Paralysis & Shaking During Meditation


Dear Gigi <3

my hands are shaking as I am writing this. I just came out of a meditation (pictures light expanding & contracting in body) & 2 minutes before the meditation ended I had to stop. My whole body was paralyzed. It was like someone had poured liquid cement into my body and as it was hardening it was trying to burst out of my body. Something wanted to burst out as if my body was an overflowing balloon of water. I had to REMIND myself to breathe because it felt like a panic attack, I thought I was going to die (mind probably took over). My arms were frozen into a weird position and my fingers were curled and it was all hard as a brick, I couldnt’ move anything or uncurl my fingers, like not even 1% they were LOCKED into position. This went on for 15 minutes as I breathed and tried to remind myself to breathe. Slowly I regained control over my body but my hands were frozen the longest, probably 25 minutes. Half an hour later they are still shaking. Any input on this?

Wow. That sounds like a very intense and scary experience, I am glad that you recovered. Now, let’s see if we can make some sense of this. I am not sure of the specific details surrounding your life at the time happened, or if there was an intention for the meditation, so I will have to speak to this situation from a general place. It may help to remember if you were going through something challenging at the time as that can be expressed in our visuals, sensations during meditation. What we experience in our inner world, and within the higher realms, can be traced back to where our consciousness was anchored. In other words, what belief systems were you referring to as your structure? By any chance were you feeling paralyzed somehow? Did you feel as though you could not move forward in an area of your life? Were you unsure, or divided, about meditation and spirituality? Also, pay attention to any intentions you set before the meditation. Were you looking to release trauma, look into a past life, or were you just free flying? Our meditations are the result of the our intentions, conscious and subconscious as well as our mood and beliefs.

Astral projection



It is possible that you actually astrally projected without realizing it. Astral projection happens when our consciousness, often called astral body or light body, begins to pull itself into the higher densities. This can be done intentionally or organically when we sleep/relax. Most people associate astral projection with sleep or very focused trained meditation techniques, however, we can astrally project by accident. One of the first times I heard someone speak about astral projection was neither a dream nor focused practice. A friend once told me that he was sitting at a bar, tired and heart broken, when he suddenly found himself floating above his body. He looked down and saw his physical form sitting on the bar stool below him. He wasn’t dead, just sitting there staring off into space. Once he began analyzing what was going on he found himself back looking through his physical eyes. Although this sounds pretty spooky, astral projection is a completely normal and necessary part of life. A large portion of our being/soul resides in the higher realms and we find a great deal of meaning, healing and wisdom by exploring and saturating ourselves in the higher densities.

Even though astral projection seems pretty nebulous and non-physical it can have a paralysis effect on the body. As you begin to re-merge back in your body you can feel as though you are dead weight, heavy, much like you are full of cement. Your waking mind does not know how to process the fact that you are in two realities at once, so until you can reintegrate into you physical body it may feel frozen. I have a video that explores sleep paralysis for further information.

Sudden intense release of emotion

Another scenario is that you were in a detoxification wave, or, a period of intense emotional release and realization. Emotions can create a physiological response such as when we are unearthing deeply rooted trauma. This freezing response can happen if you are conscious of what has been stirred up, or even if we are not conscious. If we are having an emotional and physical reaction we often feel pressure, or heaviness, it in our heart, guts, or even throat. We can become waterlogged as we are called to let go of what is literally too heavy to carry. If we are in a very relaxed state it can become easier to physically take on and express our inner subtle process’. When we are in our waking state, focussed externally, it is easier to create distance from our subtle worlds thus allowing us to suppress our emotions and spirit more easily.

It should also be noted that something very interesting happens when we meditate, we relax and begin to feel the light of our soul fill us, this influx of light can push painful memories or trauma to the surface. It is like cleaning the crusted bits of scar tissue off of our heart so that it can beat with all the vim and vigour it was designed to have. This is one of the reasons why we sit in stillness, to allow ourselves to re-orient in the direction of spirit (purpose). To shed what no longer serves us and become sober to our place within the universe. If something very deep is being brought forward it can feel like you are unable to move as you re-live an emotional energy that created a lot of pain in your past. This may be in this life or even other lives. Light, which can be experienced emotionally as love, is one of the best detoxifiers around and anything that is not light will be purged. It is extremely rare for a spiritual/emotional release to be as visceral and heavy as you have expressed, we often naturally metabolize our releasing so that we are not so consumed by it, but it is possible.


