Mirroring vs. Deflection

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“The problem is not with me, but with you. Everything is a mirror.”

Can we chat for a minute about mirroring? I have been getting several messages about the use of mirroring to deflect being held accountable for questionable behavior. Unfortunately the ego has a way of lurking into even the most spiritual of topics and twisting them. This concept of mirroring can easily be used to deflect responsibility by asserting that if you see careless behavior, you are in fact careless. What better way to silence inquiry? Accuse everyone of projecting… all the time.

To be clear, mirroring indicates resonance. It means that, you have an experience and a knowing of a pattern and because of that you have the capacity to see it in others. We all share the same emotional scale and even our most personal experiences can translate into the collective as we share and connect with each other more than we consciously recognize.

Now, your personal connection with the patterns you perceive in others may vary: this is where the concept of mirroring deepens. The pattern you are detecting in another may be in various states of realization within yourself. It may be something you are suppressing and have very little conscious awareness of, something you are working on, or something that you have overcome and are deeply versed in. Your personal relationship to the pattern that you are seeing in others can vary greatly.

What this means is that when someone recognizes a pattern within you it can be through unconscious projection or it could very well be through deep knowing and experience on their part. It would therefore be inaccurate to assume that all mirroring is a subconscious projection, or that anyone who inquires is simply not self-aware. That is dismissive. People can and do see patterns in others that are unhealthy from a place of conscious wisdom.

The highest use of mirroring for oneself is to use it to honestly journey inward to see if there is truth— not to deflect. Mirroring allows us to see personal patterns, good and bad, that we may not perceive on our own.


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  1. Thank you for giving me the words to clarify my observations and experiences while visiting my family this winter in Texas. (Family of 10…mostly unconscious) I must be on a fast track of evolving with SO many “opportunities” in a short time to experience much of what you teach, share and intuit for me/ all of us.
    I would love to hear your thoughts * or a video) on family and the roles they play in our journey… and/or creating new ones? 🙂
    I have taken long breaks from them and have found my deepest and most profound growth.
    Peace to you GiGi..

    1. Hello J W,

      I am glad that this helped. It is true are ‘families’ do give us such wonderful ‘opportunities’ to grow! I will add this topic to my list, it is a good one, and you are not alone here.

      Thank You for stopping by!

      – Gigi

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