Premium Access: FAQ

What is included with my premium membership?

Premium access includes unlimited access to the discussion forums, monthly live Q&A chats, exclusive content, and an automatic 25% discount on store purchases, including all course modules.

How much is the monthly membership? Can I cancel at anytime?

Premium access is only $9.95 (US) per month. Yes, since there are absolutely no commitments you may cancel at anytime.

What is the Live Q&A and when is it scheduled?

The Live Q&A is a real-time group discussion where Gigi will answer questions via a live video stream. A real-time chat room application is provided during the event so that you can submit your questions and chat with other members. The Live Q&A is scheduled once per month, and the exact day and time will always be announced well in advance. However, for your convenience, the video portion of every live Q&A stream is automatically archived and made accessible within your account in the event that you’re unable to participate.

When is the chat room available?

The live chat room application is only available during the Live Q&A, which is scheduled once per month. However, the discussion forums are always open to premium members and those who are enrolled in a course.

What does the exclusive content consist of and how often is it released?

Exclusive content may include (but is not limited to) a meditation, activation, PDF manual/guide, exclusive video or a blog post that is only available to premium members. Although there is currently no set schedule for releasing premium content, 1 item is typically made available within your account every 30-45 days.

How long are exclusive files made available to download?

In order to preserve the exclusivity of having a membership, any premium file released (regardless of format) will only be available within your account for 60 days. Once removed, it will no longer be made available to download.

Is course enrollment included with my premium membership?

No, course enrollment is not included. However, as a premium member you will automatically receive 10% off your enrollment (or re-enrollment) at the time of checkout.

Can I share my account with a friend?

No, please be aware that sharing your account information with anyone is strictly against the TOS.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your premium membership, simply click the “orders” tab within your account, then find the order number affiliated with your subscription. Lastly, under the order details, simply click the “cancel” button.

If I canceled my membership can I resubscribe later?

Yes, you can resubscribe at any time. To reactivate your membership, simply follow the above steps and click the “resubscribe” button.

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