Perhaps the most important dynamic to discuss it not what was happening, but how to have a bit more control over this if it is to happen again. Always keep in the back of your mind that fear will seize you up and make things heavy while love will create ease, openness, strength and flexibility. This happens in our physical body as well, if we are in resistance to the flow life, if we refuse to adapt, change and open to the unknown we begin to seize up. If we are trying to control when we should be allowing our higher-self to step in, we will lose our flexibility and fluidity, we will become weaker. On the other hand, when we begin to consciously open, relax, and let spirit fill us where we feel we are are afraid and unsure we expand, heal, glow and gain strength and flexibility. It is the same in the higher realms although the result is immediate. What we think and feel we will experience in the subtle worlds without the delays of the physical world. It can help to practice feeling love, and surrender when you come into a situation that jars you or when you feel anxiety creeping up. This will allow higher wisdom from your soul to rush into the chaos that is spinning within you. When we can begin to train ourselves to react to challenges by first becoming still conscious light it will allow us to drop the paddles and be shown the higher reason why we feel shaken.

Those would be my best approximations of what happened to you. Thank you for your support.  If anyone reading this has had a similar experience, or some further insight please comment below!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, just wondering where else to access the sleep paralysis video? It seems it was removed from YouTube. 🙁

  2. jadeedsilver says:

    When I was very young I started having outer body experiences some were not so nice as if I was paralyzed sometimes I felt as if something was taking advantage of me while I lay there frozen. Night after night I felt as if I were being raped by something my heart would pound and I would try and shake myself awake I lost so much sleep over it . Sometimes I would lay there in between being here and there and just open my eyes I would see things . Sometimes I would hear things as well. As I got older it disappeared and recently it came back. This time I was not scared but saw a beautiful light in my room I looked around and heard a voice and static asking if I wanted to be it’s friend and I said only if you are of love and light they then it disappeared. There are times when I will just hear voices either whispered in my ear while I sleep. I don’t know why this strong connection to the other side . But this is why I have decided to take some of your classes to strengthen this ability in me. I have always been able to read someone by looking into their eyes . I have also been able to quit myself and ask a question and hear clearly something answer me.

  3. Annette Breton says:

    Adepts are playing with humanity now and I am one of their targets. I was in a psychologists office who put me under without telling me and I found myself in a trance and hypnosis state slouched in his chair. When he was too close my broca’s area of the brain for speech was affected and it was like stuttering as I couldn’t get the word out and I felt the wheels of his chakras turning and was at such a wide scope it may had affected my ability to speak. I went home and had a kundalini awakening in my kitchen while putting dishes away and it affected my third eye and I could see in the front porch he was coming up my stairs. ( the psychologist). My daughter who dislikes strangers on the porch said mom, theres somebody on our porch. She shook me out of the clear vision I was having and by the time I got to the front door he was gone!
    I knew nothing about spirituality on a deep level and had to look up everything that had happened to me online which was not all that detailed as it is no

  4. Georgia fitzgerald says:

    My first ever episode was 2 years ago, perhaps a more peaceful one. Fingers were stretch out as if electricity pushing out of them, I played with it. Trying to put my hands in prayer but there was a force keep them apart. It was as I’m my body was levitating. I told myself I wanted to come back down. I spoke to my yoga teacher at the time she said these were ‘siddi’ Experiences – deep relaxation.

    I had broken my leg at the time and felt rock bottom, I knew meditation would save me. So I just breathed and surrendered, no outside world could get in… i simply wanted to ‘heal’ and my hands often felt the portal for that and the rhythmic breathing. 2 years later my leg is cured but I now have a different ailment and these same feelings always arise before the experience ‘surrender – heal – escape this body – sitting and dealing with some uncomfort’

    This years began after an acupuncture session, I was also on an astral travel retreat and I had this feeling it would happen…

    1. Georgia fitzgerald says:

      Again I felt too fearful to stick with it as it felt I wasn’t at peace leaving my body with claws and fingers turned up almost like a stroke/cerebral pawsey.

      I told my teacher the next day experience in astral travel she said this is normal and that’s your fears telling you ‘you need to let go!!! And that i was SOOO close to stepping outside my body’

      Never the less I’m not ready and after today now back in my own country I’ve had the experience again but only felt more intense, tossing and turning but remembering to sit with it and breath….

