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As a premium member, you will receive exclusive access to biweekly Live Q&A’ s, discussion forums, private messaging, member profiles, and archived video content.



Live Q&A’s
Participate in the biweekly live Q&A’s – a real-time group session where Gigi answers questions via a live video stream. A member’s only chat room is also available so that you can engage with other members during each live event.

Discussion Forums
Introduce yourself and share your experiences with other members in the forums. A premium membership enables you to have unlimited access to discuss and subscribe to a wide variety of topics.

Member Networking Features
Private member messaging, social profiles, and our member’s only bulletin board makes it easy to socialize and network with like-minded individuals!

Exclusive Video Content
As a premium member, you will receive access to exclusive archived video content published regularly within your account.

Automatic Discounts
As a premium member you will receive an automatic 25% discount on all courses and workshops upon checkout. No coupon codes are needed!