Deepening Intuition I


In the first module of the “Deepening Intuition” series, we will focus on direct exercises and exploration of both clairvoyance and clairsentience. “Deepening Intuition” is not about explaining psychic abilities, but rather directly exercising them. Immediately upon enrolling, we will delve well beyond the foundations of psychic functioning.

• 8 On-Demand Video Lessons (198 Minutes)
• Exercises to Develop Clairvoyance & Clairsentience
• 1 Bonus Lecture: “Types of Psychic Ability”
• 1 Course Outline (Downloadable PDF Document)
• Discussion Forums – 30 Days Access
• 1 Live Group Chat Q&A
• Exclusive Video Content – 30 Days Access

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In the first module of the “Deepening Intuition” course series, a direct method of connection will be given for the first two psychic abilities: clairvoyance and clairsentience. We will explore both “clairs” with 2 practice videos each week (two weeks total for this module). This structure allows the student to get the feeling of each unique ability and actually practice doing psychic work. Each exercise allows the student to find a way into their intuition and begin interacting with it.

The course begins with an introduction video and a discussion about the different types of psychic ability in our world. We then dive into practicing each ability directly. With these exercises, you should begin to have a good sense of how psychic ability works and feels. You also may begin to notice the defining sensations and qualities of each “clair” or psychic ability.

Important note: Although not a prerequisite, completing the Inner Mystic course is highly recommended prior to enrolling in this particular course.