      I asked for a guide this weekend to help me through in balances and I felt a disobeys so began my meditation instead of running to hospital.

      ‘To have faith’ I feel is being channeled through as if you ease into it, or want to come back down and relax into the physical world the hands do eventually uncurl themselves.

      I personally feel this could be trapped energy needing to get out I am a highly creative/sensitive person who needs

      1. Georgia fitzgerald says:

        Who needs movement, dance and release of energy!!!

        I also believe that perhaps it is past life ancestors trapped emotions asking to be released as they are becoming a burden to me.

        I think this is just the beginning of this skills and with time relaxing the mind and body you can work it more with peace.

        Great to know I’m not alone and others feel this – never be afraid. I truly believe it’s a higher voice of angels channeling through messaging our inner self to take care.

  5. Arun Rashaile says:

    My legs are paralised after doing meditation is this bad symptom or good symptom plz help me

  6. Shavvon Ekle says:

    When I got out of meditation when I move my left arm it feels heavy I can still move it but it hurts when I do. It’s like it half paralyzed. I don’t know what it means it’s just one body part which is weird

  7. skylight says:

    Hi. Since it hasn’t been mentioned I felt I should add what these symptoms may indicate from a medical/health perspective (that is, if the individual is also breathing rapidly and shallowly while these sensations occur) . If one does not pay attention to their breathing, and begins to hyperventilate (breath rapidly and shallowly – which often occurs during anxiety) you will get an imbalance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the circulatory system which can result in numbness and tingling in the fingers, toes, and lips, and sometime will progress to the point of cramping, numbness, and tingling in these areas. The fingers and even toes may curl up (a frequent reason for ER visits). We treat this by demonstrating slow and deep breathing, and if the individual is unable to do this, we have them breathe in and out of a paper bag, which also returns the carbon dioxide /oxygen balance back to normal. Of course, the underlying cause of anxiety would need to be addressed as well. This is why we people facing any anxiety provoking experience to take slow deep breaths, and one reason why, I believe, that the breathing pattern is of utmost importance in Hatha Yoga, for example (slow deep breaths, often synchronized with movement) . Now personally, I am new to sitting meditation – in the past I did not have the patience to sit still, so just always did yoga (moving meditation). But, knowing that meditation has so many benefits it is something that I am pursuing (and this is a big reason I am taking GiGi’s courses). So I am not an experienced meditator, and I don’t know if as meditators, you all have been taught to take slow deep breaths, as we were taught in Yoga. If you are, and you are experiencing these symptoms while breathing slowly and deeply, then you don’t even need to read this! But, if these symptoms of tingling in fingertips and curling and cramping is occurring and you are breathing rapidly and shallow, just be aware of consciously slowing down your breathing and forcing deep breathing may assist with at least some of the symptoms. But again, if this is occurring when you are breathing slowly and deeply, then obviously you are experiencing something else. I just felt like I should mention this just in case there were any that were not aware of this. And please excuse me if I am really stupid and you all already know about this. Have you all been taught to breath slowly and deeply when meditating?

  8. Dylan says:

    Last night while participating in an a cannabis ceremony rooted in ancient tradition I had this same experience. I got into a very deep place and saw the light of atoms in the peak of my experience. After I came down from what I would explain as the deepest reaches of the ceremony my hands were completly curled up and stuck in this position. They were buzzing to the point that it was uncomfortable. As a result I opened my eyes and used each hand to slowly pry my fingers upwards. Slowly I began to regain control of them. It was a very intense experience and am pleased to hear other people go through this as well

