yourself. It lies in your passion, peace and joy. When you follow those emotions your purpose will ooze from you.  It may take practice in communicating and interpreting, but that is par for the course, and, every human alive is on the same journey as you. So, get out there are claim your dreams!


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  1. I manifest Gigi Young to be in my living room … now!

    OMG OMG it worked! I turned on You Tube and there she was!!!

    It works! It works! : )

    Thanks for everything Gigi. Pretty amazing that you carry such wisdom at such a young age. Remarkable actually. Keep it comin sister!

  2. Hi Gigi,
    I am amazed at the amount of wisdom that you impart at your youthful age! Thank you for sharing timeless truths. I learn so much from listening to your videos and have been following you YouTubes for a while now, always up lifting. I , like you, am a teacher- healer- artist- and on and on it goes. Thanks so much again Gigi, and I wish you the best!!!!!! Love, Joanne

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