Mystery Masquerade Memories

With October bringing us back to the tradition of role play, dressing up and painting our faces it is the perfect time to examine the sacred ritual of the masquerade ball. I mean, what is a Masquerade ball, anyway? I thought this was an opportune time to share a strange past life memory involving a masquerade ball, Atlantis and a maze that shook me to my core.

Atlantis & Halloween

Lewis Walpole


As an interesting side note, it is said that the fall of Atlantis actually happened on October 31st over 10,000 years ago. Today we walk this earth ringing in it’s mighty echo not realizing many of the traditions we hold sacred were formed in that lost Atlantean epoch. We have forgotten that we did not spring up from a lower density, from an animal-like form, but rather fell from a higher state into a denser form. In truth, we are a continuation of another time and place, we are older and wiser than our mind can reach with imagination.

Many of the traditions and celebrations that we have created are mirrors of this past Atlantean epoch, and as we move through them we unknowingly re-trace our steps in another time, we are always dancing with our forgotten selves. Halloween, or All Souls Day, is the time where we put on costumes apparently to hide from all of the lost souls that walk the earth. The ones that were released at such great magnitude during the fall of Atlantis? Perhaps Halloween is actually our way of coping with the aftershock of the fall. Perhaps some of these souls that walk the earth at Halloween are pieces of ourselves, aspects we didn’t master before we fell? When we look at this halloween tradition of spirit communion and costume perhaps we can deepen our perspective and remember that costumes are not about hiding but actually a tool to help us discover who we are. This is the realization that I made not too long ago through a set of vivid past life memories.

Maze Memories


The visions began with me in an other time, as a child, walking through a hedge maze. I was laughing and running my fingers along the walls feeling for energy. ‘I love this game’, I thought, as I weaved through the sprawling corridors like a bloodhound on the trail. I could sense my father near me, watching, but not helping, I was a little young to be participating, but my sheer enthusiasm seemed to make up for my missing years.

With the images a knowing came into my mind, a sobering presence that lifted me slightly out of the experience and back into the role of observer. I remembered that I was doing a maze ritual, for young preistess’, to determine their innate psychic capacity. You see, it is difficult to observe in a child what their sensibilities are and where their psychic reach organically leans. It is easy to determine a child is psychic, but the depth and potential of that ability are another matter entirely. This must be done through a series of psychic games and interactions. In order for a priestess to be assisted on her path society needs to understand who she is.

As you are reading this, you may be thinking to yourself, what time on earth is this? The answer to that is many times. I saw this same tradition taking place throughout time beginning in Atlantis and the last time I saw it was in the 1600’s. You may also be asking why you have not heard about this? The answer to that is that these traditions were carried on only by certain groups, to be precise groups that were originally connected to Atlantean Priestess & Priesthood’s. As there is some confusion around the Lemurian traditions and the Atlantean it should be noted that the Atlantean tradition included Lemurian traditions. They are often placed at odds when in reality Atlantis was an evolution of Lemuria and the Lemurian Goddess and nature traditions were the foundation of the Atlantean cycle, much like how the Eastern and Western Mysteries of today feed and support one another. The Atlantean spiritual evolution was to bring precision and more material form to the raw power that the Lemurian traditions had cultivated. These spiritual Atlantean peoples were driven further, and further underground as humanity became more and more dogmatic and materialistic. Constant persecution cycles over the ages culminated into witch hunts. It was a death wish to reveal yourself as being even remotely interested in anything other than what was being enforced by politicians and thieves cleverly masking themselves in religious garb. The majority of the public descended into a spiritually divorced reality and certain groups kept the traditions alive, but behind closed doors. This is where these traditions lie today, hidden, not simply to lord over people, although unfortunately that does happen, but primarily because humanity itself has yet to begin asking the right questions and remembering who they are.