  9. Mary says:

    A couple of weeks ago I had an incredible experience while following a guided meditation. This was not the first time I had done this particular meditation, I use guided meditations frequently, along with just sitting in a contemplative state. I do want to say that I am quite new to this way of thinking, what i am going to refer to as the New Age. I found Gigi on youtube while looking for information on what happens to our souls when we die. The desire to search was a result of losing a sister. On this particular day, I was feeling happy, full of hope and wonder. Although I had already completed my meditation practice, I felt that I “needed” more and wanted to continue to sit for a while longer, hence i chose the meditation on love. My heart was open, and I could feel the contact with my soul and Divine Self as I got started. It didn’t take long before my guides appeared, along with a winged being, it didn’t have a physical body, it was made up of light so bright, that it was almost blinding, I was not able to make out a face, or any particular features, except that it was tall, with wings of light, there were outlines of arms and legs, all made up of light, so perfect, this being radiated love, acceptance, warmth, I felt loved and so incredibly happy, almost like my heart would shatter into a million pieces from the joy, peace and love I felt. I started to feel a warm sensation in my back, hands, feet, the top of my hear. I became aware of a vibration, a light vibration that made my body feel tingly, warm, connected to the floor where i sat, connected to my house plants, my dog who was laying down next to me on the floor, i felt like i was a part of everything, the trees outside, the water, the birds, air, the planet, stars. As this was happening, the vibration increased, my body felt frozen, my fingers curled over the crystals that i was holding. I could feel beads of sweat running down my back (my home is air conditioned and at one point even heard the air kick in), My body continued to vibrate, my mouth felt dry. I felt an enormous feeling of love, i “saw” past events, like i was looking at them happening at that moment, that normally cause me great pain, in vivid detail, down to what i was wearing and how I felt; as i sat there i felt love, forgiving the individuals who cause me that pain. I could “see” that those moments were not to define me, but to help me learn, to grow, and it was at that moment that i realized that I was not a victim, but a survivor, and that it is time to release and let it go. It was all happening at the same time, i was aware of all of it. There were Masters, beings of light, some guides that I had never seen/felt before, and the presence of my recently departed sister there. The blue beings, I have seen them before in some of my meditations, a female, male and a young child, they are incredibly beautiful. I don’t know who they are, or why I can see them. Does anyone have any information? They are tall, serene, with long fingers, they also wear blue clothing, with gold jewelry. The little boy seems shy. They always seem to be expecting me. I have asked for their names but don’t understand what they say. They don’t necessarily speak, its like i can hear/know what they say in my head. I received a blessing from a being that was pure love, said goodbye, and slowly found myself sitting cross legged on the floor. I had to crawl to my bed, where i fell asleep with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. After this experience I feel more connected to my husband, family, people at work, people in cars driving next to me, or at a restaurant, the connection to plants, animals and the earth feels stronger, i feel more alive, and feeling guided to do more with my life. Thank you all for letting me share in this safe and nurturing space.

  10. Siv says:

    Interesting article! As a child and teenager, I had many “sleep paralysis”, but I’ve never quite found the explanation to these sensations. They were quite terrifying! I could feel the paralysis coming right before I went to sleep – it was as though someone was standing in the room with me. I felt I was dragged out of my body, while hearing an “electrical, humming pulse” in my head. The humming would get louder and louder, till it stopped, I “fell” down and my whole head was pulsating – and hurting. I was so afraid! This process would repeat itself till I managed to awaken myself. While awake my head was not hurting at all, and I’ve never had problems with headaches while awake.
    Does anyone have an explanation for this?

    1. Seumas says:

      Yes. This is an excerpt from a book by Susan Brinkman.
      Why are the Catholic alternatives superior?

      ‘If one is living in the present moment in the presence of God, there is no need for a Buddhist practice like mindfulness. These Christian practices far surpass these merely human-based methods and actually draw us into the presence of God, where we can find authentic peace and healing.

      Instead of a momentary escape from anxiety, the Christian alternative offers a real solution to anxiety and a permanent transformation. One practice is a quick fix; the other is a long-term opportunity for exponential personal growth toward the ultimate goal of our existence here on Earth — union with God.

      By the time we reach this summit of union with him here on Earth, we will have been completely transformed into a totally new creation — not just an improvement of the old. When we are united with our Creator, we will finally become who we were meant to be from the beginning of time. This is a grace that surpasses all understanding.’

      I would add that involving yourself with ‘higher realms’ is extremely dangerous as spirits do indeed exist. However what are we inviting into our lives? Why take the risk?
      Kind regards

  11. Cammy says:

    Felt just like this when I practiced receiving Source energy from a book called Divine Healing Hands. Also experienced a similar feeling when I was being hugged by an angel — was so emotional, i was frozen, crying, purging so much grief and sadness and feeling true love and happiness from my guides. It was during a dark time in my life, but also a time period in which I began to learn more about spirit guides, angels, synchronicities, etc. The sensations began when I stood up to thank my angels and extended my arms to hug them. It was my first time ever doing this.

