Prayer Pockets – A Spell For Difficult Relationships

You know those relationships you have that are eternally difficult? The people that you care about but can’t have a meaningful conversation with to save your life? Or the individuals you’ve had to say good bye to but still think about…a lot.  Well, good news, there’s a spell for that! Via ritual, we can reconcile these relationships to a point where we can allow peace.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this spell  we have to understand some of the dynamics at play when it comes to our interactions with others. How exactly does our energy actually interact with another persons? This is important because once we understand this we can begin to manage our intentions with others accordingly, and feel more balanced in how we connect- and disconnect.

Thoughts are things

First we must understand that everything we have created within our heart and mind is real in higher dimensions. We are separated from this knowing because  upon birth we are bound to our perception here in the third dimension. Our incarnation here demands that we have intense focus on our 3D reality to the point that we ‘forget’ much of the higher realms.  However, the subtle realms are very real and actually reflect our inner world quite literally.

For example, if you feel a loving emotion in the higher realms that will appear as light or perhaps a beautiful sound, depending on the perceiver. If you feel anxiety, shame, guilt, fear or depression, this may appear as dark blobs, discordant sounds, or even feel jagged.  These manifestations will be attached to you and play a part in what you experience in the higher densities, including your dreams and subconscious mind. They also determine the level in which your consciousness journeys and the potential beings that will interact with you.

Now, what If we take it one step further and now add another person? If we create a good intention for someone that good intention actually exists as a conglomerate of energy. This conglomerate of energy has your signature in it and resonates at the frequencies that you imbued it with. Yes indeed! Your thoughts, feelings and intentions have actual substance to them.

Not only that, you can also chord yourself to others creating a constant flow of energy. Your subtle body and their subtle body will actually be joined. This chording can be a beautiful experience that magnifies love or it can cause us to be affected negatively by relationships much longer than we would like. When we begin to realize that our thoughts are things we gain the ability to manage our energy a lot better. Reaching into the spiritual world and owning what is going on there is the first step in change.

When sending love isn’t loving.

It should also be noted here, as we talk about how energy is given and recieved, that we have often believed that we should send our loving thoughts to others, that this act is helpful. I hear over and over again ‘ just send love to them.’ It appears to be a technique to neutralize or bless a situation that has gone awry. I have to admit, I was one of these people until a year ago when I learned otherwise- the hard way.

Almost a year ago, I heard about some very sad circumstances involving someone that I admired. It seemed like one thing after another was falling a part for this person, deaths, addiction, extortion, loss, it was terrible. I thought that perhaps the least I could do was concentrate on sending him love for 5 or ten minutes before I went to sleep. I mean, we all need love, love is the currency of this universe, it’s helpful, right? Wrong. While I was concentrating and sending him a love and good intentions bubble I got some very dark images flash in front of my eyes. First, a long tribal mask with white markings, second a dark room,  and lastly specific images of things that had happened in his life that may have lead up to what was happening now. Some of these images were very, very disturbing.

I shuddered, told my husband what I had seen, and then decided to go to sleep. That night the images came back in full force with greater depth, however, this time there was a feeling of wind punching my chest to the point that it startled me so much I couldn’t breathe. I woke up gasping for air with a disgusting chaotic energy looming in the room. It wasn’t painful but it was shocking.

I was pretty shaken in the morning and asked my guides what to make of that bizarre encounter. They told me that sending love isn’t always ‘loving’ and that it depended greatly on their state of consciousness. They explained that if someone is deep in their darkness and unloving to themselves it is not likely that they are going to respond positively to external love from others, it can actually be painful. Love is an accelerator and detoxifier by nature, it does not co-exist in darkness without rendering it into light. This alchemical process can actually be traumatic if the person is not mentally and emotionally ready to experience it. Love is not a cure all, it is a force to be reckoned with!

Long story short, it is bad magic to try to directly influence people with your energy, in any capacity, when they have not specifically asked. When we do this it creates a chord of energy that allows you to be affected by them as well. In other words you affecting them, means they can affect you. I opened a line of communication when I did that and I got back the opposite equivalent of what I gave.

Side note: when we send energy that energy also must pass through our guides and higher dimensional team. In this case there were some darker beings around him, and they did not take kindly to me poking around trying to affect their host. Dark entities do not like the idea of their host ‘waking up’ to their influence and they may defend what they feel is theirs.

