Your Inner Witch


I have read many an article about how to do rituals, what the moon phases mean, what herbs are best for what, but oddly enough I haven’t come across too many about the inner place we must be in to do good magic, to manifest clearly. What is going on with our ‘inner witch?’

This is perhaps the most important perspective we need to take in when it comes to getting our witch on. It can help to ask ourselves, what are we feeling when we are doing a ritual? From what place inside have we chosen to speak through? Have we settled our hearts into a balanced place? These are important questions to consider if we wish to create consciously.

Are we making our vision boards and altars with gratitude for what we have, or are we  sadly slapping them together from a place of scarcity and wanting more?

As we work a spell are we feeling compassion for ourselves, love for what we are consciously changing, and open playfulness for what will come? Or are we thinking about what we don’t like and wishing ti was different?

The energy we hold within us is the foundation from which our magic is done. In this world that is obsessed with action and busyness it is easy to devalue and overlook the thoughts and emotions that act as seeds to our new reality.

If this is your first article on witchery, ‘magic’ is a word used to describe what we now call the  manifestation process. The energy that we hold is the foundation from which we create or manifest. This means the emotions that are surging through our veins, the thoughts that echo through our mind, and even the beliefs we have about our life and the issues we are channeling will become layered into our magic. Their signature will be forever in the waves we push out into the world and therefore the waves the world pushes back to us. What receive what we give. All that we create will contain our base energy as a fractal, this fractal will also be reverberated back to us in its entirety over time. This is the universal feedback system that we know as karma, or law of attraction; this mirroring effect allows us to join forces with others with the same intention as well as know exactly what we are creating to improve.

With all this understood the question becomes, how do we create the most powerful ‘inner magic zone?” How do I tend to my ‘inner Witch?’ What does it entail?


Well, Love. Love is the energy from which we truly become creators and it is the most powerful place we can place our presence when it comes to doing a ritual, ceremony, or even a quiet intention within our mind. Love = power. Society sometimes loses this truth a long the way, but it remains constant even in cliche.

Love detoxifies our mental and emotional bodies readying them for focused intentions and energy work. It heals open wounds and brings ease to burdens we feel we need to carry. This is the place we want to always hold and work through.

It is hard at times to conceptualize love and turn it into a way of being, so for that simply know that love can be many things: Openness, forgiveness, warmth, peace, neutrality, kindness, flexibility, boundaries that support you, A wide beaming heart, understanding, gentleness, strength, inspiration, passion. All of these things (and many more) are born from love. Make it a habit to cultivate love within you through these feelings and actions, bring them to your ceremonies and rituals.


Practice unconditional love with yourself. Practice unconditional love with others. When you approach a ritual you want to have all of the emotions associated with love fired up inside of you.

The good thing about working from this foundation is that these feelings act as protection, negative entities cannot perceive you and you can hear your guides and angels more clearly. No matter what happens with your ritual you will have access to this highest path, love allows that.

With this energy active and full inside of you you become more powerful and you will remember who you are. This energy will push forward memories that will heal you and you will begin to see beyond this world. This is the generating force of your inner Witch. <3

Happy Casting Witches!


  1. Ank says:

    I just wanted to say that when i got to the part where the picture of the pink crystal altar appears, i just had to stop and cry because of all the love that i felt emanating from it. It was wonderful, thank you ♡

  2. analena says:

    Lovely post (as all of them always are).
    Would enjoy more posts on the topic of love (as a state of being).

  3. Jillian says:

    Hi Gigi, I would so love it if you start posting witchy videos. Every now and then I check in and explore YouTube for a witchy channel, but have never found one I resonate with. They usual feel like they’re coming from a place of heaviness and not so much from a grounded and light-ness (weightless) place. It was the same feeling when I went to a witchy event IRL. Anyway, thank you for all your sharing. 🙂

  4. Andre says:

    I’m looking for new spells to put in my energy field, so I’m curious if you’ve used any good ones?
    For example, some people may use love spells, or something to make themselves attract more abundance.
    What have you used?

  5. Maryam says:

    Just dropping a message to mention how EXCITED, warm and fuzzy I get when I see a new blog post!! (or video haha). Love.

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