  12. John says:

    Hi There,

    I have experiences now that don’t even need to be in meditation, at night in bed. I can’t sleep and my body moves in a series of movements and stretches almost like I am being aligned, like “sacred surgery” which is what I thought I had experienced in the fall when doing ayahuasca in Costa Rica. This happens more frequently now with the increasing energies in our world and I also think I am getting downloads into my body through my fingers, palms and crown chakra and the third eye.

    All pretty cool, hopefully the purpose will be revealed in due course.



  13. David says:


    I from a very young age 5 have worked with healing it was a family gift and some thing i have always loved. Blessed all my family was very open about it. I am know 47yo and has so many amazing thing happen over my life. I work with reiki the 20years and its become a dear friend to me. I would like to share this with you all. You cover many topics but good place to start is understandings there are some keys words most seem to miss and they can be the most help on your path. They are
    1. Intentions – thought creates
    2. Free will. ask your what its meaning to you
    3.Love but more over your passion about it.
    These have help so many times wanted to share ! if you have question i will be here love and blessing to you all

  14. Karen says:

    Hi, I had to comment on this article because the hand thing happened to me during a guided chakra cleansing meditation! My hands/arms started tingling then I felt a ball of continuous pressure surround my hands as if someone was holding my hands and applying pressure and some fingertips felt addt’l pressure. I felt a sensation in my lower arms and lower back, too. At the same time a deep warmth appeared in my stomach/chest/throat area. My hands, I couldn’t move or feel normally, but I sensed that the fingers moved into the shapes of claws, as if I were holding large tennis b***s. This was a little scary and I prayed that this was a normal expression of my energy flowing. My lips felt a little off but I opened my mouth to ask for my guardian angels help but my tongue felt..shrunken..and couldn’t really move it.. My words sounded slow and hard to understand like I was drunk. It took many minutes after the guided meditation for my fingers to straighten out and to feel ‘back to normal’. Months afterwards I went to a metaphysical event and spoke to an intuitive about this experience as I really wanted an explanation and he nodded like he understood as I told him what happened and he said regarding the hands that must have been the chakras in the hands causing that involuntary freezing of the fingers. I assume my momentary speech issue was due to a throat chakra blockage…

  15. Rossalia says:

    Hi Gigi, I came across your YouTube videos as I was trying to find something about the Pleiadians as I have been having contacts with them via astral travelling( I had no idea they existed). So thank you so much for your awesomeness, I have been learning great things from you, I hope you can feel my love and gratitude.

    What type of meditation would you recommend? Do you do mantras, kundalini breathing or just a calm meditation music? ????❤️

    1. gigi-young says:

      I have a free star guide meditation on

  16. Maryam says:

    OH MY GOD! I had a FEELING this message would get answered. I just felt it. I wrote to you, and I let it go. I knew it would come. This is so spot on. I was/is in a period of detoxification. Meeting myself deeper. Releasing. I had set the intention (way before the meditation) that I am ready to meet ALL of me. I am ready to step into my power. In hindsight I can see that my meditation experience was providing just that. I remember telling myself to ‘surrender’ to ‘allow’ – but it was the first experience of it’s kind, and I hadn’t grounded myself prior to the meditation. I let fear take over. I am so thankful for that experience because it brought me closer to release. In hindsight I realize, I asked for rupture, for deep release. And I got it. I just wasn’t prepared to handle it. I am NOW though (It’s crazy how ‘ask and you shall receive’ continues to shock me, even though I see evidence of it everyday) Thank you so much for all this wisdom Gigi <3 It resonated with me on a soul level. I am coming to realize the power of love, the power of surrender, trust, play, appreciation – especially in situations like this. These forces have a magical alchemical affect on everything. I love that the universe is showing me that. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste beautiful.

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You for writing in Maryam! I am glad that you connected with the truth of this experience. May you have many more raptures! Except may no paralysis?!

  17. Nicole says:

    This was a great read, thank you! Although, in regards to my circumstance, it has inspired more questions than answers. When I meditate (which isn’t very often because of this sensation I’m about to explain) my inner eye or inner self/being, starts to spin like a tornado. My body doesn’t move, just my inner vision. It stops when I open my eyes, but I’d really like to meditate lol. The motion starts off slow, then speeds up so fast I want to vomit! I’ve asked meditation teachers about why this happens & how to overcome it, & they (3 of them) have told me to just sit through it, that’s when the motion sickness sets in..
    Maybe you have some insights, Gigi?
    Hoping so!

