Pleiadian Energy Update

Pleiadians on the current energy and change:

We see that is happening and we wish to communicate our perspective. Open yourself to your guides and higher-selves again. There has been a fear association with them- with the unknown. Ease your way into a playful relationship again with spirit, with the unknown. The unknown is not your enemy, your guides are not our enemy, your addiction to repeating past pain believing that it is safe or justified because it is familiar is what must be faced.

We are in a time of deep projection and mirroring so that the deepest layers of our being can be cleansed. The key is to go inward and assume that we, not the external world, is the source of the ugly pattern. We can only perceive what is already within us, that is law. We can only heal the external world by being dedicated to feeling peace and love in every moment as much as possible, no matter how painful it seems. That is the difference between 3d life and 5d life, the ability to create change from the inside out, not the outside in. To know that we do not create an external environment to feel safe, we feel it first within and the external then reflects it. It is easy to understand this as a spiritual concept, now is the time to practice, to apply it directly to our blind spots.

This introspective process will heal any wounds associated with victimhood which are the most difficult wounds because they feel justified, and we all have them. We avoid facing them because we actually fear change and light more than our darkness. We fear the feeling of the unknown, especially when we are scattered and reactive. We feel that the unknown will become our greatest fear, when in reality it is only reflecting your dominant belief at the time.

There is a re-birth behind the emotional layers that have risen to be released and it is important to allow yourself to align with the true rhythm that is happening behind the world, rather than what we perceive is going on. This is the natural process of change and integration, great light rests beneath what we feel is the darkest night, but we must choose it by our thoughts and actions. We cannot kick and scream our way to light, fear our way to the light. We have to resonate and reverberate the light so strongly that oppressive systems dissolve internally and then externally. Much of what you are seeing is just that. This perceived collapse is the result of you holding light, not darkness, remember that. Look for what is being exposed here, look for what is being cleansed, many of you are looking in the wrong direction.

Go blank, become open space and allow the truth of this time to fill in all gaps you may be confused about. Let go of what you think is real and simply allow truth to fill you. Wisdom will come, memories of your power will rise to assist your heart in this transition.

Now is the time to feel and translate your own truth, not the truth of the news, or others in a highly fearful, reactive state. There is a temptation to fall into ancestral wounds and patterns, don’t. Be in the present moment and live from here, we are in a new time, looking back at old wounds. We are not repeating the past, not unless you choose to. You will be challenged at this time to face and release your deepest fears and this will lead to a greater sense of security, healing and independence that will allow society to be bonded not by laws or government, but by spirit itself. When this happens you will rise into the galactic heart and become a fully galactic society.



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