The maze ritual is a ritual that engrosses the young intuitive in the reality of their psychic ability: There is a target and the intuitive must sense it and through that sensing find it and identify it. This is the basis of all psychic work, the ‘target’ can be the answer to a question, a person, a stream of consciousness, or in the case of psychometry, an item. The dynamic of an intuitive being a traveller, or a seeker, in this way is consistent. The target in the maze ritual is placed in the centre of the maze often with a water fountain. The fountain represents the flow of consciousness and psychic energy; and in Atlantean tradition the use of water is key. The item at the centre will be specific in its meaning and will tell the high priest(ess) who this child is and how they are to be raised. This practice has a sacred role for society as well, the young priests and priestess’ are seen as the future potential leaders of the community and the gifts that they have reveal how exactly society will evolve. This is the idea of the preist king/queen, leadership that was able to sense higher knowledge and serve their community. In the early days of this ritual some of the children were from the inner earth, over time as the density on the planet shifted this became impossible, so hybrids of the spiritually advanced people of the inner earth and humans came to contribute their gifts.

The Cosmic Masquerade

The maze ritual was only part of the the event in which I was attending. I also noticed that the people around me were in full costume – I was at a masquerade ball. I of course knew who many of them were even with masks on, but for all intents and purposes they were not themselves, they were playing a higher role. I remember looking up and seeing one man dressed as the constellation of Orion. I realized at that moment that all of the people in attendance were dressed as significant archetypal characters. Some were constellations, or historical figures, while others were forces of nature or fictional characters. I understood that it was all brilliantly organized to be cosmically significant, the characters were chosen with care and reflected both the time and era of the earth and the higher cosmic values that radiated downward. It was as though we were all consciously becoming the moving parts of Gods mind, and in this sacred surrender we opened to cathartic opportunities to explore our true identity. We were engaged in a deep ritual of character, releasing ourselves from personality, not to lose ourselves, but to find ourselves. We acted out the relevant natural cosmic forces understanding that it would allow our higher-self to be fed and nourished in the way that only spiritual connection can. We were free to be vulnerable and heal, it was understood that we would allow ourselves to act out what was needed and that we would not be judged. In order to organize such a gathering the high spiritual leadership had to be at a level of power that it is hard for us to understand at this point in our awareness. The level of human sensitivity required to plan and orchestrate this correctly would find it difficult to actually survive in the current environment.

These cosmic masquerades survived only in pieces, they became mystery plays, seances, channeling salons and costume parties. Shakespeare, Goethe and Rudolf Steiner managed to carry out these traditions in the form of mystery plays. We are not engrossed in them as we once were, we are not playing the characters in a mystery ball, but the remnants of cathartic awakening and the emotional immersion of character is still there to be experienced. The highest form of entertainment is to hopefully catch someone at a time of openness and by mirroring sacred cycles assist them in re-discovering the spark of God within them. The beauty of writing, acting and playing characters is the expression of cycles that are beyond personality, it is allowing our greater being to express what the personality cannot. When society begins to acknowledge this practice as sacred work it will begin to heal.

The Changing of the Guard


Film: Orlando

What was fascinating about this remembrance was not only the integration of intuitive people so intelligently into the culture, or the power of playing roles, but rather the overall pattern of regression that was occurring. Upon re-experiencing this ritual over several eras from its height in Atlantis to its complete fall the 1600’s, I noticed that the planet seemed to be sinking deeper and deeper into confusion. In fact, there was a palpable split in consciousness on the planet: some people were maintaining and evolving their consciousness while others were spiralling into a confusing and destructive stage of devolution.

To illustrate this my visions flashed from me happily running through the maze with the sun smiling above me to another life doing the same ritual, this time a lonely and jagged fog filled the edges of my mind. It was cold outside now and the man who is supposed to be the high priest holding space for the ritual is angry and barking at someone over my head. He has a tall thin frame, his energy feels like that of an addict desperate and fiending. He is dark and it is clear to me that he lost himself a long time ago. In my mind I zoom out and I don’t understand how he is leading this ceremony, it is such a contrast between the original tradition. Unfortunately, I am a child and I must do as I am told.

