Happy Solstice! Just a quick energy update to bring some insight to the threshold we are crossing today. This solstice is about reaping what we have sown from the ascension cycles that have pressurized our lives from 2010 onward. From that point onward we have been experiencing increased levels of light, this light in its multidimensional nature can also be interpreted as love, wisdom, truth, healing, divine source or even the introduction of new guides.

This light magnifies us making both our gifts and wounds more obvious. Through the last 6 years we have all had the opportunity to take a good look at who we are. For more information check out this video describing the ascension and the importance of 2016.

We are now at a point where we are beginning to see just what we have been growing through all of that internal transperency. The seeds of our consciousness that have been wriggling below the surface are now taking their shape in this world. Who we are, what we desire, and what we have needed to heal may be significantly more obvious than what you understood to be true 6 years ago while you were just beginning to realize these truths. This is normal and is the precise function of an ascension cycle. The first phase is realization which many times is shocking and disorienting. The second phase is living through and grounding the fruits of those realizations into new patterns. Many times this is a welcomed solidification if it can be understood as such.

Moving forward the key focus is to now work with what we have grown. The game now switches from one of intense detoxification and realization. We now ask ourselves how can we work and evolve the insights revealed through the last cycle into new ways of life? How can we stabilize and ground all of the realizations about ourselves and the world that have occurred?

Right off the bat there are a few truths we need to grasp to re-orient ourselves:

Where you are is exactly where you need to be

First, where you are now is exactly where you need to be. Let go of any ideas that you should have done better, worked harder or are not good enough. There were many factors that have lead you here, exactly where you are, including the work of many spiritual guides that help you manage your energy to this exact point.

Right now, you are in the perfect position to carry out your purpose. You are not in this alone and many guides have helped you manage your experiences to get you exactly where you are. Yes, the last  few years have granted us the opportunity to make great leaps in consciousness, but we need to be easy on ourselves to actually understand where we have been and where we are going. Your ascension process, as messy and chaotic as it feels, is actually the advanced healing and connecting process of your higher self. Make no mistake, you have been guided to exactly where you are for a reason, it is/was the best situation for you to realize your divinity and begin to live it.

Feel gratitude for where you are, honour who you have become. Honour the strength that you have built to stand at this gateway, now. Know that this strength will be apparent in the future and called on to create great things. Celebrate the softness that you can now comfortably cultivate because of the structure you were forced to create in your cleansing. This Solstice can be channeled in such a way where you acknowledge you are on the other side of a great cleansing ready to rise into who you truly are with power.


The second important factor to consider is echoes. Know that the next few months ( perhaps years to varying degrees)  there may be reverberations of the past, echoes if you will. People, situations, and events (personal and collective), may seemingly repeat themselves. Understand now that this does not mean that you have failed in some way or that change has not taken root. Echoes happen to solidify your changes, they come forward so that you may release them once and for all by thinking and acting differently when they occur. They are necessary so that the universe (and you) know with precise detail what you have genuinely integrated and what you have not. Echoes, in that way, are like earth quakes that see how deeply rooted you are and what is still unhealed/misunderstood within you. They are not comfortable, but they are necessary for our expansion.

The key is to know what they are and affirm better for yourself, do not get caught up thinking that echoes are reality. Further, do not limit yourself by the false belief that everyone on earth shares the same future, we do not, you create your future by how you think and feel, it is more individual than it is collective. I say this because there are individuals speaking about war and destruction at this time, it seems at any hint of chaos the immediate wound to rise is war and destruction. This is a good example of falling into ancestral pain and wounds when the ground starts to shake. These disturbing interpretations are spoken even though it is an ascension cycle which in itself speaks to an awakening, not a downward slide. This is how powerful fear and trauma can become, it can convince us that even in an awakening, one of the most powerful times for upliftment, remembrance and light, there will still be those who see destruction. Chaos does not automatically equal war, destruction and pain. Chaos is actually an indicator of change. Be wary in who you look to to help you remember who you are, you do not want to take on their wounds with their wisdom. This is an expensive lesson.

The interesting thing about echoes is that we experience them regularly many times not even realizing that they are occurring. What triggers us once may not trigger us again, this is how we know we have moved past the lesson into integration. The only echoes we notice are the ones that are asking to be integrated further; and the degree in which we experience them the is the same degree that we need to heal.

If you find yourself in an echo acknowledge that this is a reverberation is a past trauma to be released, simply acknowledging it allows a great deal of transformation. Ask what archetypal symbology is occurring to help you release that pattern. Ask your higher self to show you what you need to know and perhaps the emotions to balance yourself. Hold on to your beauty and your light in your focus as your anchor as it will act like a stabilizer for you.

Sidenote: I spoke about echos and 2017 in this video over a year ago: 

Knowing these 2 things: That you are exactly where you need to be and to be conscious that you will be affirming new timelines in 2017 via echoes will get you far. To hit these 2 things home you can spend some time really looking back and summarizing what you feel you have learned in the ascension cycle:

What have you lost (what has been cleansed from you)?
What have you gained (what has been given/realized)?
What do you know now that you did not know 5 years ago?
Where do you see yourself going in the next 5 years?

Happy Soulstice. All my love!