Optimism, or spending time genuinely learning how to cultivate peaceful emotions, is not just a shallow pursuit to avoid pain. Many people think that being optimistic is about suppressing the shadow, it is not. It is actually a way to keep your life progressing by reducing extreme emotional peaks and valleys and allowing your intuition and inspiration to flow more freely. Optimism is an equalizer, not a suppressant.

You are the creator of your world and you are not subject to the repetitive cycling of your emotional landscape. Do not fear developing a strong sense of personal power, it is what you are craving. When we are depressed, anxious and hopeless it is not happiness that we crave it is the wielding of our own consciousness. We desire to be deeply consciously connected with our spirit and directly creating our world. Optimism is the beginning of this path. And as we walk this path we will be shown all of the places where we need to bring light. With the understanding of optimism (which is the understanding of the emotional-spiritual-physical union) we can actually face our trauma and darkness rather then be controlled by it.

What I have learned in my practice is that our emotional body works a lot like our physical body in that it is always trying to create homeostasis, or balance. If we have a lower immune system our body will work to do what it can to put out fires and bring us back to optimum health. Our emotional body does the same, if we are in a low emotional state for an extended period our spirits priority is to get us back into a more balanced state. While we are in a lower emotional state we don’t just feel poorly with our tight anxious chests or lifeless depression whittling our days into a struggle, we also lose vision. We do not see potential opportunities that could be the answer to our prayers, we do not get downloads of wisdom that we have been asking for, most of all, we don’t feel that rush of life and connection. This psychic scorched earth that we experience by steeping in negative emotion is the reason that great sages have said to allow yourself to become open, flowing and optimistic.

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  1. Lucas Kehr August 24, 2018 at 10:35 am

    This is most rewarding to see myself constantly learn and attract more of what needs to be priority in this life. This is finally a time for me to choose to become what I know to be right. You have put the cherry on top by coherently expressing the divinity and peace within each soul. Courage and contentment have been my two main focuses and skills to develop, of which I believe my compassion, intuition, and communication are unfolding from. Thank you for being a part of this, namaste.

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