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This ritual is designed to release emotional, mental, and spiritual attachments and cords. When done with a clear mind, heart, and focused intent, this ritual can allow you to release a relationship that is no longer serving you. The relationship can be with another person or with an aspect of yourself that you no longer wish to feed, such as an addictive pattern, bad habit, or negative belief about yourself. This ceremony is as powerful and effective as you allow it to be within you. This is your magic. This is your art.

The secret to the releasing ritual is to be as open as possible while you perform it. Allow your heart and mind to rest in the sacred space of the divine. Feel peace, stillness, and gratitude, and allow these feelings to be your foundation for the work you’re doing. These open flowing feelings allow the deepest work to be done within you. Make this ritual your own: call in angels, guides, totems, or ancestors, and know that they will hold your rhythm for you as you allow yourself to be vulnerable and loose enough to let go. Know that they will help to remove additional energies and provide support for you truly let the release occur. The deeper you let go, the deeper you allow them to inspire and reconnect you with any underlying truths or knowledge you need at this time.

When To Perform This Spell:

During a waning moon and/or when you strongly feel it is time to let go of a relationship or pattern.

What You Will Need:

3 Pieces of yarn

Red: representing the passion and connection that binds you

White: representing the purity of your intention and willingness to bring clarity and light to this situation

Blue: to invite knowledge during the ceremony and after

If you wish to use different colours, check out “Colours and Ritual” to get a sense of the symbology of each colour.

1 White Candle

Sage bundle

1 Bowl filled with water


Other cleansing herbs such as sweetgrass, cedar, and mugwort can be used as well if you feel drawn to bring more specific energies to your ceremony.

Scissors can be used to cut the cord in place of fire.

The Ritual:

1) Sit in nature or a quiet, secure place in your home where you will not be interrupted. This should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and be easy to meditate in.

2) Place the white candle in front of you and light it. As it is lit in front of you, know that this candle represents pure divine light. It mirrors the infinite flame you feel within your heart and it represents your true self— your unique soul. The flame holds a steady flow of pure love as you perform this ritual. All of your intentions at this point will pass though the purifying light of this flame.

3) Light the sage and smudge your space.

4) Take the yarn and cut each of the coloured strings into approximately 9-inch sections.

5) Tie the yarn together allowing you to braid the three strands.

6) This is the powerful part: you are going to bind all of your raw energy into this cord. Really clear your mind and focus.

7) Say aloud:

“It is my intention to cut all ties with ___________ . Through this work I will release all connections in all directions of time. I allow wisdom and light to fill any spaces that are left within me as I let go.”

As you hold these strands, put all of your feelings, questions, and frustrations, into your being. Allow your emotions to flow as they need to; allow anger to rise and meet your intention; allow sadness to be released through tears; allow any confusion to be pushed into the cord, knowing that it doesn’t have to consume your mind any longer.

Take as long as you need to, braid and put your full heart and mind into this, as you are focused and purging in this moment. If it takes you an hour (or more) that is OK, if it takes you five minutes that is OK. Your intuition will let you know when you are done. All of your feelings and thoughts are going into this cord. If you finish braiding it, and are still releasing simply hold the cord in your hands as you continue to focus your energy into the cord. It doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s all in how it feels. Know that you don’t need to think of every individual situation or feeling in order for the issue to be cleared, but rather, know that the intention to cut ALL ties has already summoned. All parts inside of you, whether conscious or unconscious will be activated and follow this intention. You simply have to flow and trust the process.

8) Once you feel a sense of space or clarity, it is time to let go. Take the cord firmly in both hands and hold it over the flame. Take a moment to look at that cord. Feel and know what that represents to you.

Say aloud:

“ I let you go now.

As I burn this cord I release all connections to you in all directions of time.

I forgive you for any pain that you have caused, conscious or unconscious.

I let that go now.

I forgive myself for any wrongdoings I may have done, conscious or unconscious.

I let that go now.

I feel gratitude for what I have learned through this relationship, and I open myself to understanding why this has manifested in my life.

I allow wisdom and light to fill any empty spaces that are left within me as I let go. And so it is.”

9) Allow the cord to burn in the flame. Once you feel satisfied with its destruction, place it in the bowl of water. Make sure the fire is safely out. The fire purifies all.

10) Smudge yourself one last time.

11) If you can, pour the water and the charred cord in a hole in the Earth. If you do not have access simply pour it out in a mindful way, while remembering and honouring your intention.


Now that we are done, how you handle yourself after the ritual is just as important as the ritual itself. You have a choice here: you can rip open the wound and reinvigorate it with everything that you have released and continue the cycle. As you are the creator of your own experience, you can do that. Or, you can become very present and very aware of your thoughts and actions in the coming days or weeks. If you feel triggered you must reaffirm the ritual by bringing neutrality and peace to any negative thought cycles. Surrender them to your angels or guides or imagine burning them in a flame.


Happy Casting Witchies!