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Thank you for all of your videos. I keep hearing about parallel star systems or sister star systems. What are they?

I am not completely sure what you are meaning when you say parallel systems, or sister systems, however, in my experience there are parallel star systems. This is not in the direct sense of a binary twin star, but in the energetic/archetypal sense.

In short, there are certain star systems that work with very similar higher archetypes, and due to that their expression in many ways is parallel. For example, Sirius and the Pleiades could be considered a parallel star system as they both deal with hosting incarnations that are rooted in the exploration of the divine feminine. When tuning into each system individually there are significant differences in feminine expression, but the overall theme remains in the same chord. In a way they speak the same language and have a similar cultural background.


Within our solar system Venus would be a natural extension of this Sirian-Pleiadian life force. Earth also finds a parallel nature with Venus, the Pleiades and Sirius although earth is a very condensed version of many cosmic themes, more so than other worlds. Earth’s diversity highlights the importance of the individual to connect directly with their cosmic roots, as there is no simple over arching star system that represents Earth’s consciousness. On earth genuine collectivity is born through the individual tapping into their uniqueness and that process itself allows them to move symbiotically in society. There is no authentic collective unless there is genuine individuality established first. How can one relate to another unless they have first come to feel their own heart?

How do parallel star systems relate?

How this relationship between parallel star systems takes place is that the higher dimensional systems will often work with their lower dimensional counter parts to get messages across. Lower dimensional systems are not less valuable or even less evolved, they simple represent a different expression of the God-head. In many cases a more diverse and complicated expression as the density gets lower. In the case of Pleiades and Sirius, many times the Pleiades will work with Sirius, which is very much a Mother Star, in order to step down information into archetypes that are directly valid to our lives. Without this step down of energy it may be difficult to make sense of the concepts. The Pleiades can act as a transponder for Sirian (or another archetypal similar) higher dimensional energy.

What happens when a much higher level being tries to communicate without stepping their energy down?

In my experience when beings have approached me from very high levels of consciousness a few things occur: most commonly, I forget much of the insights that I received as I come back into my 3d body and the world. This happens despite me having complete understanding and finding value in what was relayed.

My understanding is that there is not enough anchor points on earth, including what I have integrated in my own 3d life, to actually hold the information. Or, in other words what they are teaching is in the beginning stages here and thus the circuitry is not animated enough to hold its charge. It should be noted that the information does stay in the subconscious mind like a seed. This type of deep communication happens to every one of us.


On other occasions I find that the information from much higher consciousness’ can be exhausting. If I manage to keep up and really focus on staying lucid with what is being given to me, I actually get overwhelmed and exhausted. This is because the information challenges certain belief systems I have, which can cause a feeling of conflict and frustration. The odd thing is I am not even clear which ones are being challenged, it us just painful. It is not uncommon to actually get a headache from working with energies that are significantly more advanced than we are.It has also been described by other channellers as “frying our system”. This is also why many intuitives prefer trance channeling as very little of their conscious mind is forced to reckon with the material. It should be noted that as our society evolves we will become more and more conscious of communication from higher dimensional beings, and we will experiences less “frying”, or resistance.

With these type of scenarios the law of resonance (attraction) comes into play and what is not love based, or divine, within us begins to rise to the surface, negative patterns are essentially pushed to the surface of our consciousness by these much higher energies. This is painful for the beings who are carrying the weight and it creates negative karmic chords for the beings who are trying to assist. For this reason I recommend a more passive process when absorbing information. It can also help to infuse your body with love based emotions which actually increases your capacity to hold light.

This process of certain higher dimensional star systems working with their lower dimensional counterpoints is happening all the time and it is precisely why you have spirit guides. No matter what we are comfortable discussing in the spiritual community, as not everyone is on the cosmic bandwagon, we can agree that we have guides in spirit that help us mitigate higher energy so that we may focus here. What we are seeing in the cosmos is simply a larger example of this soulful symbiotic relationship. We are truly a vibrant interconnected cosmos, over the coming years we are going to unravel much more of this insight.


  1. Jod says:

    Hi Gigi.
    Can you explain a bit more about the debilitating physical effects on the body (particalarly head) when getting information from higher dimensions?
    If relevant (???) … e.g. deep exhaustion, headaches, heating of frontal lobe, movement of cranal plate join at top of head, tensioning of sheath surrounding cranial bone plates, muscle stress at autonomous brain, muscle tension on manubrium bone, … ??? Note: these may be unrelated, and so that is part of the question.
    Does the earth have anchoring points for this downloaded information? Are new anchoring points currently being created?.
    The maori creation mythology talks of Maui creating 7 anchor points in New Zealand, once NZ had arisen from the joining of the waters.

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you. I agree with yr article, esp about the exaustion, last time guides,(sirian pleiadean, goddess lovers) showed me i had stop being able to absorb tranmission midway. I usually can, and write it down.
    Def been told they have slowed com down so as not to fry my nervous systym. I could take more at start. They actually told me to take combination B, and silica, in the tissue salts. And kali phos 30 in homeopathic remedy, it for the brain, n using us nervous energy.
    I so love being linked with them, they found me because, i have loved the goddess, all my life. The celtic goddess. Brighde, made a phrophercy, that the divine femine would again return to earth. She a bridge between the worlds. Wonderful to see it slowly being fulfilled. I 72yrs young. I give thanks for ascension path….
    I look forward to reading more of yr articles. Just found you, via earthplan

  3. Gina says:

    This is great news. I have often felt terribly ashamed I’m not able to clearly integrate those type of communication.
    It makes sense though. When learning anything new there are stages to understanding.

  4. Herb Cohen says:

    I need clarification about how it is that my guides, myself and some family members are Pleiadian. My guides shared that my soul was birthed through the sun. Would that make me Sunian. I know this is 3D logic but that’s why I need help

  5. Terry Allen says:

    Gigi I very much hope you will write and speak more about galactic consciousness. This information is so very important and so few people have access to it. Your video on star systems as transponders answered a million questions for me. My heart was leaping as you spoke. (I just knew advanced beings could not be attached to home places in the nostalgic, nationalistic way that we are, but I have never heard anyone say anything related to this.) There is no greater joy than learning something that pushes the outside boundaries of understanding. I am so grateful and I beg you Gigi, yes beg, for more insights of this nature.

  6. Abueng says:

    Beautiful and informative. Thank you very much.

  7. Renata says:

    Hi Gigi!
    I’d like to talk about the relationship between Earth and Venus in astrology. Some astrologers, especially Donna Cunningham, claim that Venus does not rule Taurus – Earth is its true ruler. Others speak about two aspects of Venus archetype: heavenly Aphrodite (Libra) and earthly Aphrodite (Taurus).
    I feel that Earth and Venus do share a similar archetype, and earthly Aphrodite is Patchamama. And so, I believe that Earth is really a co-ruler of Taurus. What do you think?

    1. Maruti Nandan says:

      TRUE ❤…..SHARING

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