Psychic Protection


In this extensive course, you will not only learn classic techniques to protect and properly align yourself for psychic work but also explore the dimensions of consciousness itself. We will discuss how we relate to the “other side” and exactly what the “other side” actually is.

• 13 On-Demand Video Lessons (242 Minutes)
• 1 Companion Guide (Downloadable PDF Document)
• 3 Psychic Activations
• 3 Psychic Protection Techniques
• Discussion Forums – 60 Days Access
• 2 Live Group Chat Q&A’s w/Gigi and other students
• Exclusive Video Content – 60 Days Access

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Through this exploration, we will go deep into what it means to have a fearful experience and how to work through those encounters to understand them. Psychic development does not have to be a confusing and elusive mystery, with proper training, we can come to explore our consciousness from an empowered place.

When we understand how the higher realms are structured, and how we traverse them, we have less fear and thus experience less shocking and scary encounters. These teachings and techniques don’t just serve us in our psychic development, but also help us mitigate energy in our day to day life by helping us use our focus and energy correctly reducing mental and emotional exhaustion.

Upon enrolling, you will receive immediate access to the course material and complimentary “premium access” for 60 days, which enables you to participate in the discussion forums, attend monthly live group Q&A’s, and view exclusive video content.