I make my way into the maze. I have no desire to sense anything, but have to act as though I am trying. I then realize that the item at the centre of the maze has nothing to do with identifying my abilities, or anyone else’s for that matter, the item at the centre has to do with war and gathering secrets of the ‘enemy’. They want to see if any intuitives have a predisposition to be exploited, not cultivated. Not only has this ritual regressed into a bizarre, nightmare circus but the sacred ceremonies designed to serve society are being used for power and personal gain.

After walking for a few minutes in a frightened daze I push myself into the hedge, I just wanted to disappear. I can smell smoke in the air and I can hear people screaming and laughing their cackles more like wild animals than humans. A rhythmic drumming pounds through the air giving a false spirit to a lurking, hungry force that is weaving through the crowds looking for a neck to bite. As I hide in the hedges I know the the dogs are coming, I can hear them sniffing. They’re looking for me. I’m taking too long. Oddly I can sense them in the astral too there are dogs there, astral dogs, all looking for me. Soon they are in front of the hedge I am hiding in and I am being pulled back to the start of the maze. I’m scraped all over my body, but no ones seems to care, everyone is too self absorbed to to take notice.

I look around at the party happening around me and like in the past people are all in costume, but like the maze ritual was distorted the costumes were too. There was no rhyme or reason to them. Many of the costumes were overly sexual while others were just mixed up, bizarre creations. Clearly the idea of wearing a costume was not to discover ones self but rather to lose oneself. To behave in ways that allowed their lower animal nature to run rampant and unchecked rather than genuinely tap into the parts of themselves that need healing and expression. There was no careful psychic consideration to the characters, or cosmic narrative that would be expressed. How could there be? These people had lost all possible ability to function in that capacity. The only level of spirit what was still alive, was reaching into the lowest plane, the lower astral.

There was a sick sense of revelry, peoples eyes were wide, fast and wild with a desire to be overwhelmed – possessed. There was no longer a steady presence within them, no stings of wisdom being gathered, just a predatory desire to consume other peoples energy. They’d lost the battle. They lost themselves.

What made this situation so complex was that families were becoming divided, it wasn’t a clean break. In our minds we’d like to think that certain significant families remained allied, blood is thicker than water, right? No. It was messy. Over time the fast, easy power of black magick began to permeate these families, and society at large, so badly that there was not a shred of original spirit in their midst. The tone was set and as a result materialism, consumerism, scientism, dogmatism became a crushing force in the consciousness of Man. Here we are we’ve traded our gold for lead somehow believing we would be better off.

However, a small group formed who remembered the pure essence of the traditions and believed that these lineages of spirit would need to be preserved over time. They instilled within their minds the practices of their ancestors and took what relics they could and went underground. They rose only at certain times to offer teachings not for those who want to be told, as though spiritual development is a type material consumption of ideas or history, but for those that want to remember.


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  1. 1600’s & 1700’s — in history these times marked as a Renaissance. Culture, Technology… Britich Empire became worldwide. But at the same time spirituality became depressed and suppressed by mental energy. Maybe that Renaissance was mental-like. War was just everywhere. Technological development was rooted into the military almost comlpetely. European Royal Families became distorted so much, that it lead to French Revolution in the very end of XVIII century, and Napoleonic wars. Although, there were enough people to carry positive idead&traditions. America was lucky enough to have such people to start American Revolution. As DJ said, that Founding Fathers wanted to create New Atlantis. They were educated enough in spirituality, to have this kind of idea.

  2. The memory of the maze really resonates with me, and reminds me of an interesting experience in my present life. Completely lost, on psychedelics, and unable to read street signs, I was somehow able to find my destination through an unusual means. Other than some weird type of faith, I’m not sure why I decided to do this, but whenever I came to an intersection, I would examine the thoughts in my head. They were about various people, or situations completely unconnected to my course. If whatever situation I was considering required a tactful approach, I’d turn left. If it required me taking a moral high ground, I’d turn right, and if I should just sail through it, I’d go straight. This was not a small town, I started outside of a capital city with no idea how to get where I was going, but somehow, that method got me exactly where I needed to go, in a totally strange place by very strange means. What a trip that was, in many ways!