Mental Clarification vs. Heart Healing

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I wanted to take a moment to make a distinction between mental euphoria and genuine spiritual connection, as there is a difference. As we move deeper and deeper into a collective awakening, it is important that we know that difference. Mental masturbation, or euphoria, is not spiritual awakening; though awakening can be a result if one takes a leap into the heart/spirit. However, being in a state of euphoria solely is not genuine connection with the higher self.

The first level of healing is often through the mind. This is because within society the mind is prioritized over the heart and spirit. This means the beginning of the journey for many people is to intellectually understand themselves, their issues and perhaps how the emotional body or even the spiritual world appears to work. Unless we can process things within the aspect of ourselves we use most often, (the mind), we will not open to further healing. Things have to “make sense” to us in order to begin to surrender. This intellectual understanding can give ecstatic feelings, as things are “finally coming together and making sense.” There can be a mental euphoria and powerful newfound feeling of control and stability, a deep relief from pain and confusion. This can feel like a spiritual experience, and perhaps there is a flickering of spirit seeping through to grab onto, but in reality it is the unweaving of the mind. This is the mental connection with the spiritual world and it revolves around things making sense, analyzing, and feeling in control.

Much can  be done from the former state. One can memorize swaths of teachings, recognize patterns, you can even rearrange concepts to have them sound like they are your own material. What you cannot do from this state, however, is have original inspired thought or fully feel your own independent purpose within this world. You can sound, for all intentions and purposes, as though you are a very spiritual person when in fact you have not gone any further than mind. You have only rearranged what has been created; the mind is in a codependent relationship with what is already created.

In order to have access to your soul, and the original, inspired material within it you must go into the heart, which is the gateway to the soul. From here you will be called to purify, or, release patterns that do not serve you. In stark contrast, the mind doesn’t want you to release patterns; it wants to have all insights and information fit into its already created paradigms. To an overloaded mind, the heart is death.

As we progressively sink into the heart and feel our true divine self, we finally access our original inspired creativity. We feel our art. We know our beauty. We warm into a safety that can never be taken away. Our roots finally have the energy to dig so deeply into the ground that our sight can sharpen and we see through illusion. It sounds simple but this process is difficult. It hurts. It means taking responsibility for all that you have created within your life, consciously and unconsciously. To fully create our own lives we must understand we are the sole creators. It means change. It means releasing security blankets and going bravely into the unknown with only the rhythm of our soul to light the way.

For that reason, many people turn away at the first necessary crumbling of their reality. Why leave mind? Why go deep into self-responsibility and honesty if it hurts this much? I can revel in the joy of forcing my reality to fit into the boxes of my mind, and the world, that are already created and safe.

Stepping into our originality and our heart is not easy. It means facing every fear we have until we begin to see fear as a tool. However, it is the access point to our spirit, the part of us that is unwavering, and ultimately feeding our existence here. It is the root of all genuine creativity. There is no real originality or sovereignty unless you connect to the heart/higher self. The mind is only the beginning point of spiritual connection. It is the part that needs to be calmed and soothed so spirit can come forward.


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  1. “It means releasing security blankets and going bravely into the unknown with only the rhythm of our soul to light the way.”

    I really like this; thank you for sharing your voice Gigi. I’d like to ask, how can we feel the rhythm of our soul? Sometimes it can get very hard to actually hear what it is that your soul is telling you because the fear gets paralyzing. How can I deepen the connection to my soul? Meditation is one way, do you have any other suggestions? Thank you and many blessings your way. <3

  2. Gigi, I’m sorry that this is the internet and that I can’t just formally introduce myself. I would if I could, but I can’t. I’m the redhead Julian 27yrs, in Santa Monica CA. I like the point you made about society influencing people to value themselves only by the mind, and how you consider euphoria as not in every case reflecting on enlightenment. It’s so true that there are people who master the power of illusion. But what about egotism? How far will you go to keep yourself forever distinguished from the masses? These days I find the special experience of being with animals less and less accessible with human beings. You can’t just share a special moment with another person, and feel thankful for that. Apart of what gets me excited about you is that you would be so ideal for ufology learning. Does your ego convince you that just because you are public with your enlightenment that you are more enlightened than the person who does not go public? Does your ego convince you that every person who contacts you via internet should be kept at a safe, impersonal distance? Does your ego convince you to learn from others impersonally or to teach others impersonally, but never be human with another person through the internet? Isn’t it better to throw and receive a few punches and know some soul experience instead of only depicting soul experience, and being only impersonal? There are some people I wouldn’t want to do me any harm but I could almost invite you to hiss and scratch if only to move beyond the fear and defensiveness. – Julian

    1. Hi Julian!

      Thank You for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I am not sure I completely understand what you are asking or implying. I want to be clear. I am a working intuitive consultant and writer. I deal with interpreting and translating the spiritual world the best I possibly can but in no way am I desiring, or planning, to be an enlightened guru or leader of any kind. I can see a day where we view spirituality, the higher realms, and the abilities that come with higher consciousness as normal. This gap between “spiritual teacher” and “student” will close as time passes as we understand that connecting with ET’s or other ultra-dimensionals is normal. Everybody has access to what I am saying, it is not an amazing feat, it is our natural ability. To try to elevate ones self above others because they have access to spirit represents an old paradigm, it is the old way. This egoic adoration many spiritual teachers crave so much they should be able to provide for themselves in the first place to even be considered a master. Please enjoy my work as you would one student connecting with another because that is truly what is happening. I am not perfect, I am me.

