Inner Mystic Series: Module Bundle


Purchase all 6 modules of the Inner Mystic Series and save!

• 29 On-Demand Video Lessons (603 Minutes)
• 6 Companion Guides (Downloadable PDF Documents)
• 2 Meditations (Downloadable MP3 Files)
• Discussion Forums – 90 Days Access
• 3 Live Group Chat Q&A’s w/Gigi and other students
• Exclusive Video Content – 90 Days Access

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Upon enrollment, you will receive immediate access to all of the following course modules:

Inner Mystic Series I: Intuition & Psychic History
Inner Mystic Series II: Clairvoyance/Psychic Sight
Inner Mystic Series III: Clairsentience/Psychic Feeling/Empath
Inner Mystic Series IV: Clairaudience/Psychic Hearing
Inner Mystic Series V: Claircognizance/Psychic Knowing
Inner Mystic Series VI: Meditation, Spirit Guides, Psychic Smell & Taste

In addition to the on-demand video lessons, two downloadable meditations and six in-depth PDF manuals are included with this module bundle. You will also receive “premium access” for 90 days, which enables you to join Gigi’s monthly live group Q&A, participate in the discussion forums, and view exclusive video content.

Important note: Please be aware that these modules are designed to be taken in consecutive order and not doing so may result in confusion and not fully understanding the foundations of this program. It is highly recommended that you take these modules in the correct order, as this will ensure you are able to get the most out of each one.