So how can we actually be loving and do good magic?

I mention the above dynamics to highlight the importance of a neutral focus. We do not know the intricacies of everyones karma, or journey, here so it is best to walk in neutrality. We do good magic when we honour other peoples free will, when we offer our wisdom, love and support unconditionally in a way that allows them to access it when (or if) they please.

Prayer Pocket

One way to do this is to create a space associated with that person where we leave our prayers for them- a prayer pocket. This prayer pocket will wait for them in a neutral space to ask for guidance or love before it is accessed. This allows a clean transmission of energy.  A good example of someone voluntarily opening a prayer pocket is them asking “Why do I have this negative effect on people? ” or “What is good about me?.” These types of questions create openings for wisdom.

Creating prayer pockets for our difficult relationships help because many times the easiest answers to receive are ones that are already grounded and spoken from an earthly perspective. It can be easier to understand than translating pure spiritual wisdom from your guides. Our spirit guides may also work with these prayer pockets to assist with our development. It is also nice to know that should someone wonder about their interactions with you, the exact answers will be there for them.

When the individual does access this pocket, you may get a wave of energy from them and they may get a sense that you are telling them this.  However, due to the subjective nature of life your messages may not be fully integrated while the person is alive. This is especially true for individuals who are stuck in their ways, they maybe unable to get out of their perspective enough to consciously connect with the bubble of energy in the higher dimensions of their consciousness. This must be OK with you, you have to honour their journey as though it is your own. Trust that once you do this magic, it will find the right audience.

It is important to know that this is also a healing ritual for ourselves. Once we crystallize these thoughts and emotions we are able to have more space and in that space we are able to grow. A new future can flow into our lives when we stop trying to control the past. We are not meant to mull over the same issues again and again and again, that is the definition of insanity. We are designed to focus what we cannot reconcile into our spirit and surrender knowing that universal law, the most powerful force we know of, will take over and bring balance where ever it is needed. We are more than our bodies and we should take full advantage of that.

Finally! The spell!

This spell came forward when I asked my guides how I could utilize this dynamic to create healing and this is what they showed me. Be prepared, this is a long spell, so perhaps brew a cup of tea and get comfortable. It’s about to get deep.

You will need:

Piece of paper or journal.


1 White candle

1 Blue candle

1 lighter/matches

Best done on:

Full Moon

The Spell:

Smudge, sing, pray, meditate (do your normal focusing ritual). Create your sacred space. Fill your heart with love and spirit let it move through you as you work.

Light the white and blue candle.

Clear your heart and mind and write your words for the person you are wishing to have closure with on the piece of paper. Write everything you want them to know.

Understand that what you send out, you will receive, so you may want to channel your higher-self here, not to the point where you are glossing over, or be-littling something important, just so that you can be neutral in what you are conveying, though.

You want to write until you feel empty. You want to feel as though you have honestly expressed your experience, you want to share the emotions you felt and why you felt them.


Here are some points to help you get it all out:

How did  feel in their presence? What effect do you feel they have had on your life?

Direct experiences with them that you feel caused harm and why.

Direct experiences with them that you feel benefited you today and why.

What understanding you have as to who they are and why they do what they do (ie. soul lessons or soul themes).

What was your intention for the relationship? What did you want it to be and why?

What are you wishes for them?

What are your wishes for yourself?

What do you truly want them to understand- direct speaking.

Tip: Tapping into your inner child and speaking from innocent wisdom will help this remain pure.

Once this is done fold the pages in half all together and say aloud:

” I leave this for _____ _____ (their name), I leave this in peace, may they find this if they seek answers, may they know my highest good in their life. I now allow divine synchronicity to take over and guide me. I let go. I close all cycles of karma, I clear all chords. So it is.”

This letter represents, in the physical, your prayer pocket.

Allow yourself to feel complete knowing that you have done all you can do in the situation. Feel a sense of peace. What you have done symbolizes closure, it may not be possible in the physical at this time but this allows you to approach it from the spiritual which is beyond time. We can create closure without actually interaction with the individual in this physical realm. Closure is a feeling, and once we allow it everything changes.

