Solar and Lunar Psychic Senses

When embarking on the wondrous journey that is intuition development, you may ask yourself why some intuitive impressions are very subtle and nearly lost in the flow of your inner world, yet others seem to be a bit more obvious and validated by the material world. We tend to crave the more direct insight that can be easily understood as a psychic hit and shy away from the more deep, subtle waves of insight that ask us to go into another level of our being to get answers.

In the beginning our abilities are mashed together into one terribly cliche “sixth sense”, it is hard to even consider that there may be individual senses that we can explore. However, as we journey inward we find that our senses become more specific and actually communicate distinct spectrums of psychic energy. Our intuition eventually rises within us to reveal more and more insight on how we can function as psychic beings. Over time we come to know our specific psychic senses are ‘the clairs” which are really just the deepening of the senses, or the ways in which we perceive, that we use in our day to day life. No sixth sense, just deeper capacities within the perception we are already using.

As we go deeper, of the clairs that are established we see another distinction: there are more objective clairs, or solar clairs, and more subjective clairs, or lunar clairs. Yes indeed, our clairs also express the universal polarity of moon and sun, subtle and obvious, wild and streamlined, feminine and masculine. This expression of polarity is not at odds with one another, as society often suggests, but complimentary and supportive. Polarity is not divisive by nature, polarity is the mechanism of deep understanding through complimentary opposites. The expression of these complimentary opposites within us creates the driving mechanism for wisdom, healing, self discovery and, well life itself. Deep, I know.

Just as a little refresher the clairs are:

 Clairvoyance – Psychic Sight
Clairaudience – Psychic Hearing
Clairsentience – Psychic Feeling
Claircognizance – Psychic Knowing
Clairalience – Psychic Smelling
Clairgustance – Psychic Tasting




The Solar Senses

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience and clairgustance are solar clairs.

These clairs are more objective than other clairs, they tend to have the capacity to reference the material world more than our inner world. When we experience them they tend to be more direct and literal such as glimpses of an image a precise sound, smell or taste. Although these abilities are psychic and stemming from a higher dimension they maintain a more 3d quality. This is a more materialized, objective quality that allows us to process it more confidently.

Solar clairs are powerful in that they can be extremely validating. For example, when we receive a detailed image of an obscure place in our minds eye and then discover that this place actually exists with no prior knowledge of it, it is a big moment. Solar clairs are very empowering in their ability to help build our confidence as psychics. How could we have known such unique specific details if there wasn’t the capacity to tap into an information stream with our own consciousness? It is these experiences that allow us to relax into our spirit and trust what comes forward.

With clairaudience we can hear distinct sounds that, like clairvoyance, lead us to deep validations. The smell and taste clairs, clairalience and clairgustance, are also more direct clairs. These solar clairs are not as easily traced back into your inner world, they feel more obvious in their unfoldment, more as though someone is directly communicating with you. The challenge with developing these clairs is trusting their seemingly cryptic impressions and being patient with them as they unfold. We often need to call upon the more lunar clairs to give deeper insight to these direct impressions.

The Lunar Senses

The lunar clairs are clairsentience and claircognizance. These two clairs are deeply personal as they are rooted in our inner word. As we discussed, solar clairs tend to reference the material world, in contrast the lunar clairs reference our inner world. It is our thoughts and emotions that become the lexicon that spirit animates to communicate. In short, our lunar clairs feel like our own thoughts and emotions, they are so natural that we don’t realize their significance. All intuition feels this way overall, but  developed intuitives can recognize these nuances within their psychic processing.

Detecting our lunar clairs and discerning them from the rest of our consciousness can be challenging. If we are not clear in our mind and we have a lot of conflict going on in our emotional system, these clairs are going to challenge us. When we become clear through meditation, exercise and a healthy life style these clairs actually begin to direct us through difficult times gracefully. They become the most insightful and rich sources of information.

Where solar clairs can hit you like a lightening bolt (and then you are left to try to figure out what they mean) lunar clairs are often felt connected to waves or strings of energy that drive you into your inner world. Much like the phases, or tides, of the moon. Because your inner lexicon of symbology and experience is the language of these clairs it can make their unfoldment feel very personal, as though you are diving right into your wounds, falling deep into your subconscious mind. This is also why I refer to them as lunar, they push you into your darkness, your shadow. They make you aware of cycles of your personality that you tend to want to avoid. They challenge us to let go of our fears and align with our soul so that we may remember the language of spirit. The language that survives the rise and fall of time.


Overall the solar and lunar clairs work together perfectly to communicate to us what is going on within the subtle fields around us. We need both of these styles of input to form a full message from spirit. The solar clairs speak loudly and precisely, often using direct impressions that can be validated in the material world. The lunar clairs speak quietly, so quietly that we could confuse them as our own thoughts and feelings.

It should also be noted that this is not a hard and fast law,  there is an essence of the moon within the sun and the sun within the moon. Our lunar clairs can sometimes be very direct and obvious, many times this occurs if an emotional or mental pattern is deeply integrated it can become exalted within us and used as a more obvious psychic symbol. Solar clairs can also have times where they express themselves as more lunar. A smell can be a symbolic rush of scent that brings you to an obscure emotion that doesn’t make logical sense. Or, a vision can be very dreamlike and pull directly from our subconscious with very little. This is the beauty of intuition, it is always surprising us and challenging us to expand our views of reality.

Understanding distinctions, such as the solar and lunar qualities within our psychic functioning, helps us understand and thus lean into very subtle differences which allows us to solidify our gifts deeper and deeper into our consciousness.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Because you right about the sun, I have an odd question for you. There’s a phenomenon called Aureole effect. It’s when you look into water from up high (like a pier) around noon and see radiant light shining from your head in your reflection. You can see it in other people’s heads too, but not from objects. It looks like what shamans say they see. Do you like the sunlight illuminates a reflection of the aura? Or is there really a more scientific answer? I wasn’t satisfied with what I read online. I did not feel right.

  2. Gerry says:

    Back trying to open to it all again.Thank you for your insight & guideance.It’s never what you think it’s gona be ! Hopefully i will find a clearer path this year,you so right- it’s not a ‘hobby’.We have to live it.Wishing you Peace & Serenity.

  3. Very interesting, I would resonate to be a total LUNAR clair. No doubt about that!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Jamie- Michelle Harrison says:

    Hi, I found you by accident as I was researching a lot on YouTube about earth, et’s + more. I’ve never been a religious person I just didn’t believe it to be true. I believe in et’s, life on other planets, different dimension etc… My issues in which I’m hoping you’ll have suggestions for me. I have very bad anxiety, depression, health issues as far as pain, fibromyalgia, DDD pinched nerves in back, herniated disc & rheumatoid arthritis… The pain is so horrific that I started thinking that my body has got be so old & has been reincarnated many, many times? Idk if there’s any connection with the above? Also, I mentioned my anxiety is awful that I cannot calm myself to meditate. Can you recommend any of your videos to help me meditate. I’m not sure what to do. However, I know I’m m being lead by my spirit guide. I feel it. Most ppl. I speak to about any of this do not want to hear it, know it, be informed!!! They want nothing to do with it. Scared? Maybe? I’ve lost fb friends bc of posting videos!! That part I get, it’s ok. They aren’t ready & might not ever be. I feel a closeness with the Pleidians from Pleides which is in the Lyra constellation rt? How can I find out? Please any enlightenment would be so appreciated. Thank you. Love. Light

  5. Heather says:

    “remember the language of spirit. The language that survives the rise and fall of time.” Such a beautiful writer.

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