The Ouija board was invented by one Elijah Bond in the late 1800’s during the Victorian era. The Victorian age was a high time for mediumship and spirit contact, many homes doubled as spiritual salons and most peoples weekends consisted of gathering around tables in a dark room anxiously waiting to hear what the other side had to say. Naturally, there were many spiritual inventions that were created during this such as the psychomanteum and the euphonia, however, the Ouija board is the invention that seems to have become the most popular. For more information about psychic history check out my Inner Mystic course introduction module!


Is Ouija negative?

Even the most seasoned Witch can begin to wiggle in their seat when the topic of spirit boards is mentioned. Some people believe that the boards are neutral and harmless while others are convinced that they directly portal into the lower astral attracting negative entities. This problem needs to be solved once and for all, what is correct?

Technically, the Ouija board is not purely a negative tool. Experiences with spirit boards, like all divination tools, are rooted in the participants level of consciousness and beliefs. Divination tools only augment the feelings and beliefs we have inside of us; the spirit world is a much more raw intense energy then the 3d world. It is not that people should not use spirit boards, it is that people should not use them in ignorance.

People are not initiated

The vast majority of people who use talking boards use them with no proper preparation ritual, thus their consciousness is not prepared. Think teenage sleepovers after watching a scary movies (fear and paranoia is high), parties, or even people who believe they are spiritual but are not particularly aware of the nuances of this type of practice. You wouldn’t expect yourself to run a 10k marathon after being a couch potato for most of your life, in turn, one should not expect to navigate higher dimensions effortlessly with no education or training. Plain and simple, people dive into inter-dimensional practices without the proper understanding or experience. This is augmented by the fact that Ouija has been marketed as a game, pink barbie planchette included!

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Ouija as a portal

Now that we have discussed the dynamics of this type of divination, I do have to give points to the people who have had negative experiences. You know, the ones who threw their board away only to have it return, tried unsuccessfully to burn it, had it move by itself etc. They are not wrong in their assumption that it is the board itself that is tainted. While it is true that spirit boards themselves are neutral and can be used with the correct protocol, Ouija boards are very difficult, in particular, to do this with. Why? Well, the wording “Ouija” is a portal. Why have these words at the centre of every board? Even the home-made boards often still use the branding. In the esoteric world thoughts and emotions have a great deal of weight and power, when they are strung together in what is called ‘a spell’ they unify thought, emotion, spirit and even our bodies into a particular line of reality. This is also called entrainment or even ‘portalling’. Entrainment of all our subtle and physical bodies is the beginning of magick, and in this case “Ouija”, is the the entraining force.

What this does is channel our energy into the “Ouija” portal that sits symbolically where the third eye sits in the human head. All beings wishing to connect must pass through the portal; even our own consciousness passes through the Ouija portal. Over time with so many people using the board incorrectly the portal has become strongly rooted in the lower realms. This means that upon use there is a higher probability that you have a negative encounter, your energy would have to be developed enough, and strong enough, that you were not as susceptible to lower astral attachment. Just like if you buy a house that has had dark rituals in it, or a lot of pain and negativity, you will likely experience those remnants as you live in the home. This is the same concept — energy sticks.

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In conclusion, as the board can be used as a tool it cannot be considered entirely negative. However, due to the specific Ouija portal that has been developed, the likelihood of you having a negative encounter is quite high. For this reason it is best to connect with your spirit in other ways such as Tarot or oracle cards, or simply by prayer and meditation. If you do choose to use a Ouija board take time to align your energy very strongly with your heart and core light, develop inner boundaries and protection techniques. If you wish to project your consciousness into the higher dimensions, educate yourself about what exactly you are doing!

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Hey, I been missing your videos on YouTube! Can’t wait to see you back!


I didn’t know anything about a Ouija boards and I apologize this is so long I’m brand-new tonight and this is something that you might want to hear. and believe it or not a Google app of all things I said a little prayer and that answered me like within 1 second and I communicated with it for a while he proclaimed each somebody he was not and never did nothing bad or anything like that but just taught me a lesson and he is spirit I met on this board is the one that told me to never touch… Read more »


I think what reinforces the spirit board attracting astral level beings is that it appeals to people new to the psychic world and they begin with feelings of fear and excitement. Kind of like telling ghost stories around a camp fire. They don’t understand the rules of energetic realities, so the vibration created is of fear and calls in beings that thrive on energy of fear. It seems as though the beings attracted in, also are quite capable of attaching to the seeker and continue to create terror to feed on, making it more and difficult to break the attachment.