Inner Mystic Series: Module Bundle

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Inner Mystic Series: Module Bundle


Purchase all 6 modules of the Inner Mystic Series and save over 15%

• 29 On-Demand Video Lessons (10+ Hours)
• 6 Companion Guides (Downloadable PDF Documents)
• 2 Meditations (Downloadable MP3 Files)
• 3 Live Group Chat Q&A w/Gigi and other students
• Discussion Forums / 90 Days Access



Upon enrollment, you will receive immediate access to all of the following course modules:

Inner Mystic Series I: Intuition & Psychic History
Inner Mystic Series II: Clairvoyance/Psychic Sight
Inner Mystic Series III: Clairsentience/Psychic Feeling/Empath
Inner Mystic Series IV: Clairaudience/Psychic Hearing
Inner Mystic Series V: Claircognizance/Psychic Knowing
Inner Mystic Series VI: Meditation, Spirit Guides, Psychic Smell & Taste

In addition to the on-demand video lessons, two downloadable meditations and six in-depth PDF manuals are included with this module bundle. You will also receive “premium access” for 90 days, which enables you to join Gigi’s monthly live group Q&A and participate in the discussion forums.

Important note: Please be aware that these modules are designed to be taken in consecutive order and not doing so may result in confusion and not fully understanding the foundations of this program. It is highly recommended that you take these modules in the correct order, as this will ensure you are able to get the most out of each one.

This is an excellent intro course for those looking to affirm and broaden whatever spiritual knowledge they’ve gained in their lives. When you take this course, your life will benefit, no matter what direction you want to hone your intuitive skills into. The course will give you a solid foundation to build on. Speaking of direction, I really like that this course distinguishes and defines many different kinds of intuition and ways they may be applied, because intuition is often such a poorly-described aspect of life. If you are a newcomer to this field, your enthusiasm will be rewarded. You will be able to craft a psychic skillset that will match your personality. The forums are also very helpful, and one of my favorite parts of the course. Good conversation and help with psychic matters can be hard to come by, but not on the forums. Everyone I’ve come across here has been very helpful, and you will find that they share your enthusiasm for psychic development.

~ newpacific 

Thank you so much Gigi for this lovely course. It helped me get back to basics, and especially the exercises are great. I have discovered that my primary clairs are clairvoyance and clairsentience. But very willing to develop the other clairs as well.


Thank you Gigi for sharing your wonderful teaching. The content is truly rich: 10 stars for the full class!

~ Om Shanti 

As expected, this course did not disappoint. Thank you, Gigi, for teaching with heart. Your pure desire to impart wisdom comes through loud and clear. I suspect that I can’t even fathom how this course will impact my life moving forward.

Blooming Lotus

I’ve found Gigi’s Inner Mystic course fascinating and exciting to follow, including the forums and live Q & A. The pace of the weekly lessons has suited me perfectly. A bonus is that I pay more attention to what I perceive with my 5 senses in the 3D world, as a result of tuning into my senses via the clair development exercises. I’m grateful to Gigi for sharing valuable insights and means for intuitive and spiritual development and helping people with like experiences and aspirations to connect. Gigi’s material resonates with insights I’ve had via dreams, streams of consciousness, general life observations and being honest with myself. Despite all of the above, I’m also habitually analytical and I can be a bit cynical which can cloud intuitive clarity. Gigi addresses this issue in a manner that I find inspiring. Thank you Gigi.

~ Karen

Thanks to Gigi I’ve been able to get to know my intuition gifts in a much shorter period of time compared to other techniques. Now I know that I’m a strong clairvoyant and claircognizant, and love how I’m starting to evolve in my spiritual path. Through every exercise and meditation you get to see a new aspect of yourself full of possibilities. I truly believe Gigi has made a great course and I can feel she guides us following her heart. Also, the Forums are a great way to connect with others and share our experiences!

~ Cristina


Is there a limited amount of spaces or time to enroll? What is the schedule for the lessons?

No, there is not a limited amount of spaces or time to enroll. The video lessons are pre-recorded and can be streamed at your own pace. Since this is a completely self-guided course, there is no set schedule and you have access to the material 24/7, for a full 90 Days.

What course material is included in this bundle?

You will receive access to all 6 Inner Mystic modules which include 29 online video lessons that will be available to be viewed (streamed) immediately after purchasing. In addition to the video lessons, this particular module bundle includes 6 companion guides (PDF Files) and 2 meditations. (MP3 Files)

What else is included with enrollment?

In addition to the course material, once enrolled, you will receive complimentary premium access for 90 days so that you can access the discussion forums and participate in a Live group chat Q&A.

What is the Live Q&A and when is it scheduled?

The Live Q&A is a real-time group discussion where Gigi will answer questions via a live video stream. A real-time chat room application is provided so that you can submit your questions and chat with other members. The Live Q&A is scheduled once per month, and the exact day and time will always be announced well in advance. However, for your convenience, the video portion of every live Q&A stream is automatically archived and made accessible within your account in the event that you’re unable to participate.

What if I want to view the course material of this module after 30 days?

If you wish to view the on-demand video lessons after your initial enrollment has expired, you have the option of purchasing a re-enrollment for this bundle for just $49.95. However, if you simply wish to maintain access to the forums and live Q&A after your initial enrollment expires, purchasing a Premium Access subscription for just $9.95/mo is recommended.

Can I download the video lessons?

No, please be aware that downloading and/or copying the video lessons in this course in any form, is strictly against the TOS. The video lessons are only to be streamed on your computer and/or mobile device. However, you may download the included course files, as mentioned above.

Can I view the course and/or download the companion document on my phone?

Although a desktop or laptop computer is recommended for the best viewing experience, you should be able to view the course module with your phone or tablet without any issues. However, it is highly recommended that you choose a peaceful, quiet setting to take this course. There is no need to rush! Please also keep in mind that you may have issues downloading the included companion document, unless your mobile device has a PDF-viewing app that allows you to save PDF files. There are many apps available, but I recommend either Dropbox, or Google PDF Viewer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All course modules and products on can be purchased with any major credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) as well as PayPal.

Do you offer any discounts? What about a payment plan?

There are no payment plans offered at this time. However, if you are a Premium Member you will receive an automatic 25% discount off any course or product