      1. OK!

        Thank you for receiving me nicely in that comment. I want to share my sentiments, and see how you feel about it, based on your comment. I like you. I’ve known people from my long ago past that resonated of energy that was aligned to yours, so I simply like your energy, and I want to see what you think of what I have to offer. Based on your reply, you included: “To try to elevate ones self above others because they have access to spirit represents an old paradigm, it is the old way. ” I want to get a sense of whether or not you are commenting on old world typical religious egotism, in which people would get into the Sharia ranks, the Jewish Ranks, or the Christian ranks, or even guru ranks, or if you are actually implying that one person cannot be more ascended than another in reality? Is it within your belief that one spirit can be more ascended than another based on awareness?

        Similarly to, as you would say, the dominance the earth, and the galaxy has over human experience? Humans cannot make the earth go where they want it to, they cannot build one, they cannot visit stars, but some species may. My point is that spiritualism is more or less depending on ascended nature, which is also awareness.

        So, then you provided something that was very humbling to yourself, that you did not want to be any sort of guru or leader. But my sentiment on that, is that it is very natural to be a leader should it be that you are truly enlightened, and not just well read on religious texts. So, I’m curious, is it your intention to have no faith in yourself to continue ascending in your awareness and to share that awareness with anyone?

        And I wanted to share that the Third Eye, which is intuition and psychic capability, is based entirely on how aware you are. When you are very aware, your soul has become truly enlightened to some extent of what is around you, and so you can reach beyond typical mediums of reality and perceive what is beyond your body in some aspect or another.

        If you were only just an attractive body, and you had a cute attitude that would not get me going, but I relate to some of your experiences about the pursuit of enlightenment. And I completely want to share my own progress with you because I do like your energy and I’m comfortable doing some orbits with you.

        Show me some love.

        1. Hello Julian,

          The old way is a way of thinking, actually. Religion is a mind-set first and foremost from there we create institutions that reflect our inner religiosity. This is what we do in order to get a sense of security and, I suppose, depth spiritually. From this desire all religions formed. Due to where our consciousness was at the time we externalized our spirituality onto leaders within our religions (or cults, whatever floats your boat.) We began to believe that we could not connect , or should not connect (OMG!!DEMONS!!). This is where we began to really discount our own abilities as humans. There were what we call ascended beings Jesus, buddha etc, that clearly were more evolved, but they never taught anyone that they couldn’t do what they did. What I am getting at is that You are the answer. There is no need to externalize our spirituality and compare ourselves to others. There is no need to feel out who is more ascended because at the end of the day, it is pretty subjective. You have all that capabilities within you to access the exact amount of spiritual guidance that you need, it is our design. It doesn’t matter if your neighbour, the quirky youtuber, or the spiritual channeler, is technically more realized. It actually has nothing to do with you. This is the new way. You are it, you have all you need within you.

          My intention is to play. My intention is to share what inspires me or what has helped me because I love seeing and feeling peoples hearts light up when they discover a piece of themselves they have forgotten. That is why I do what I do.

          1. I completely beckon you to read this because I believe it will inspire and move you. Show me your disagreement and any sadism, any spite, but don’t neglect me. Let me know you really want me gone, through telling me very straight, but don’t neglect me. I do have the expectation from experience that people will find some reason to ignore something meaningful for something sensational.

            Ok… I like what you provided, and how you are depicting what you call the old way, as a way of thinking. It does seem that you elaborated on that, through expressing how people connected to their religious state of being, was through their old way of thinking.

            And then the “You Are It.” way of thinking, as being a new progression. And that it does not matter to compare who is more ascended to who.

            So, maybe what I’m thinking from what you provide, is that you have no interest in the dangers of human spiritualism, like that a Muslim father may feel it is spiritually and religiously acceptable to punish his daughter for wanting a boyfriend with honor beating for example. So, when you say, it does not matter to compare one spiritual nature to another, do you discount the spiritual morals of being compassionate and empathetic, to progress from as foundation? Because if nothing spiritual matters to you in terms of pro action to help others selflessly, and you seek to elaborate on a sort of Aries, secure in a larger group way of thinking, that is maybe something I’m noticing. Make no mistake, I get no more valuable a delight than feeling the ascension of another through my efforts to help them empower their third eye, their intuition, their awareness. Because I like you, unless you uninspire me with enforcing ignorance I would like to promote wind to your sail.

            In fact, Aries in Buddhist Astrology aligns to the sheep/ram, which is one of a trio of peace, and creative animals, including rabbit, and pig. Sheep people, like Aries have tendencies to think in a herd mentality, and to pursue only what feels most comfortable to them, where the grass is most green. But that is not to dishonor the greater value of Aries people as well, or your value. Devoted and elaborate romantic people. Why would you let your subconscious prevent you from the will to ascend if you realized it was doing so in any context, for the matter of faith in all that is sacred in your awareness, (as being ascending,) and not only an old way of thinking, and reflective of ego.

            I really want to know about your sense of spiritualism in connection faith itself. Do you have the sense of self to exclude yourself from the potential to have the faith that would empower you to help people who are helpless, who are oppressed by sadistic laws such as the Sharia laws to stone the adulterer? A person who expresses a sense of helplessness to change anything around the self, through heroism, through morals in ones meditations, reflects on a recovering individual from spiritual wounds, and those who cower from heroic opportunity.

            Intuition and the third eye are so connected that you have to be to some extent of a more ascended awareness to feel what is beyond you, to sense what is beyond you. Your soul has to be more ancient, with more progress.

            I want to know your passion. Challenge me with your questions and see if I can keep up with you. And if you feel that I help you in some way, be direct and pursue something more from me.

            Because I still like you, and I want to rest on the freedom of soul in your company, because there is freedom when there is not inhibition from the desire for more awareness.

  3. That attachment of the mind to its creations is so amazingly true, as an example of investment. And the removal from this investment of what the mind has created, an allowing of things to crumble is important. With that concept of fear as a tool being a difficult one.