    1. gigi-young says:

      I would say continue to breathe deeply and surrender, let go into the void. Perhaps even bring a feeling of appreciation for the feeling. Sometimes it is about becoming more vast as well. bring in a sense of play and peace if possible. It may also help to ground swirling can be becuase there is a lot of energy in the upper chakra and not enough in the lower to stabilize.

      Ultimately it depends on how active you want it to be. If you are doing a passive meditation then it is to sit with it. If you are wanting to play a bit, then experiment.

    2. Chelsea says:

      Nicole –

      I’ve experienced the same thing!!!! I haven’t met anyone who also experiences this. I too have always pulled back from the sensation once it starts because it kind of overwhelmes me and I get dizzy. I’ve felt it as if my “astral/inner body” is rotating counterclockwise or also in an up and down motion as if my body is rolling (that movement) in place. It starts off slow – like I’m on a boat or I am floating and then when it starts to intensify I pull back. I’ve even thought it might just be a hallucination from not breathing enough? Haha. It seems to be activated for me when my meditation hits my palms.

      I read a few things that somewhat resonated with me. People described that movement in meditation as a highly-advanced state that helps clear blocks/chakras. (It may have been achieved through a past/parallel life?). I’ve never seen the sensation through ~ and I’m really curious if anyone else has!

      Also — do you feel you inner body vibrating? When I’m still I can feel the vibratory state of my body (like a tuning fork). When I go into this kind of meditation my body feels like it’s a chord that’s been plucked. Deep waves. Does that make sense? I’ve been wondering if that feeling is connected to the ability to feel this spinning in meditation. 🙂

      1. annon says:

        ive felt the exact same thing that you are describing but i felt like i had to pull back because it felt as though my mind was slipping away if that makes sense.

    3. Nicole says:

      I definitely need to appreciate & play with this sensation. I always resist as soon as it starts. It’s been happening for years (since the beginning of my meditation practice) so I obviously need to surrender. The importance of grounding has only become clear to me in recent months, & I do separate grounding meditations. Would likely benefit me if I grounded more often, & before each meditation. Thanks Gigi!
      & Chelsea, I had to laugh while reading your comment, I know exactly what you’re feeling! The vibratory state feels like a subtle buzzing all over at first, it intensifies, then turns into large, slow, rolling waves that travel up/down, down/up the body. I can totally believe this spinning motion is clearing blocks/chakras. Maybe if I sit through it, the motion will ease up once the block is released. Deep gratitude for both you ladies.

    4. Cari Craig says:

      My Shamanic teacher, Char Sundust once told me when that happens, when your hands curl like that in paralisis, as I have seen it happen before in a student of her’s. That it is some unexpressed creativity. That you are highly creative and need to express it basically. Highly sensative as well!

      1. gigi-young says:

        Thank You for commenting and adding that! Really helpful.

      2. Kristijan says:

        Hi, could you please tell me more about the “That it is some unexpressed creativity. That you are highly creative and need to express it basically. Highly sensative as well!”. I want to know more as i experience that every time i meditate.

    5. Evelyn says:

      Maybe what you were experiencing is the sensation of merkaba. It is the vehicle in which our spirit bodies travel. For some reason you might be tapping into this frequency, maybe next time listen a tune in a little longer to see where it takes you (only if you are ready{fearless})

    6. Tonie says:

      For the first time i think it was the night before i began to meditate but this time round it kicked in as soon as i closed my eyes, i meditate quite oftenly anyways but this time was so different, i could feel a presence sat in between my legs i was unable to close them and then i felt it rise up to where my hands were and i could feel my hands ajusting to someone holding them. Throughout this entire experience my body was asleep but my mind stayed awake. I felt the sensation of my body falling through a tunnel like porthole. Perhaps this was a worm whole to a new dimension. I could also hear scratching noises and a loud breathing noise at the side of me i didnt want to fear it so i tried to over come whatever was happening but i began to fall so i woke my self up, in doing so i realised my heart was racing and i was breathing heavily asif id been running..
      Has anyone experienced anything like this? Or have an input into what you think was happening?

      1. Anonymous says:

        This sounds exactly like astral projection experiences. (OBE) induced when the “body is asleep and mind awake”. Read Robert Monroe, Far Journeys series.

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