Lastly, take the wax from the blue candle and white candle and slowly pour it over the folded pages creating a seal. It doesn’t have to actually be sealed physically it simply represents the closing of this door within you. The white calls in the highest and pure light while the blue represnts free expression and high communication.

Optional: Visualize the person being open and accepting of what you have left for them. Imagine them in their highest form, integrating and learning from what you have said in the letter. Welcome and messages or realizations that may come in response to this. Allow this image to be the new image that comes forward should their name come up, or you think of them. Allow this higher form to be them in your consciousness. Do not engage in serious thought about this individual as that will re-charge chords, change your focus whenever the chords try to re-attach. This ritual is a seed and it must be nurtured in this way to take root. Do this until you no longer think of them and the chords are gone.

  On the next full moon (if you do this spell and it is not a full moon) bury this deep in the earth, allowing Gaia’s body to represent the neutral ground that holds all wisdom.

Happy Casting <3




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  1. Gigi much appreciated it for this. After a NDE I came back with a lot of euphoria. This attracted some that were under the black cloud if you catch my drift. I don’t hate them no, on the contrary I have compassion, empathy and love. But is important that I learn to keep myself in neutral when they do t want my love and neither my care.

  2. Powerful insight. Thank you for explaining this. I will repeatedly do so whenever I feel an urge to bring value to another so I can focus on me again and be in a place of allowing.

  3. Wow, Gigi, Thank you so so much )) Recently I have been feeling that I need to clear unpleasant memories I had with certain people from the past. And in my my meditative state I came up with the technique that was so close to yours, and I felt so relieved afterwards. When I found this on your Blog, it was such a great feeling of Resonance and Bliss for me) You always provide us with incredibly precise, useful information)

  4. “A good example of someone voluntarily opening a prayer pocket is them asking “Why do I have this negative effect on people? ” or “What is good about me?.” These types of questions create openings for wisdom.”

    Major resonance Gigi. I am brand new to your written work and you tube channel. Maybe the above “wisdom openings” that you cite are why I have been focused so intensely on your material for the last week. I feel like I need something from you(?), but I don’t really know what that is.

    Thank you SOOOO much Gigi for being so generous in sharing both yourself, and your wisdom with us. You have a truly special set of gifts. It’s almost like you are a gifted translator or guide for us.

    Well, once I figure out or kind of narrow down what I am searching for, or need, I will contact you for a skype session.

    God bless you and your family, may your light continue to shine brightly!

  5. I am eager to do this spell now before the new year. The moon is waning could I do it now
    Thank this blog is so helpful

  6. Gigi,I agree with Ritisha. I look forward to your book. I am smart enough to know a writer when I read one,and YOU can write. You are appreciated,more than can be said.

  7. Awesome idea for a spell! I’m excited to give it a go. Reading this was its own spell, it made me feel empowered 🙂

    Thanks Gigi <3

  8. Gigi, do you mean to tell me that no matter where we are in the world we can’t hide our darkest secrets from you? Oh no…don’t look this way LOL Though, I suppose in a world where we are more intimately connected, there are no secrets we can keep from each other. Lying to each other would be pointless. Messaging each other via technology would also become obsolete. Unity consciousness would be the new internet. Imagine having the knowledge of everyone in the world available to you by just thinking about them. Hey Bruce Lee, let me download your crazy fighting skills bro. Lindsey Stirling, let me download your amazing violin abilities sista. LOL If that were possible everyone would be like a God/Goddess. I wonder if that was how the Gods of old were so powerful? What do you think unity consciousness would feel like if the whole world was more united? I’m really curious because I really want to visualize it so I can better contribute in manifesting a collective reality of a unified world. We should all live as if there are no secrets we can keep from each other, really. I’m also curious about your husband. Sorry if that’s weird, but as part of your Gigi’ish content you should do one about him. I want to know this mysterious man that gets to enjoy the grace of one of my greatest role models everyday in the flesh. I know he plays a huge role in all the great material you’ve put out there. Come on, don’t be shy. Give the hero his due credit. There will probably be a lot of broken hearts from many of the guys who follow you, but hey, it’s a good thing in the end right? You don’t have to, but just an idea for thought. Lastly, thank you so much for this spell. I have the perfect candidate in my life for it LOL In this divided world, I guess we all have these kind of relationships somewhere somehow.